Exploring the same sex

Author: Scottydelight

I was young and naive with no clue of anything sexual. I only knew my body and wondered how compared in all aspects. I had fooled with a few boys as a child but not during or puberty up to this point. I was unsure how far into puberty I should be at that age. I was barely 14yo during the summer after my first year of high school. He was 17. I had fantasized of an encounter with a boy but didnt know how or have the courage to approach anyone. I wasnt alone in this desire.
    He called me one morning and said he was home alone. He said his family would be gone all day. He invited me for some xxx porn. It was my only access to movies and wouldnt pass it up. He had a plan when he called to make something happen. I showed up to find him in only sweats. He locked the door behind me directing me to the front room. We sat on different couches to start. He put in a movie and he began. First it was about sex and the porn which lead to whst we use to do as kids. Scared of a negative reaction I played dumb claiming not to remember. I actually did but unsure of his motivation, lied. I think he knew. He changed topics back to sex and girls. It was all so stimulating I was rock hard in my shortd the whole time. By now it was hours. I was a horny 14yo kid. I was by now consumed with desire. He made his move steering the conversation.
He asked if I was horny and hard like he was. I answered of course casually wondering why. He said he didnt believe me and wanted to see it hard. I hesitated not answering. He saw and said he would show me his if I showed mine. I said ok but he goes first. I sat on my couch as he stood up and pulled down his sweats. I didnt know what to expect and looked eagerly. I initially was shocked and worried. He revealed a penis much bigger then mine. It was so hard it stood straight up against his stomach. It was curved upward longer and thicker than mine. He pulled it straight so I could see it. He stood that way a few minutes before popping it back in and saying my turn. He walked over to me looking straight down at my cock, waiting. I was a bit reluctant to pull out my much smaller penis. I feared disapproval. I studdored pulling at my shorts. He pulled them down to see what I had. He stared reassuring me with his approval. I was rock hard and he told me it looked really hard.
He stood over me and asked if he could touch it. I agreed quickly feeling a fantasy about to happen. He grabbed it carressing me and telling me to sit down. He played with me squeezing and lightly running his hands the length of my shaft. I was so hard evrytime it felt good I flexed making my dick twich. He said he could feel it getting harder in his hand. After awhile he stopped and said we should just jack off to the porn. I wasnt ready to stop cause I still hadnt got my hands on his dick yet. I suggested we jack each other off instead. He agreed and said him first. I was a little worried he might not hold up his end of the deal.
I focused on the task at hand. I felt on his massive cock exploring its length and feel. He coached me, telling me to squeeze harder and when to speed up. I followed his lead and soon he was saying to not stop. I felt the stiffness of his dick as he began to ejaculate. It flew straight up and down on him and my hand. I felt the warmth of it as it flowed on my hand and in between it. The sound got louder as I stroked him past his orgasm. He sat up and grabbed me. He stroked me with the purpose of pleasing me and well. I groaned with every pump he gave me. I was worked up by this unexpected event. Quickly I was gasping in anticipation of ejaculating. I was proud of my impressive orgasm, it was larger than his. It was an enjoyable first.

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