My Tall, Dark, And Handsome Stranger Of the Night

Author: Marco Porno

It happened just a few years ago when I was traveling throughout Eastern Europe on holiday. I’ve always wanted to experience new cultures and far off places and I chose Eastern Europe as being a good place to start. I was an average looking kind of guy, right out of college, and who had finally decided that Romania would be one of the haunts that I wish to see. So, I simply packed my bags, checked my valid passport, and then headed off for SFO to buy a one-month long round trip ticket for the land of vampires and werewolves.

After two weeks in, I was staying at a quaint village tavern house called “Lupu Vinzuină” (The Lone Wolf) near the Transylvania border that I decided to go for a late night walk and sample the fresh scenery before me. The tavern keeper became very worried by my decision and warned me…
“Since the fall of Communism, the ancient spirits of the undead have returned and now roam the countryside at night seeking lustful revenge on the innocent who dare to venture alone.”
I kindly reminded him that I was a big boy and such idle folk tales wouldn’t even scare me if they were true so I went on my merry little way.

The harvest full moon was so radiant with a brilliant luster of pale orange/red from the bonfires aglow throughout the ancient countryside, while rich aromas of different scents of smoldering timbers impregnated the cool autumn air around me. As I calmly listened to the soft rustle of multi-colored leaves underneath my Sketchers, I made my carefree way up the single-lane cobblestone road towards the nearby hill. This all-serene country life that I was experiencing was something that I really could get use to due to the hustle and bustle of city life back in the states.

It was not long until I finally reached the hilltop looking over the dimly-lit village and where I accidentally stumbled across a series of old ruins. But from my first vantage point on the roadside, they looked like some kind of deconsecrated abbey or monastery discarded when the Communists ruled the country. And right next to the hallowed out religious structure laid a series of monoliths marking the dead of centuries long past. They were an eternal testament that even though government’s change hands that their departed lives were immortal forever.

As I slowly walked amongst the moss-scarred tombstones, I then came upon an old vaulted mausoleum in the heart of the cemetery. It had a mediæval/gothic style, but what amazed me more was that I could see a small flicker of candlelight from inside. Thinking that it may be some local who had taken nightly refuge in the place; so, I slowly crept up to the entrance to make my presence known. I stood on the front landing, calmly peered into the crypt, and said…

Suddenly, a large swarm of bats came flying out of the main entrance and knocked me down on the leaf covered ground. In my brief daze, I was able to quickly recover and saw “Him” standing there on the landing. He was casually dressed in a dark colored turtleneck with faded black jeans. But, what was most alluring about him was his rich and dark Romanian physique that appealed to me the most. His piercing black eyes were ablaze with the hunger of a half-crazed wolf that glistened from the blood-red specks in the full moonlight. I was truly spellbound from that moment on.

We spoke not a single word at first as he silently glared down at the enlarged bulge concealed inside my muddy denims. I too stared up at his well-endowed manly bulge that seemed to grow ever so larger with each single beat of my heart. He quickly gave me a sly grin and merely walked over to help me up.
“Alo…” I quickly brushed off the mud and leaf debris with embarrassment! “My name is Marco Porno from America. Do you speak English?”
“Desigur…” as the handsome stranger answered back with a sweet Romanian flare! “Yes, I do speak very good Anglish…! My name is Lucien, Lucien Demetri Dumitrescu, and what brings you out at this time of night?”
“Well, you might just say that I’m soaking up some of the local culture so to let out all that bad San Fran city air.”
“I’m sure the villagers down below warned you that it’s not safe to venture alone at night. Who knows whom or what you will meet up with?”
“I think that I can truly handle any unforeseen situation when it arrives,” as I gave him quick pat on his tight, muscular rear-end with a coy smile.
“Then, you‘re a real man of mystery like myself?”

Lucien politely invited me over towards the mausoleum’s stone steps so we can sit down and get to know each other better. He told me that he was of ancient royal blood, fled Romania during the Communist regime to Austria, and stayed there until his homeland was finally free once more. I casually told him that I had just graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in Ancient European History with a minor in foreign language and was here on holiday to see it all for myself.
“So, are you finding Romania more alluring than you thought,” as he spoke with a haunting passion that could split my jean crotch seams?
“Ah…Yes…umm…I mean…everyone here is so very friendly that I’m sure my trip will be the most fulfilling one indeed!”
And, I seductively licked my lips with a quick glance at his massive growing crotch below.

