Billy’s Dilemma

The more they kissed, the hotter they both got. In a matter of minutes Billy found his hands unbuttoning her dress of their own violation. She helped him where he needed it, but was most concerned about maintaining the kiss. She was hot now, real hot. Billy was horny as hell. He was holding and kissing the most beautiful woman in the world and for the night, at least, she was all his.

Billy nuzzled her neck as his hands worked on her bodice. He smelled the sweet smell of lilac perfume on her neck. He kissed it passionately until she withered in his arms. He moved even lower and kissed the cleavage between her two ample breasts. Even here he found the smell of her lilac perfume again and his eyes flew open in sudden realization. She had prepared for this. She had come to him prepared to make love. No woman would perfume her breasts for any other reason. He had heard his mother say so long ago, while talking to another woman. He stopped and looked at Hattie in surprise. Then he smiled and opened her blouse to reveal her naked, beautiful breasts. With a moan he leaned down and sucked on first one nipple, then the other.
Hattie cried out, holding his mouth pressed against her breast in completely abandon. Suddenly she was naked. His hands had worked as his mouth nursed and now she was sitting in the middle of her clothes, strewn all around the blanket. Only her black stockings were still on her body. How he did it, she was not completely sure. Billy pressed her back, opening her legs as he did so. Her moist pussy lay open for his examination.

“Oh no you don’t,” she suddenly cried. She pushed him back and pulled her dress over her lap. He was stunned and confused.

“I’m not sitting her butt assed naked while you paw me. If I’m getting naked you are too,” she demanded. Billy chuckled and began tearing off clothing. When he finished he tossed her dress aside and slid forward, with his naked flesh touching her’s.
“You are so beautiful, Hattie.”
“I know.”
“I don’t mean on the outside… well I do, but I mean on the inside too. Some people think you are vain and self- centered, but I know it’s just an act. On the inside you are as beautiful as on the outside, Hattie. I mean it,” he said earnestly.

“Thanks, Billy,” she looked up into his face in wonder. He was right, of course, there was not a vain bone in her body… well not many anyway. The only reason she acted so was because people expected it of her. But it was an act. How had Billy seen through her little deception? Maybe there was more to him than she had seen.

His hands ran over her naked body in wonder.
“I always wondered what you’d look like naked,” he smiled.
“Me too,” she admitted, looking down at his nearly hairless young body. “Kiss me all over,” she suddenly commanded.

Billy immediately kissed her lips, even though he knew that was not what she meant. He spent only a short time there before he moved down to her neck and ear. She thrilled at his attention there. She squirmed and gasped. He started to work his way even lower, but she grasped his head and brought his mouth back to her ear. He nuzzled the beautiful little piece of flesh. As ears went, her’s were absolutely perfect. He licked it and kissed it, then pulled at her ear lobe with his teeth. He massaged her neck for a moment, then leaned down and kissed it gently. She raised her chin so he kissed her beneath it. To his amazement, he felt her quivering beneath his touch. She rubbed one leg against the other and gasped even louder until she squirmed in the middle of a full blown orgasm. Billy didn’t know that a woman could have an orgasm from her ears, but Hattie did. He watched her face in amazement until the orgasm ended. She looked up at him shyly.

“I like having my ears nuzzled,” she smiled.
“That… that was amazing,” Billy gasped.
“Yeah,” she agreed, pulling his face down to her breast.

At the circle of wagons the fire popped and a brand flew unnoticed into the sand where it smoldered harmlessly. A haze of steam came from the spout of the coffee pot. A slight breeze switched the thin column of smoke toward the back of the Eshleman wagon where Randal sniffed it appreciatively. Randal and Elisa sat side by side with their arms around each other, using the tailgate of the wagon as a backrest, and looking out into the desert where they knew their son was. They had tried not to listen, but canvas made thin walls. They were proud of their son, and his new girl. They made a good pair.
“Remind you of anybody?” Randal asked Elisa Eshleman as they watched the play of firelight on the nearby rocks of Billy’s hideaway.
“Hey, I didn’t chase you,” she said in a huff.
“Like hell you didn’t. I remember you coming to my bedroom window on many… Oh, oh, I’d better see to this,” he said, climbing out the back of the wagon with his rifle in his hand.
“What is it?” Elisa asked.
“Shhhhh,” he hissed, hurrying off into the darkness.

Oliver Delgado approached the flickering firelight with a determined step, his shotgun held ready in his hands. The set of his jaw showed his anger even in the half darkness of the moonlit night. Randal hated to interfere, but he couldn’t allow his son to be shot right in the middle of the most important night of his life.

“Howdy, Oliver,” Randal said quietly. Oliver stared to swing around, but his eyes fell to the rifle covering his stomach. He let his shotgun hang at his side, his eyes ablaze.
“My daughter’s in there,” he growled.
“So she is. I expect my son will come around calling in the morning. He is a gentleman,” Randal said. He took a pipe from his pocket, tamped it gently to ensure it was still full of tobacco, then struck a match while holding the rifle under his arm. If Oliver wanted to make it a fight, he would have done so then. Oliver tucked his shotgun under his arm and retrieved his own pipe.
“Young people got no business sneaking off in the middle of the night,” he growled.
“They’ve been doing it for a thousand years, Oliver. It’s how they get acquainted.”
“I suppose,” Oliver agreed. “I guess that would make us kin,” Oliver mused.

“Seems like. I guess I’ll head back to my wagon now,” Randal said, turning away. He heard Oliver retracing his steps to his own wagon. With a smile he climbed up into the back of his wagon and pulled his wife close to him.

“Any problems?” Elisa asked in concern.
“Had a talk with Billy’s in-laws,” Randal said as he ran his hand over his wife’s full breasts. “Everything’s fine,” he smiled. “Old Oliver is afraid of loneliness. I think he figured that without Hattie, he’d be alone. I think he’s realized that his family will grow instead, and it’s settled his mind,” Randal said speculatively as he opened his wife’s blouse. He loved a good set of breasts, and his wife had one of the best anywhere.

Billy concentrated on Hattie’s breasts. They were fascinating. They were so firm and mysterious. The small pink nipples were similar to his own, but on Hattie they were feminine and magical. He nursed on first one, then the other, amazed at how they became stiff and pointed. He twirled one in his fingers while he sucked the other lovingly. Hattie lay with her chest thrown out. Her hands dug into the Indian blanket beneath her. Her face was twisted in the throes of passion.
He moaned as his hands claimed her firm globes of flesh and kneaded them gently. His mouth nursed silently, starting a burning fire in her young breasts that burned clear down to her youthful pussy. Hattie was lost in a world of passion. Nothing was real but the touch of his lips, and the caress of his hands. She did not feel the heat from the fire, or smell the smoke. She did not feel the sand beneath the blanket, which acted as a cushion beneath her perfectly shaped ass. Her tiny hands clung to the blanket desperately.

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