The Perfect Teacher : Chapter Two

Ok, Melody, now lay with your face between her legs, inside the O, and do the same with your legs. Great. Now I can eat your pussy, while you eat Crystal.”
“How do you know all this stuff?” Melody asked in amazement.
“Books and kinky girlfriends. I learned a lot from an English stewardess.”
“An English teacher,” Melody said with a giggle.
“Shut the fuck up and eat me,” Crystal hissed.

Simon reached up and toyed with Melody’s pussy, while watching her prepare to eat Crystal. She moved close, sniffed and looked Crystal’s pussy over carefully, then in sudden resignation she leaned forward and clamped her mouth over Crystal’s pussy. In no time at all she was moaning and licking. Her technique was not exactly advanced, but she was very energetic. Crystal seemed to be enjoying it. She was moaning around Simon’s large cock.

Crystal bobbed up and down on Simon’s cock. She could not fit the entire length into her mouth, from her present angle, but she could tell that he liked it. Each time her mouth dropped on his cock, his pelvis lurched up to meet her. But most off all, Crystal enjoyed the feeling of Melody’s mouth on her pussy. She had never believed that Melody would go through with it. And now that she had, they could enjoy each other constantly. Melody’s mouth was so hot on her swollen pussy lips. Her tongue darted everywhere. As she had with Simon, Crystal moved her pussy into the proper position so Melody’s tongue struck the area she wanted. It took some time, but soon Melody divided her time evenly between stimulating Crystal’s clit, and licking the swollen lips or tongue fucking her. As Melody fell into the routine, Crystal could concentrate on giving Simon more pleasure.

Simon lapped eagerly in Melody’s fragrant mound. With her large pussy open, it was easy to find her clit, stimulate the area at the very top of her pussy, or tongue fuck her for a while. Simon had learned Crystal’s lesson well. By following the pattern which Crystal had taught him, he had Melody squirming and gasping beneath him. He added his own stimulation by occasionally sealing his mouth over the crease between her legs and body and sucking the sensitive skin into his mouth, then pulling her leg forward and licking her ass for a while. Thanks to Crystal, he felt the need to explore.

“Oh, uhm, uhm, uhm,” Melody said, while munching on Crystal’s pussy. She sucked the fragrant skin into her mouth, while her tongue snaked in and out of Crystal. It seemed early, but Simon knew that Melody was coming. When he was sure that she was close, he sucked her clit into his lips and strummed it with his tongue. She gave out ever-increasing moans of pleasure until she stopped and gave a high-pitched scream. She bucked her pussy against his mouth, as her orgasm tore her loins apart. Momentarily forgetting Crystal, she rested her face against Crystal’s lower legs and groaned repeatedly, hunching her hot pussy against his mouth.

Simon gladly endured the wet attack on his face. He gladly took a beating from the hottest pussy in the school. Melody clamped her legs closed, capturing Simon’s face and holding it there, as her pussy hunched against it. She felt Simon’s tongue continue it’s flickering probe of her womanhood, as it spasmed and jerked against his captive face. Slowly she felt her loins twitching ineffectively, as her orgasm waned. She felt Simon pushing against her upper leg, and suddenly realized that she was suffocating him. Men had said that they would gladly die that way, not Simon almost had.

She let her legs spring open and looked down at Simon’s juice coated face. He had to breath through his mouth, because his nose as full of juice. Even his eyebrows were wet, giving him a slicked-down, drenched look that made her giggle.

“Do me,” Crystal hissed, reminding Melody that she was still hanging. Melody oopsed and reclaimed Crystal’s mound, but Simon pushed her away.

“Ride me,” he commanded, looking at Crystal. She put up no fight. In a moment she was sitting astride his body, and sliding down his massive pole. She gasped as his hot meat filled her void. Melody looked on in disappointment.

“Sit on my chest and suck he tits,” Simon commanded. Melody hurried to comply. By leaning forward, with her ass in Simon’s face, she could easily reach Crystal’s tits, but Crystal was bouncing up and down.
“Slide, Crystal, don’t bounce.”

“Won’t I break it off,” she asked with a giggle, slowly sliding forward and back. Her eyes bugged out as the massive piece of meat stirred her insides like a boom handle. In a moment she was sliding easily, while her upper half was still enough to allow Melody to feast on her breasts. Crystal found that by leaning forward a little, her clit was rubbing against Simon’s abdomen. She was getting very hot.

Simon clamped both hands onto Melody’s ass and licked it liberally. He was barely restraining his impending orgasm, and concentrating on her ass helped to prolong it. Besides, she had the hottest, sweetest ass he had ever licked.

But the fuck was just too good to prolong for long. In moments Crystal was panting and riding faster. Simon clenched his ass muscles, trying to hold back, but it was useless. He suddenly surged up off the bed, nearly throwing Melody to the floor, while his cock spurted fresh cum into the churning caldron of Crystal’s pussy. Her own juices mingled with his cum, heating up her loins immeasurably.

Crystal added her own screams to those of Simon. She humped desperately, trying to increase her stimulation before it was too late, then she froze, pumping her pussy against his rigid cock. Her body undulated, and she forced her pussy down against his pelvis. Her pussy spasmed and jerked around his stiff cock. Her muscles clamped and milked his hard meat for minutes, until she began to relax. He lay panting for breath, feeling his cock wilting inside of her.

She pulled off with a groan, and fell lifeless at his feet. Simon sat up on one elbow and looked from one tired girl to the other. “Wow,” he said in a whisper, admiring both naked beauties.

“Was that an A?” Crystal asked, looking at the ceiling.
“Oh, that was definitely an A,” he said, laughing.
“I vote that we go for extra credits,” Melody said, laughing.
Simon groaned and covered his face. That was his first mistake, he should have been protecting his groin. He looked down as two pairs of hands tried to claim it at once.
“Here we go again,” he said in a fatalistic tone.

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