I again left answering the question “Why? until later.

I took short gentle strokes at first and worked my cock gently in and out until it hit bottom. Her immediate orgasm after that caught me by surprise so I left my cock deep in her as I kissed her through it.

She needed the kisses too.

I changed my plan of attack and kissed my way down her body making a long stop at her small tits. I found them to be very sensitive. She had large nipples that proved to be super sensitive; she had an orgasm from my tit play.

I resumed my journey stopping briefly to lick her belly button and to rub my face on her red pubic hair. I kissed her pussy then continued down a thigh about five inches, kissed my way back up the thigh, kissed her pussy and kissed my way down and up the other thigh.

By the time I kissed her pussy the third time desperation had started to creep into her body. I sensed that this was not the time to tease so I raised her clitoral hood with my thumb and scraped her clit with the flat my tongue. Her orgasm sent her body into spasms but I managed to keep my tongue on her clit until it was mostly through. I kissed her pussy and worked my way up her body.

As I kissed her lips she grabbed my cock and guided it into her. Penetration went much more smoothly that time and I decided it was my turn. I fucked her with ever increasing intensity and she responded with ever increasing intensity.

Her orgasms started long before mine was ready but I kept going and learned that when she was being lovingly fucked the time between her orgasms was just a few seconds.

She was on her third or sixth cum when mine arrived. All my pent up need flowed into her like Niagara Falls. I filled her to the point that my strokes were squirting the mixture of our fluids out. The sensation extended my cum and apparently hers too.

I was physically and sexually drained as I crawled off her body.

I waited until we had caught our breath then I got out of bed.

“Are you leaving?” she asked.

I detected more than a bit of disappointment and perhaps some hurt in her voice.

“No. I am worried that the front door is open.”

“Oh gawd. I don’t know.”

From the living room I said, “It was open. I closed it and locked it.”

As I stood at the bedroom doorway I said. “The coffee pot is still on. Do you want a cup? We are going to be up all night.”

Her big smile told me she liked my plan and left the bed to join me. Half way into the kitchen she said “Oooh.”


“A lot of your cum just started oozing down my thigh. I better clean up.”

“No, don’t. Enjoy the feeling and the thought that what ran out will soon be replaced.”

She laughed but did not leave me. We drank coffee, talked, and kissed.

“You must have been as horny as I was tonight,” I said.

“At least. It has been a while. In fact there is a picture in the living room of my last sex.”

I started to laugh and said; “Now that is strange. The last sex for both of us was with the same woman.”

She almost choked on her coffee as she joined my laughter.

A few moments and kisses later I asked her why I had been given the opportunity to feast on her.

“Because from the beginning you treated me like a beautiful lady, which I am not, and never as the enemy, which I was. Tonight you were more concerned with my state of being than on what your ex sent you. You set out to change my mood and you did. Hell, I had not even noticed we were holding hands until you let go of it when I got in the cab at the ballpark.

I knew you saw more in me than just a pussy, that you cared.

I left my shoes and my jacket in your car hoping you would overlook them so you would have to see me again.”

I confessed that, “I did see your jacket and left it in the car on purpose so I would have an excuse to see you again.”

“That may be the nicest thing any man has ever said to me,” she said with a kiss.

“When we were looking at the pictures your cock did not move until I got to the picture of my pussy.

There was little chance I was going to let you walk out the door.”

“I have an indelicate question to ask. Are you on the pill?”

“Yes, not because I fuck around but because it makes my periods bearable. You did not just get me pregnant. I have not been with a man in years. Until an hour ago I was a lesbian.”

Her hand had gone to my cock and by the time she finished her comments it was nicely erect. For the second time that evening she led me to her bed by my cock. This time it was woman on top.

Her orgasms were plentiful, they hit her less than ten minutes apart and sometimes she had two or three in a row. I can control my second cum much better than the first so she had ample time for orgasms.

Once while she was between cums I complimented and thanked her for making me feel like a hero with all her orgasms.

She said she had passed her personal best before we had finished our first session.

“I had never had an orgasm with a man until tonight, (thank you), and had not had more than two or three with a woman but once and that woman was your ex.

I don’t do sixty-nines, I like to concentrate on what I am doing and on what is being done to me,” she said.

“With a woman the orgasms stop when it is your turn to eat pussy”.

My cock jumped in her pussy when she said that. She commented that I must be a fan of lesbian love.

I said that it was one of the few things that my ex taught me to appreciate.

“She ate pussy for you?” she asked as she resumed our fuck.

“Yes. When she had a job she brought co-workers home and made sure I caught them in the middle of sex. Most of her conquests enjoyed having an audience and I enjoyed watching their lovemaking.”

“Did you join in?”

“Only in that sometimes I would fuck my wife as she ate pussy.”

Carly had another orgasm; it was more intense than most.

“I see that is a fantasy of yours.”

“Yes, but until now I was the girl getting her pussy licked. Now I want to be in the middle.”

I quickly rolled her over on her back and started fucking her hard. As I plowed away she had one long orgasm that peaked as I again filled her pussy with my cum.

