Carly had been my ex wife’s divorce lawyer. She was my age or maybe a bit younger, fairly small, a green eyed redhead with freckles that she did not bother to bury under makeup. I liked freckles.

At our meeting when my lawyer presented her with all the evidence of my wife’s peccadillo’s she quickly convinced my ex that her best bet was to sign everything and disappear, that with any luck she would not end up in jail.

 Before the day was over Carly had the signed papers and I was soon a single man.

Two weeks or so later Carly called me and asked me to go by her office so I could pick up some documents. Late on a Friday afternoon I visited her office and she handed me a large envelope that had been addressed to me in care of Carly.

It was from my ex.

 I saw that Carly was exhausted and I asked, “Rough day?”

“Rough week ending on a very rough day.”

“Sorry to have kept you after quitting time.”

“No problem, nobody is waiting on me.”

“In that case let me take you to dinner and I promise to buy as many drinks as you need to put it all behind.”

Carly seemed ready to decline so I added, “Remember, I was the good guy.”

She gave me a genuine smile and said, “Sure, why not.”

I took her to a very fine Italian restaurant hidden away on a corner of Chinatown. She did not know it existed and was further confused by the fact that most of the staff was Asian, including the cooks. The aroma and the decor were definitely Italian and the food was terrific Italian food.

She did have a couple of glasses of wine but nowhere near enough to wash her week away.

She could not give me details of course but said she had been stuck representing people she would cross the street to avoid.

“Starting with my wife?” I asked her with a sympathetic smile.

She shook her head and wondered out loud what I had ever seen in her.

“She was beautiful, the model girlfriend, the sex was good. After we got married she went to drugs and to other men and to men with drugs. The woman you represented was not the woman I married.”

“You spent a lot of time and money trying to get her straight.”

“Yes, I did not realize that she had no interest in going straight. When she started stealing from me I gave up. Has she paid you?”


“I will see to it that you get paid. Do you need another drink?”

“Maybe, but not here. I think I want a beer.”

“I know the best place for beer.”

As we went outside I hailed a cab.

“We drove here, right?” she asked.

“Yes, but we are not going far and the cab fare will be less than the parking.”

She was delighted when the cab pulled up at the ballpark. I got us good seats on the club level and we had our beer and peanuts just before the first pitch. It was a good game with several amazing plays and one gigantic homer on each side. Our team won on a wild pitch.

We had a great time and held hands walking out of the park. There was no problem getting a cab.

As we walked to my car at the Italian restaurant lot she asked me if I had picked up the package from her office. I did not remember but a quick search of my car told us I had not.

“We need to go back to my office and I will need to get a cab home. I missed the last bus.”

“You take a bus to work?”

“Yes, I do park and ride. It is cheaper and I am a panicky driver. Rush hour traffic eats this small town girl’s lunch.”

“Well since I was the reason you missed the last bus you don’t need a cab home so let’s just go by your office and pick up the package.”

A few minutes later we had the package and were winding our way south.

Her home was in a large suburb about twenty five miles from downtown but the freeway traffic was moving easily that evening and I was soon stopping my car next to hers in the park and ride lot. I was about to get out my door so I could open hers but she placed her hand on my arm and said, “Wait a minute, please.”

I settled back in my seat and looked at her; she looked embarrassed.

“I hate to admit it but I am very curious, I would like to see what your ex-wife sent you. It’s just that I have some inkling of how her mind works. I will understand if you tell me it is not any of my business, it isn’t. Sorry I asked.”

This time it was my hand on her arm stopping her from opening the car door.

“Will you make me coffee?”

“Absolutely,” she said with a big smile as she jumped out of my car and into hers.

I followed her for just under a mile until she pulled into the driveway of a nice looking townhouse. I parked next to her car then I fished the packet out of the floor on the passenger side. I noticed her shoes were there too and I picked them up.

I was going to also get her suit jacket from the back seat but then realized that overlooking it would give me a good excuse to see her again.

I put off answering the question as to why I wanted to see her again until later.

She was already preparing the coffee when I finally made it into her home.

“Cafe DuMond,” she said as she quickly went down the hallway into a bedroom. “Make yourself at home.”

I found a bathroom just off the living room and took a much-needed piss.

The coffee was ready by the time Carly joined me in the kitchen. She had changed to a t-shirt and shorts.

I had though she was braless when she took off her jacket at the restaurant but now I was positive she was braless because even though her breasts were small her nipples tented her t-shirt. That got my cocks attention.

