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He thrives on getting women off – seeing the variety of emotion play through their minds while their bodies respond, often involuntarily, to the stimulation they’re experiencing. As is true with most men, it is his fantasy to witness multiple women getting each other off. He has no way of knowing that behind the door he is about to knock on, at this very moment, lies the opportunity to fulfill his wildest sexual dream…

Carly had dropped by Heather’s place to pick her up for a night on the town. They were both dressed to kill in short, tight dresses that showed plenty of cleavage. At a glance, one could only focus on the vast amounts of flesh left exposed. They were young, hot and horny and out for some action.

Heather offered Carly a beer and went to finish touching up her make up. When the beer was empty and Heather hadn’t returned, Carly got herself another and casually went to find her.





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As she neared the bedroom door, she could hear low moans and panted heavy breathing. Curious, she pushed the door open and was instantly intrigued by the sight. Heather was sitting on the corner of her bed, knees parted, naked with her hand gliding furiously over he pussy. Carly was about to ask her what she was doing when she noticed the computer screen to the left with a strange little round eye perched on top of it.

She quickly determined it was a camera, and silently slipped into a nearby chair to watch. She was drawn in

by the display and soon found that her own pussy was beginning to drip. She lazily glided her hand along her inner thigh heading towards her slit. The longer she watched, the hotter she got. When she saw Heather’s hand disappear deep between her legs and heard the unmistakable sloshing sounds from across the room, she could hold out no longer and sank two fingers into her now fiery slot to try to get some relief. When Carly let out a gasp of pleasure, Heather turned toward the sound..





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She was mildly shocked to see Carly masturbating wildly. She got up and began to rub Carlys clit and finger her dripping wet pussy. Carly went over the top when Heather simultaneously bit on her throbbing clit and slammed a finger roughly up her ass.

She howled as the waves of pleasure engulfed her body and a torrent of warm honey gushed into Heather’s waiting mouth.

She slurped and licked all the juice she could find on those succulent lips and folds, then plunged her tongue into Carly’s throbbing pussy to get even more. After the trembling subsided a bit, Carly rose from the chair and peeled off her clothes.

As they moved tot he bed, she could smell the musky scent of Heather’s pussy and the urge to taste it was overwhelming. Carly directed Heather to her knees and crawled onto the bed behind her, sliding her hands over Heather’s up-turned ass cheeks, kneading the flesh before her.





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When she lowered her tongue to swirl the pink bud, Heather cried out with delight. Carly moaned as her tongue continued to travel downward into the crevice and found the sweet juice that coated it. Heather began to rock and press her pussy against Carly’s invading tongue, causing more cum to flow. They both were soon ravaged by their primal desires once more.

Heather reached between her legs to stroke her own swollen clit while Carly plunged her tongue deep into her silken cavity. “Fuck me!” heather shouted. “Fuck me HARD!!!” Carly obliged by cramming her finger deep into Heather’s wanting pussy. Heather’s reaction fueled her to push deeper with each thrust – twisting and probing against the convulsing walls until Heather shuddered and showered them both with yet another flood of hot musky juice.

They collapsed in at angle of limbs, their bodies twitching and convulsing amidst the pool of wetness. Sounds of heavy breathing once again filled the room and they each hazily looked at the other.






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Since they were both settling down from their most recent climaxes and their breathing was returning to normal, who, then, could be panting? Curiously they both raised their heads from the mattress and simultaneously saw him sitting in Carly’s vacated chair. How long he had been there they had no idea, but from the look of his current condition, he had seen enough to get him very excited! His eyes were closed with his head leaning back against the chair, rolling from side to side as deep moans escaped from his throat. He paid no attention to the women now, for he was lost in his own world, feverishly stroking the enraged cock that was jutting through his zipper.

The girls sat up and watched him stroke and squeeze his thick rod and right before their eyes, they saw it grow redder and longer until milky white globs began to spurt from him. Cum was soon squishing through his fingers, coating his hand, then dripping onto his pants. He twitched and jerked for several minutes until he was drained. Before he opened his eyes, the girls were kneeling at his feet, lapping up the delicious hot cream. He jumped, startled by their touch, though one glance told him that he was in for an even bigger treat than he had already enjoyed!






Suddenly they heard whispering and then someone audibly cleared their throat. All heads turned toward the door, and there stood a few more of Heather’s beautiful girl friends. Heather and Carly were supposed to have met them at a local club, but when they didn’t show up, the girls came on over to see what the delay was. Arriving in time to witness Heather and Carly’s clean-up techniques, they figured out the reason pretty quickly! The hottest action in town was at Heather’s place and it promised to get hotter before the night was through.

They moved to another room which afforded them greater opportunities to suck and plunge and ravage each other’s bodies. They gathered various instruments on their way and soon were entangled in a heap, driving each other wild, plunging and probing anything that would fit into each other’s pussies and asses until their screams were indistinguishable from one another and the whole place as transferred into one non-stop fuckfest. The gentleman visitor…well, of course he stayed to watch the action. Who could walk out on their wildest dream? WOULD YOU…….

The end.

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