The Dinah Duo Redemption

Author: Jim Goodwin

Growing up in Fairview, Dinah Martin’s best friend was named Dinah white. At eleven years old neither one of them had ever met anyone else with their shared first name. The two blonde tomboys were inseparable. That last summer they built a tree house in the Martins’ back yard. It became the secret hideout of the Dinah Duo. In this secluded place the girls giggled, wrestled, read, dreamed and practiced their first kisses. It was a magic time. Unfortunately, the magic drowned in cold reality when Mr. White got transferred to Miami. The girls wrote to each other for about a year or so but letters couldn’t recapture the magic. Their lives moved on in separate directions and each became just a fond childhood memory to the other.

Diana Martin-Clayton hadn’t thought about her girlhood friend for quite a while. She did well in high school and got accepted to a respected university on a soccer scholarship. Her body had developed quite nicely with shapely legs and small but serviceable breasts. In the sports pages she was usually described as a “coltish blonde”. A short disastrous marriage in college almost derailed her career but a recent invitation to the national team tryouts in Miami gave her new hope.

Arriving at the hotel, however, she encountered an unpleasant complication. The front desk clerk couldn’t find her reservation under her married or maiden name. There was a convention in town and there wasn’t another decent room within ten miles. Dinah was furious. As Dinah’s temper rose, the clerk eventually summoned the assistant manager.

The tall shorthaired blonde who came out of the office had dazzling blue eyes and a disturbingly familiar face. Her business suit couldn’t conceal her curvaceous body.

“Hello, Ms. Clayton, I’m Dinah White” she said staring down at the paperwork the clerk had handed her.

“Hello doofus,” Dinah grinned, “You don’t happen to have any room in this glorified tree house, do you?”

Startled, the manager looked up from her clipboard.



Both girls had tears in their eyes. Over a drink at the bar, Whitey said she was just getting off work and insisted that Marty stay at her place. The longhaired blonde quickly agreed.

After quick showers and a few drinks the girls were lounging around in the bathrobes, giggling and goofing as if the past dozen or so years had never come between them. The alcohol and the warmth of their renewed friendship caused Whitey’s reserved caution to slip. She told Marty that their kissing experiments when they were eleven had changed her whole life. How she’d sought lesbian experiences in high school and college but no kisses ever thrilled her like the ones they had shared in the tree house.

Marty didn’t know what to say. Whitey was looking at her with expectation and fear in her dazzling blue eyes. The longhaired blonde leaned forward to reassure her friend with a light kiss but Whitey’s lips drew her in with their softness and their hunger. They were soon locked in a wet, tongue-tangling kiss. Marty felt erotic tingles rising from her groin, tingles that increased in intensity when she heard Whitey moan with pleasure. A soft hand reached inside her robe and cupped her naked breast, her nipple rose in the gentle palm and a soft groan escaped her lips. It felt so right. It felt so good.

She reached into the shorthaired blonde’s robe and felt the pliant firmness of Whitey’s well-developed tit. Finding the nipple, she rolled it between her finger and thumb. They broke off their passionate kiss and breast caressing to strip off their robes Two young blonde bodies faced each other dressed only in their panties. The longhaired one was slender with muscular legs, a small boyish ass and petite breasts with large, pink swollen nipples. The shorthaired one was rounder with a curvaceous ass, 34-inch tits and light brown aureole around her erect nipples. They were just about the same height and fit together well when they embraced each other tightly, rubbing their tits and panty clad pubic mounds together.

Their hands drifted down into their panties, pushing them down. Each girl wiggled out of this last clothing and reached for the other’ tight buttocks. They began pressing their young, hungry cunts together in a delicious grinding motion accompanied by groans of heated lust. Once again, the blondes began kissing furiously as if eager to devour each other. Still locked in a deep kiss they fell onto the large couch, their feverish bodies intertwined and rubbing together.

Whitey slid a hand between Marty’s silky thighs and began rubbing the blonde pussy. Marty was quick to return the favor. They were now side by side, their mouths and tongues still locked together as their fingers played on each other’s wet slits. Rocking their hips in mutual motion, the young blondes began finger fucking each other while rubbing around the other’s clit with her thumb. The air was heavy with their mingled perfume, cunt juices and sweat. Little slurping sounds punctuated their muffled moans of building passion. Finally they broke off their extended kiss and threw their heads back with mouths open, both groaning deeply. Frantic fingers played in frenzied pussies as they pushed each other closer and closer to orgasm with each thrust and stroke.

Their twisting, jerking bodies were uncontrollably dancing the massive waves of desire flowing from their quivering cunts. Smooth sweaty flesh stuck together, making little sucking sounds while they writhed and wiggled on the couch, gasping and panting. Feeling the orgasmic spasms beginning to drown her senses, Marty plunged her fingers deep into Whitey’s thrusting pussy. The shorthaired blonde slammed her pelvis forward, driving the fingers deep into her wet, warm depths. Marty’s slim body shook with an overpowering rush of orgasm. Somewhere in the distance she heard Whitey’s guttural groan of release and felt her pussy walls ripple against her buried fingers.

Melted together on the couch, the Dinah Duo held each other and stared into each other’s eyes. They were finally together again and closer than ever.

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