Whole Lotta Love

Author: Jim Goodwin

The early 1970s were probably the last days of sexual innocence. I don’t mean that we were sexually innocent, far from it. The pill was still fairly new and exciting. A girl could fuck who she wanted, when she wanted, without sweating a lot of heavy stuff like pregnancy or fatal diseases. You might get crabs, you might get a case of the clap but, nobody had heard of HIV and friendly sex was cool. A “do your own thing as long as you don’t hurt anyone else” attitude was in the air. With all the nasty stuff and nastier people running around today, I’d be scared to death if my daughter had that attitude. But, like I was saying, sex was innocent back then.

We were all either in college or recently graduated, living together in a two-story house. Kim and I were best buddies. Rob, Tony and Andy were all great guys. Kim and Andy had been sleeping together for about two years. I’d had friendly sex at separate times with both Rob and Tony but the three of us were still social individuals. It was a comfy arrangement.

One day when the boys were all out, Kim and I were sitting at the kitchen table smoking. We were giggling about our earlier days, back before we were on the pill, back when we’d make boys pull out of us before they came. There was a scientific name for girls who tried that trick too many times. They were called mothers.

Kim smiled as she told me that, despite now being on the pill, she still sometimes had Andy pull out of her before he came.

I had to ask why.

She explained that there were two reasons, she enjoyed watching him jerk off right above her and she loved the feel of his hot jism on her naked body. The conversation was making me a bit horny. The way Kim was squirming in her chair, it seemed that she was also getting excited. I wondered what it would be like to feel Andy’s hot load on my naked skin, or Rob’s, or Tony’s. Of course that’s when the idea hit me.

“Kim, you want to give the boys and us a treat?”

She raised an eyebrow and grinned back at me.

“Whatcha got in mind?”

When I told her what I had in mind, I saw her hand slide down between her legs. She rubbed a few fingers across her jean-covered crotch. The boys were in for a delightful surprise.

We waited until after supper. Everyone was in the living room. On signal Kim began stroking my red hair, I reached toward her and tangled a finger in a black curl. We turned toward each other and lightly kissed, running our hands over each other’s boobs. Even without opening my eyes, I could tell the boys were all paying attention. We reached under each other’s tee shirts, neither one of us was wearing a bra. Kim’s tit flesh felt warm in my hand. We broke the kiss and looked around the room. The boys all jerked awake as if a spell had been broken. Looking between their legs I could see that each had a hard-on in his tight jeans. Andy was rubbing his.

“Want to watch two babes make each other cum?” I asked.

The vote was unanimous in favor.

“You guys just have to do one thing.”

Rob was wearing a quizzical grin as he took the bait.

“What might that be?”

I tried hard to keep a straight face.

“You have to cum with us.”

“And on us.” Kim was quick to add

“Think you boys can handle that?” I asked as my laugh finally burst through.

They looked around at each other and down at our intertwined bodies. We looked up at their tight jeans. By silent signal we all began to strip.

We slid the bed out of the pullout couch. Kim and I lay together naked, her tanned silky skin against my pale smoothness. We began kissing and running our hands over each other’s firm sexy bodies. The boys stood around the bed, each holding his erection in his hand, slowly stroking their cocks. I reached down between Kim’s legs and felt the welcoming wetness. I felt her hand come down, cup my fiery mound. When she moved a finger slowly along my juicy slit, I groaned with pleasure.

We began to stroke each other’s hot cunts, rubbing, pressing, exploring with curious fingers that caused sweet sighs and cries of pleasure. The boys looked down upon our naked, writhing bodies straining toward each other. They were each vigorously jerking off, hands running up and down along the lengths of hard, hot cocks. Each cock looked a little different but each had some major things in common. They were each pointed towards our intertwined naked bodies as we worked to bring each other off. They each had a pair of dangling balls beneath them, each sack churning up a load of cum that they were going to shoot on our sweaty bodies.

Kim’s hand seemed to know my pussy better than my own did. She was finding all my hot spots at just the right time, with just the right touch. From her bucking hips and heavy breathing, I could tell that fingers were holding up their end. We looked into each other’s eyes a moment, our pace accelerated. Our mouths were inches apart as we exchanged moans.

“Gonna make you cum”

“I’m gonna…”

“Oh, I’m gonna…”

“Me…You…Oh fuck…jerk it guys”

“Shoot your hot wads…ohhh…I’m cumming, cumming…ohhh…”

As Kim went over the top, I saw Rob’s big thick cock shoot a load of hot, white fluid that hit Kim’s shoulder and my tit. I just started to shake with my own orgasm when I felt Tony’s load splash warm and sticky on my hip. I rolled forward and it dripped forward on to Kim’s belly. We looked up at Andy. He was now kneeling on the bed, his cock poised by our plastered together tits. He was jerking and breathing hard, his balls and his cock were red. He groaned and grunted as he spurted a massive load over both our tits. Kim and I began smearing the thick fluid over our nude young bodies.

As I was saying, those might have been the last days of sexual innocence but we weren’t exactly innocent.

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