The Storyteller

She was aware of them making drinks, taking more pictures and moving about the room. She just kept her eyes closed. She knew she had crossed a line, and there would be no stepping back to the other side.

She was untied and made to stand in the center of the room, with her hands on top of her head, legs spread wide.

She was told that the rings were not to come off, ever, and she stood there while the ends of the rings were soldered together. She could feel the hot glow of the soldering iron. He told her that she would return again on Saturday, and that he would keep her for the weekend. He told her that she was his slut and his slave and that Saturday she would be further decorated. Decorated in such a way that there would be no doubt as to what she was. She was told that she was not to wash the cum off of her body, she could shower only after her husband had licked her clean. She was only to get the cum out of her body by having him suck it out. She was made to say yes, Master, to all of his demands.

Her coat and shoes were put on her and he escorted her to the taxi. He leaned in and talked to the driver, then stood up and addressed her.

“You will suck this man off on the way home. To pay for your ride.”

And with that she was bundled into the front seat. The driver was already getting his cock out, and she layed with her head in his lap, and took him in her mouth. He managed to hold off until they got to the front of her house. While her husband stood on the front porch, this stranger grabbed her head and squirted his cum into her sucking mouth. Then he pulled his cock out and wiped it off on her face and in her hair.

She was sobbing as her husband ran down to help her into the house.
The message was there, on the screen. He walked her over to it.

“I have decorated the slut. I hope you like it. She is to return to me Saturday. She will be further decorated. Now you need to clean her. This is the end of Chapter Two.”

When he removed her coat he couldn’t believe his eyes. He stared, transfixed, at what he saw. She stood, silently sobbing, as he fingered the gold rings and the fresh welts. Then he began to lick her.

Part three

The rest of the week was surreal for her. Her husband took time off from work. The rings fascinated him, and he wanted to see them and play with them constantly. He made her stay naked, and he would toy with the rings until he got excited and he would fuck her while he pulled on them. Or make her suck him off. That was something they hardly ever did before. Once the pain of the rings began to fade, and the welts began to fade, she too was fascinated with the rings. She would stand in front of the mirror and stare at them and trace her fingers around them, and she would get excited. They fucked more in that week than in any previous six months. They began to fantasize about what he would do to her on the next visit, and when Saturday came she found herself actually getting excited at the thoughts of what he might do to her.

Although she dreaded the whippings she knew she would receive, the thought of being helplessly made to take them gave her a perverse pleasure, even though the whipping itself did not. Being made to fuck strange men excited her also, and having her husband suck the cum from these men out of her body made her giddy. She was being transformed into a sex slave, and rather than being appalled at the idea, she began to crave the feelings that her submission gave her. She wanted to sink down as far as she could, and wallow in it.

He sent her an outfit to wear. More of a toga really. A beautiful silk thing that wrapped around the front and tied with a sash. In the note that came with it he called it her slut dress. He told her that when she put this on, she would be fully aware that she was surrendering herself to him , that her body and her holes would be opened freely to him and to others. Her husband read the note to her, and helped her put it on. It was time to go.

A half an hour later, she was standing in his living room, removing the dress. She stood there naked in her high heels, hands on her head. Again he was not alone. The same man was there as before, and another man also….a huge, tattooed man.

She was blindfolded. A soft rope was being tied around the base of her tits, tightly, very tightly, and she could feel them bulging out until they felt like they would burst. Her wrists were now tied to her thighs, straight down her sides. Then, unbelievably, she felt herself being lifted by the rope around her tits, and she cried out. She was gagged and the lifting continued. She was dancing on her toes, trying to relieve the pressure, when her toes came off the ground. She was literally hanging by her tits. She heard him telling her to be as still as possible, and he was stopping her swinging, until she hung there, motionless, moaning and pleading behind the gag. She felt the first cut of the whip.

The only sounds in the room were the crack of the whip on soft female flesh, the creaking of the pulley above her head, and her screaming behind the gag. Slowly she swung back and forth as the whipping continued. Finally, she was lowered down, having been marked with a dozen fresh welts. Her blindfold was removed, and she saw a huge dildo protruding up from a bench. She was made to straddle the bench and squat, slowly engulfing the plastic cock. When she had it fully inside her, her feet were lifted off the floor. The cock began to vibrate.

Weighted snaps were hung on her nipple rings. Her labia rings were attached to small chains, the other ends of which were pulled down and fastened to the ropes that bound her ankles, pulling her cunt lips open. A collar was fastened around her neck, and a small chain was snapped to her clit ring and then to the collar. She began to move against the plastic monster that impaled her.

A loud buzzing in front of her caused her to open her eyes, and the huge man stood there, and buzzing in his hand was a tattoo gun, and he went to work on her. She lost track of how many times she came, the burning of the tattoo gun and the monster cock in her hole pushing her over the brink again and again.

When they were done, she was lifted off the bench. The chains on her labia rings were left to dangle against her thighs, and the weights still hung from her nipple rings. The mirror was brought before her again. She could not believe what they had done to her.

The word ‘slut’ was tattooed across one breast in bright red and blue ink. ‘Slave’ was across the other. Across her stomach were the words ‘cum slut’ and under that a picture of an erect cock with cum spurting out the end.

Just above her slit they had tattooed the words ‘hubby suck here’ with an arrow pointing to her gaping cunt. She cried as they gave high fives. Then they worked on her back. Four of the spurting cocks were put on her ass, with the heads of the cocks pointed at her asshole. Across the tops of her ass cheeks were the words ‘hubby lunch bucket’.

They fucked her. The tattoo man laid on his back, and made her grease up his huge cock, and impale herself in her ass. With her back to him, he made her sink down on his cock while he spanked her ass, and when she had taken his whole cock, he lifted her feet off the floor and held her there, lewdly impaled. Holding her ankles, he made her lift herself all the way up, the greasy cock popping from her ass. Then she had to reposition the head against her asshole and lower herself again. This time when she was fully impaled, he pulled her back onto his chest, and Master got between her spread legs and got into her cunt. The other man fucked her face. When they finished with her, Master put a butt plug in her ass and told her that they would all come in her ass before she left, and she would keep it all inside with the plug and take it home to hubby.

On Sunday morning, they again showed her the new tattoos. The tattoo man was readying his gear.

They cut off her hair, and shaved her head. ‘Cocksucker’ and ‘Cum Slut’ was tattooed on the top of her head. They shaved her eyebrows off and plucked her eyelashes. The hairs in her ass were plucked, and she was totally hairless. They took loads of pictures and emailed some of the better ones to her husband.

The ring gag was re-installed and they took turns fucking her in the ass. The plug was put in. Then she was flogged while she cleaned each filthy cock with her mouth.

She heard them talking. Tattoo man was saying he knew someone that could surgically remove her tongue and her teeth to make her a better cocksucker, and Master seemed very interested. She was slowly swinging in the center of the room, hanging by her tits. She didn’t care what they did to her, she was beyond that now. She wondered if her husband would like her new tattoos.

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