Lucien calmly placed his masculine hand on my firm leg and stroked it ever so tenderly just like petting a cat. My engorged cock grew harder with each stroke just wanting to release it and let my cum fly into the cool night air. Lucien too knew that I was in dire heat and gently traced his fingers along the rigid outline of my long meaty cock now concealed in the denims. I simply closed my eyes and let out such a lustful sigh of sheer ecstasy. He knew how to get me aroused and yet we had only met this very night.

I slowly opened my eyes and quietly placed my hand on his jean-covered rock hard manhood. I could feel his blood-gorged cock pulsated heavily just waiting for my warm mouth the swallow it whole and bring him to utter full climax. My bold horniness finally took over and fiercely pulled at his black denim jeans buttons as they went…
“Pop, Pop, Pop…!”

Within a mere flash, I saw the most glorious uncut piece of horseflesh that I’ve laid eyes on before? My erotic suspense was assured when his massive 12-incher sprang straight up from its silken black pubic lair inviting me to savor on its sweet juices. Lucien slyly smiled back at me with another look of animal magnetism and then calmly laid back ready for my hungry mouth to devour his meat whole.

In the past, I’ve often thought of myself as giving good head but this was truly a challenge indeed! He simply closed his eyes, gave out a growl, and waited for my hot, wet mouth to do its dirty work. I seductively tickled his meaty foreskin with the tip my tongue, as the sweet taste impelled me to do more. With one deep breath, I took him whole…all the way down to his thick shaft base. Lucien cried out like a horny wolf in dire heat while I went to work on him. Never had I ever experience such pleasure of a massive cock in my mouth before.

Up and down, slowly at first, and then I became a savage animal tormented into wanting his huge cock for my very own. I could feel that he was getting real close, as he bucked uncontrollably just waiting to explode deep in my mouth. However, this was not to be, for he had suddenly stopped me in cold rhythm.
“Nici,” as he reclaimed his composure! “No, I want to fill you up with my sweet male nectar like a virgin on her wedding night!”
“But, where can we go,” while still savoring the last pre-cum juices from his huge pulsating cock?
“In there,” as he turned his head with a sly smile and nodded towards the vaulted mausoleum! “I want to split you wide-open and feed you my throbbing tube steak in your tight, hot ass!”
“I haven’t been fucked for quite a while and I think your cock is way too big for me to handle?”
“I am a true master when it comes to fucking,” and Lucien seductively led me into the vault still under his spell of alluring manliness.

Once inside, there was a large white marble tomb in the center with a scatter of blood-red rose petals on its surface. He forcibly turned me around and viciously ripped off my jeans with one full tug. My now released erect 8-incher bounced up and down in the cool autumn night air as he knelt down and swallowed me whole. I knew from that very moment that he was the true master and I was his slave. I closed my eyes and let him do his very best to me. My well-hung hairy balls swung wide under his fierce sexual attack that I was receiving.
“Lucien! Take me! Take all of me! I am yours for the pleasure,” I erotically cried out in those wee early hours of the morning!

Lucien pushed me up on top of the tomb, threw my legs up over his shoulders, and rimmed my ass with his hot voracious mouth. But, he suddenly stopped for a brief moment, looked deep into my eyes with lustful evil admiration, and placed me in some kind of erotic trance.
“Marco,” he softly spoke in a mesmerizing tone! “You shall now experience what true love is like you have never had before!”
“I’m yours Lucien…Forever…!”

He calmly repositioned himself over me and then shoved his huge uncut dick deep into my butt hole, which would give me hours upon hours of non-stop fucking pleasure. Our pungent smells of hot male musk filled up the entire vault while he forcibly raped me over and over again. Our bodies intertwined to become one that very night. With one final deep thrust, Lucien gave out such a terrifying howl that summoned on a heart-stopping chorus of wolf calls from miles around.

Suddenly, I awoke from my night of hot passion and it was early morning. The bright sun’s rays beamed in from the main entrance but I could see no sign of Lucien anywhere? I called out for him and still there was no reply?
Was this just some erotic dream brought on by my lustful cravings for hot sex with a Romanian hunk, as I thought to myself while putting on my jeans?

Well, I slowly looked around the mausoleum to get my bearings again before leaving. At the head of the tomb bore a golden ornate candelabrum with melted wax residue on it. But, one thing I noticed was some Romanian Cyrillic letters edged on top of the tomb’s slab. I curiously leaned over, quickly brushed off the cum-moist rose petals with my hands, and to my startling surprise it had read…

Duce Lucien Demetri Dumitrescu
Născut: 07 Noiembrie 1758
Amorţit: ?

Pisica sfârşit!
(The End!)

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