Exhausted I slid to one side of her and found the covers. I covered us up, turned off the lamp and cuddled to her. Strangely enough I heard her sob as I hugged her to me.

I had slept about four hours when I felt her on my chest. She was rubbing her pussy from my nipples to my pubic hair leaving a trail of pussy juice on my body. She was masturbating with my body.

I circled her ass with my arms and brought her pussy to my mouth. She was apparently very close to an orgasm because it hit less than ten seconds after my mouth covered her pussy. Less than a minute later she was sound asleep in my arms.

I had no idea what time it was when I awoke, only that there was bright daylight, I was on my stomach and Carly was rubbing her naked body on my back and ass.

She was the first woman to rub her nude body on mine and I really, really loved it.

“Good morning. Breakfast is almost ready,” she said as she kissed my neck.

“I can tell, ” I said as I quickly rolled her onto her back.

Her mild protestations ended quickly as my lips clamped on her clit.

It took me less than three minutes to set her off and before her orgasm ended I rammed my cock into her. Carly’s next orgasm started before the first one was through which was good because I lasted less than three minutes myself.

“Animal!” she said as she held me in place with her arms and legs.

I slowly extricated myself but before I got out of bed I did something I had never done before, I kissed her cum filled pussy.

She shuddered and moaned.

“Sheesh you’re easy, I told her.

I got whomped with a pillow so I quickly retreated to the bathroom.

“You can use my toothbrush,” she said as she walked into the bathroom and caressed my ass as I pissed. She turned on the shower and stepped in.

I quickly brushed my teeth then walked into the shower with her. I think we surprised each other in that we managed to get clean with minimal hanky-panky.

Well, not so minimal, I kissed her from the back of her thighs, to her ass and up to her neck as she washed her hair.

Her orgasm as I circled her puckered rose with the tip of my tongue, (another first for both of us), made her get shampoo in her eyes.

After she flushed them with water I licked them. She could not decide if that was gross or sexy so I did it again. She decided it was gross so I did it again and had my ass slapped hard for my efforts.

Carly washed my cock carefully and did something she had never done; she put a cock in her mouth. She kissed and licked it and sucked it a little but took it out when she felt it begin to pulse.

As she kissed me she said, “If I ever give a cock a blowjob yours is the cock that will get it.”

We kissed and caressed but eventually left the shower.

We ate breakfast naked, microwaved biscuit and sausage,and microwaved home fries, which indicated to me that she might have limited culinary skills.

Her hand strayed to my cock often while my hand seemed to have a tit in it most of the time.

“When do you need to go to work?”

“Soon. How did you know I needed to go to work?”

“You are the most junior. Will you feel like a symphony concert and Vietnamese food tonight?’

I loved that smile

“Yes, but bring a change of clothes and your own toothbrush. It is going to be obvious to my neighbors something is going on when they see you walk out wearing a suit. You are my first male visitor here and that will confuse the neighbors as it is.”

We cleaned up the dishes and went to the bedroom to dress. The bed looked like a sex war zone.

“You made a mess,” I said as I pointed to the bed.

“We made a mess together, smarty. Don’t worry. I have plenty of sheets.”

As she dressed in a very nice sundress I noticed that she did not wear a bra and I asked her if she ever did.

“With some blouses and some dresses I do but as you noticed I do not need to wear one, I have no tits.”

“Then what are those things on your chest that I have been playing with that give you orgasms?”

“I want to thank you for that. You were the first to adore them. They told me to tell you that anytime you want them they are yours.”

Just before we stepped out the front door we gave each other our cell phones and programmed our numbers in.

We made sure the neighbors got the right impression when we shared a deep kiss on her driveway before getting into our cars.

Apparently our Friday night had not been a one-night stand.

I was OK with that.

It was two on a Saturday afternoon and I was replaying my previous night and morning with Carly in my mind. I was absentmindedly playing with my dick when my cell phone rang. It was Carly.

I answered her call and she said, “I need you to come to my house early. You need to fuck me before we go out tonight and I need to tell you about my confrontation with my boss over your ex’s photos. Bring your clothes for tonight and tomorrow. Hurry. Bye.”

Good news, (hurry up and fuck her), bad news, (confrontation with boss)? Why would a confrontation with her boss make her horny?

I threw together a toiletries bag and a gym bag with underwear and socks and the next day’s clothes. I grabbed the hangers with my clothes for our concert that night and in less than twenty minutes I was on my way to Carly’s.

She greeted me at the door wearing only a t-shirt. She helped me put my stuff away then removed her shirt and jumped into bed. It took me ten seconds to get as naked as she was and jump into bed with her. We lay on our sides and kissed as she draped a leg over my hip and urged my cock into her pussy. As soon as she was satisfied we were fully coupled she allowed herself a deep sigh.

‘You wont believe how much I have wanted you in me all day. I am stunned by that fact myself; it is a weird thing for a lesbian to want. There have been just two cocks in me before, the first was at a graduation party from high school and the second was at the graduation party from the university. Neither was memorable except for some pain and discomfort and they convinced me that all men are selfish pigs.

