Billy’s Dilemma

Billy’s kisses moved to Hattie’s armpit, then down to her ribs and back to her navel. He spent a long time in that mysterious cavity, licking and kissing while she withered beneath him. Billy was not very experienced with women, but he knew that he was doing something right when he kissed or licked and Hattie went wild. This made him a good lover. This made him the kind of lover that every woman wished that she had, if the woman was knowledgeable or truthful enough to know what she wanted. Hattie was that lucky woman, without even knowing it.

His kisses now approached her neat patch of light brown pubic hair. He stopped and lifted his head, looking down at the patch of fur in wonder. He had never seen a woman naked before, other than his own mother caught at inconvenient times. And never was his look as detailed as the one he now had of Hattie. He petted her small pelt of hair in amazement. Suddenly he kissed her again, just above the pelt of hair. He slowly licked and kissed his way through the hair until he faced the dark unknown between her heavenly thighs. He was encircling her legs with an arm, unconsciously holding them together. As he stopped and stared at her mysterious womanhood, Hattie looked down in alarm, and some embarrassment, waiting to see what he thought of her region which now man had seen before.

Billy dropped his face into the dark canyon between her legs and sniffed heavily. Her aroma was intoxicating. He could think of nothing better. He inhaled again, looking into her eyes with a dazed, euphoric expression.

She reached down and pushed his arm off her legs. As he released her she opened her legs for him. He cried out in wonder. He had grown up on the farm, and everywhere he looked there had been an animal with a pussy. But nothing had prepared him for this. Her pussy was pink and delicate. He touched the individual petals of her pussy lips. She gasped and churned on the blanket. He looked up, then smiled at her wide-eyed wonder and anticipation. He crawled in between her legs and faced the object of his desires.

His mouth dropped to her pussy and he nuzzled it gently. His tongue snaked out and entered her small palace of flesh. He tasted a woman for the first time and it thrilled him clear down to his toes. It was moist and flavorful, as he had always dreamed it would be. But he had not been prepared for the softness and the heat of her womanhood. He kissed it several times, feeling the warmth and softness against his lips. He held her pussy open with his thumbs and looked inside. It was a wonderland. He touched here and there, watching her reaction. It was soon apparent that her most sensitive areas were the very top of her pussy envelope, and the bud of flesh in the center of her pussy. He found a tiny mushroom-like button inside the bud of flesh, like a seed in a pod, and soon found that it was the button that gave her the most pleasure. He licked her pussy lazily, moving from place to place. She moved constantly beneath his mouth, at times rolling from side to side, or humping her sex against his mouth. He liked every minutes of it. She was completely under his control.

“Please,” she gasped down at him. He knew what she wanted. She wanted him to stop exploring and get down to pleasing her. He was ready as well. His throbbing cock needed relief.
“You are a virgin,” he said gently, being careful not to make it a question. “It may hurt.”
“I’m ready,” she said, lifting her chin determinedly.

He licked her pussy several more times, then slid up until his lips could touch hers. She tasted her own flavor on his lips. She kissed more passionately, her eyes wide open and wild. As she pulled him into a passionate kiss his cock sought out her quivering pussy, almost of it’s own violation. He easily found the hole where his penis belonged. It went partway in, then stopped. Deciding that it was best to do this quickly, he pulled out a little then slammed his cock into her pussy. She hissed in pain. He had felt his cock go partway in, but he still had some of the membrane to penetrate. Another quick thrust and he was inside her. She gave one quick yelp of pain, then lay shuddering beneath him. He held still until he felt her move in anticipation. That was his signal to continue. She squealed quietly as his cock slid easily in and out of her damaged cunt. She threw her legs wide, welcoming him into her womanhood.

She felt the throbbing pain of his violation, blend with the beginning fires of another orgasm. She crossed her legs behind his ass and forced him to slam his cock into her. She needed him badly, like a craving. Only his cock would calm the fire between her legs. Only his cock would feel right, making her a woman for all time. Blood and lubricant helped to ease his slide in and out of her tortured pussy. She moaned in wild abandon as he pumped away faster and faster until the fires in his loins bust into a raging orgasm.

She ground her pussy against his spewing cock until she brought on her second orgasm. It was much stronger than the first. It seemed endless. She humped her sex against him, even though his cock was too sensitive for movement. Then incredibly, she felt the third orgasm strike her loins. She panted and grunted beneath him, thrusting herself against his wilting cock. She slid his wilted cock back and forth at the entrance to her pussy, where it slid against her clit. Breathlessly, she fell almost lifeless beneath him. He lifted himself and rolled over next to her.

“Well, you’ve earned your pony,” he said with a twisted smile.
“To hell with that, I want more,” she demanded, propping her head up on one arm.
“More,” he said in alarm. “What?”
“You, mister. I want you.”
He smiled and pulled her close, resting his face in her golden hair.

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