She may have noticed.

As we sat at the kitchen table and drank our coffee we talked about her law firm and her career. She confirmed that she occupied the “low man on a totem pole” position in her firm, which is why she ended up with the crappy cases.

“Speaking of crappy cases…” she prompted me.

We went to the living room and sat on her sofa, I had placed the packet on her coffee table. She sat close to me as I unsealed it.

“It’s probably a letter bomb or anthrax, I said.”

“No, our mail room screens for that.”

“What kind of lawyers do you work with?”

“The kind that get sent letter bombs and anthrax,” she said.

“Photographs,” I said as I dumped them on the table.

The picture on top showed my naked ex-wife sitting on a guy and had his cock in her pussy. She had a cock in each hand and she was smiling around a cock in her mouth.

I heard Carly’s sharp intake of breath.

“She just wanted to be the one to get the last word in,” I said to her.

I sat back and it became obvious to Carly that I was not going to bother looking at the other pictures. She looked at me and I saw that her curiosity was unabated so I nodded and she began to go through them.

They were more of the same; one with a cock in her pussy and a cock in her mouth, one showing a double penetration, a close-up that showed she had a mouthful of cum, and so on in the same vein, about twenty in all.

Carly stopped at the next to last one, it was of my ex licking a pussy.

“When your wife came to me I did not know what kind of person she was. She was beautiful, vivacious, sexy, and I was vulnerable, horny.

That is my pussy she is licking.”

She let that statement hang for a while then uncovered the last picture. It appeared that to be of Carly licking pussy.

“Who took the pictures?” I asked.

“We did. We just held the camera away from us as we clicked. We used my camera which I had not noticed was missing until recently.”

“Are there anymore pictures of the two of you?”

“No. We really did eat each other and we put the camera down right after those pictures. Sex with her was good, you were right about that.

She had invited me to keep her company on a photo shoot. I think this may be the photo shoot. Thankfully you and your lawyer brought me the private investigators file on her before then. I would have gone with her never suspecting what kind of photo session it was. Of course, my career is done anyway. Having sex with a client pretty much will send you searching for a job.”

“I doubt it. I am sitting right next to you and I would not have guessed that was you licking pussy if you had not first admitted to having sex with her. There are no distinguishing marks, can’t see your eyes. Can’t even tell that the pussy licker is a redhead, the flash washed out the color. Even if she sent these to your boss there is no way for him to prove it was you.”

“Her. I hope you are right. Do you suppose they are on the Internet?”

“Very likely. Again there is no way anyone would recognize your face. But let me ask you something a bit personal, how many would recognize your pussy. I ask because it is gorgeous.”

Carly laughed and said “I can’t believe you are hitting on me at a time like this.”

I saw her eyes flick to my crotch and blush. She did have a gorgeous pussy and I now had an erection.

I just smiled at her until she eventually said, “OK, maybe six or seven different people have seen it up-close including your ex, mostly women. But in not one of those cases was there a spotlight or flash on me, except this one.”

“Then you are safe. Call me if anything happens,” I said when I stood up to leave.

“You don’t want the pictures?” she asked after another quick glance at the tent in my slacks.

“No. You can use them in your scrapbook if you want.”

“Funny!” She said as she stood and intertwined her fingers in mine.

“Thanks for giving me a good end to the day. And thanks for leaving the pictures. I did suspect those photos were in the package and that was why I was anxious to see them.”

She walked me to the door as we held hands and gave me a fabulous hug and a deep kiss. I liked it so well that I gave her my best hug and a lover’s kiss.

As that kiss ended she decided she wanted to try to outdo me and our kiss became intense and her hug fierce. Somewhere during that kiss my hands had traveled under her t-shirt and were caressing bare flesh. She moved her upper body back a little so my hands could fondle her tits. Her lean pressed my erection hard against her. She reached down and held my cock in a tight grip.

There was no way to stop that train.

With a groan she pulled me by my cock to her bedroom.

She undressed quickly and helped me undress. It all happened so fast that as I slid my cock into her pussy I wondered if we had left the front door open.

Her pussy was flooded with fluids but it was still very tight. I reminded myself that she was obviously mostly lesbian and there had probably been only a few cocks where mine was traveling.

I took it slowly and quickly transformed what started as a barely controlled fuck into lovemaking. I did not want to hurt her or give her discomfort since she obviously needed the sex as much as I did; I wanted her to have a very good experience.

I wanted to be invited to her bed again.

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