Your cock is bigger than the others but you made sure I did not hurt and made sure I had an orgasm. I I hope you will not tire of me too soon, I love making love with you.”

She gave me a soft kiss and said, “Thank you; you can fuck me now.”

I rolled her onto her back and fucked her with slow, deliberate strokes as I rained kisses on her. Just as she was about to cum I stopped and kissed her softly until her breathing returned to normal then I resumed my slow fuck. I wanted a monumental orgasm from Carly. I wanted her at the edge of the cliff until she could fly.

I put off answering the question as to why that was so important to me.

It took about thirty minutes but I had her gasping for air as she tried to fuck me harder from under my body. I stopped completely until I felt her level of frustration reach a peak then fucked her hard and fast. Her orgasm was spectacular. Her body went into spasms as she screamed louder than such a small woman seemed capable of doing. She squirted.

It took her about five minutes to recover and I resumed fucking her slowly, gently. She groaned and told me she couldn’t handle another orgasm. She wanted me to cum in her, now!

I stopped, kissed her deeply, and without taking another stroke filled her pussy with my cum. I felt her pussy grab my cock as she plunged into another orgasm. She may have squirted again.

I rolled us to our sides and held her close as she started to softly sob. Soon she was asleep.

I was still kissing her softly when she awoke about ten minutes later. She beat my chest with her small fists then hugged me with surprising strength. I kept kissing her softly.

“We need to change the sheets,” she said.

“We need to buy a new mattress, ” I said.

She giggled and said, “I did not know I could do that, squirt. I am glad you were not completely grossed out but I am more than a little embarrassed. You need to promise me you wont take me there again.”

“Sorry, no deal. I am very impressed with myself over it, that and the scream. I hope your bedroom has good sound insulation.”

“I screamed?”

“Just a bit louder than a jet fighter.”

She buried her face in my neck and sighed. We kissed and caressed until my cock made its involuntary exit from her pussy.

“”OK, tell me what happened at work,” I asked.

“I got promoted three floors. They were proud of the way I handled a very volatile position for the firm. My immediate boss Dawn was promoted too but we are now equals in the hierarchy. She is now in administration and I am now working corporate law which is my specialty.

I may need to let my old boss seduce me, I know she wants me. We may be able to fulfill our threesome wish.”

“I am looking forward to the time you coax her into helping fulfill your fantasy. You may promise her I will not touch her.”

“I would not be upset if you fucked her. No, really”

I had given her a “Yeah, right” look. It seemed obvious to me that she would not stop me but would be hurt by it.

“And I would not be upset if when it came to be her turn to fulfill the fantasy her husband fucked you,” I said as I returned her lie.

“The only cock I will ever want is the one that’s in my pussy now and that is only because it is attached to you.”

We were not twenty-four hours into our relationship and we had already promised to be faithful, with the one exception just for her, Dawn, her ex boss.

We skipped the third shower of the day and enjoyed our Saturday night date. When we returned to her home we discovered that her bed was still wet so I grabbed my toiletries bag, threw her toothbrush in it and drove us to my house.

“What am I going to do for clothes tomorrow?” she asked.

“We will not be wearing clothes tomorrow.”


When I took her home Sunday night we discovered that her mattress had acquired an unpleasant odor. I told her to get what she needed for work for a couple of days and follow me home, that she needed time to give her next mattress purchase consideration.

She agreed and took home what she thought she needed. That night we valiantly tried for one last fuck but fell asleep before it could be accomplished. Having her fall asleep in my arms was more than enough of a consolation prize.

The next morning we carpooled to work and we learned that taking the HOV lane was much less nerve wracking than the freeway lanes. Her downtown office was just two blocks from mine.

The only problem with our new morning routine was that our goodbye kisses in the underground garage tended to get out of hand.

Two weeks later Carly had most of her stuff in my house and we still had not shopped for a mattress.

Carly’s sexual tension problem with her boss was partially solved the following weekend after we went out on a double date with Dawn and her husband. We celebrated their promotion with an unusual foursome; it involved two women and one man at a time.

Dawn’s husband Dave and I were relieved to see that our women were safe from each other. We in fact loved being in bed with our respective ladies as the woman being fucked ate their pussy. We had helped things along with kisses and tit nibbles.

One of their colleagues named Lupe told Dawn and Carly about a nice place for dining and dancing, Dawn suggested we give the place a try. After dinner and a couple of dances the ladies insisted we go out to the balcony.

They led us to a very dark section of the area, sat on the low wall bordering a planter, bared their naked pussies and told us to fuck them. Dave appeared to be a bit reluctant but saw that Dawn was super-horny so he quickly followed instructions.

Carly and I were already in mid-fuck.

The place became one of our favorite Saturday nightspots that evening.

Carly’s appetite for pussy diminished as her dependency on my cock increased. We did continue to go dining and dancing at our favorite place but all of her trips to the balcony were for the express purpose of fucking me. We became voyeurs and we would often stay out there to watch others fuck and eat pussy. When invited to do so Carly did briefly lick and kiss pussy but that was rare.

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