El Diablo De Morella

Author: Western

Roberto Sanchez craned his neck as he passed a quaint old motel. It had once been fabulous in days long past. Roberto pinched his lips as he tried to decide. He took special notice of a group of young women talking on the corner. Three of the five were very hot young women. He wouldn’t mind dipping his wick into any of the three. They were certainly good enough for his needs. They looked poor, but happy. He could change that. He took in all the squalor around him and decided this was the place.

“Alli,” he called, tapping the cab driver on the shoulder and pointing at the hotel behind them. The cab swerved, making a speedy u-turn in the middle of the street. Two children, who had been playing in a puddle, ran for their lives when the big yellow taxi swerved toward them. They cursed in Spanish and shook their fists at the driver. He chuckled and made eye contact with Roberto in the mirror.

“Rapidos ninos,” he smiled, showing one golden tooth.
“They’d better be fast with drivers like you.”

The cab pulled up beside the hotel. Roberto looked around and gasped when he saw an old man getting a blowjob in the alley, not more than fifteen feet away and in plain sight. The whore, a very beautiful woman, turned slightly and looked at Roberto with a sly, sideward glance. She was absolutely fabulous. Her large breasts bulged from the top of a short black dress. It seemed that they would pop out of the dress at any moment. The short dress showed most her long, meaty legs, almost up to her panties. They were flawless. He licked his lips as he stared at those enticing legs. Few things turned Roberto on any more, he had seen and done too much to be easily enticed. But this woman was different, Roberto knew those legs were avenues which lead up to a paradise of pleasure.

Even her lips were full and beautiful. At the moment they were sucking on the lucky man’s short, stubby cock.

Her mouth continued sliding up and down the man’s cock, as her eyes held his. The old man stood rigidly against the brick wall, with his eyes closed, one hand on the woman’s head, the other on an old, rusty dumpster. He was unaware that they were being watched. His hand pushed and the dumpster rolled a few inches, explaining why their activities were no longer hidden. In his passion he had pushed the dumpster away, enough to reveal their activities. Others took note as they walked past, but nobody seemed to care. This was one reason that Roberto loved Mexico so much. The people were poor enough to do anything, and he was rich enough to buy what he wanted.

The man suddenly stiffened, grabbed the woman’s head with both hands, and pulled her against his crotch. She struggled to swallow his offering without chocking. The man jerked and vibrated as she willingly sucked cum from his fleshy straw. When they finished the man quietly slid down to a sitting position. He seemed to have passed out. Of course at his age…

“Excellent,” Roberto sighed, holding his hard-on through his pants. He might just have to look up that beautiful whore later. She just might possibly be the best looking whore he had ever seen, and in his business he had seen many.

“Si, muy magnifico,” the driver said with a gold- toothed smile in the mirror.
Roberto turned as looked where the cabby was looking, at the old rundown hotel. “It hasn’t been grand for half a century,” Roberto growled. “He must be a relative. Do you speak English?” he asked in a louder voice. He needed an assistant and he didn’t want to waste time talking in Spanish all day long. He was an American and wished to speak American.

“Just a leatle,” the cab driver smiled. Roberto knew better, he had heard proper English creep into the man’s speech during the trip from the airport.
“For 100 dollars a day.”
“Ah, for that much I can speak very good English. What do you want, sir?”
“Hell, you speak better English than me.”

“I once worked in Juarez. I spoke to many soldiers from your army, when I drove a cap there.”
“Well hell, they make a killing in Juarez. What are you doing back here?” Roberto took several bills from his wallet and handed them to the driver. “I should know, I can’t afford to do business there any more,” he mumbled to himself.
“I missed my family,” the man said, glancing away.
“Bullshit. You can get a house there for 150 a month and bring your family there. Try again and if you lie, I get somebody else.”
“A little indiscretion,” the driver smiled in embarassment.
“You robbed too many soldiers without paying your fee?”
“Si,” the driver nodded.
“Ok, you’re my man. I make movies, adult movies, understand?”
“Yes, movies,” the man said uncertainly, nodding at the curious people walking past the open cab window on the broken sidewalk.

“Peliculas del sexo… sex movies,” Roberto said in a louder voice. The driver hissed and tried to quiet him. He looked around apprehensively, then shushed Roberto again.
“Si, I understand. But do not speak too loudly, they won’t let you in the hotel.”
“Yeah, whatever,” Roberto waved it off. “I need girls, young girls. Understand?”
“Si,” the driver said hesitantly. There was a brief look of reluctance in his eyes, followed by greed when Roberto handed him a crisp new 100 dollar bill. The driver tried to covert the American dollar into pesos in his head. He knew one peso was similar to an american dime, so he quickly estimated the amount to be 1,000 pesos. Enough to pay his rent for the month and buy some lavish groceries.

“Si,” the driver said again, licking his lips. He knew he could scam much, much more from the American during his daily routine. Things were looking up.

“First, bring my luggage to my room, then get me 4 or 5 girls, young girls like them,” he pointed to the girls still standing on the corner behind them.

“We’ll get the lesbian movies out of the way first, then go on to straight sex, then the weird shit. Got it?”
“Sure,” the driver said, still playing with the bill. “Your fare,” he smiled apologetically. “You didn’t give me enough. It’s $27.35,” he smiled again.
Roberto handed him another 100 dollar bill. “I’m being robbed and I just got here. No more meter,” Roberto threatened.
“Si,” agreed, crumpling all the bills into his shirt pocket.

Roberto circled his camera and straightened a reflector. The shadowed areas of the young girl’s face suddenly sprang into full wholesome youth and beauty.

“Wonderful,” Roberto smiled, looking down at the naked girl. Her face was that of a goddess. Her chest was small, but sexy. Her stomach was washboard firm and slender. Her hips were round, pleasing but dainty. Her legs were slender and unblemished. Her pussy looked absolutely delicious. Looking at it, he wasn’t sure if the girl was 18 or not, but she had signed the release form, so it didn’t matter. She was his best girl, incredibly beautiful and sexy, with a shaved pussy that men would kill to eat, or fuck. She was hot, Maria del Toro his new sex goddess. He would use her in each film, in combination with the men and women which Henry, his industrious taxi driver, provided.

Roberto suddenly decided he needed an additional light. He opened his large steamer chest and began taking out components.

Henry approached and bent closer. “A man died in an alley nearby,” he whispered. “An old man.”
Roberto remembered the man getting the blowjob. What a way to go, he thought as Henry hurried over to the arguing girls waiting in the chairs by the door.
“What will I be doing next?” Maria asked as she reclined on the bed. Roberto had been taking pictures of her for hours, she was used to her nakedness by now. It helped that he had ordered the other girls to strip. She wasn’t alone now. As she stretched, she was aware that she looked like a kitten. She felt very sexy.

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