The Perfect Teacher : Chapter Two

Author: Sch

Simon swished to a stop. He looked down the slope at the multi-colored swarms of people rhythmically swishing and swaying, some standing, and a few falling, all the way down the slope to the lodge, miles away. For all the fun and excitement, and all the beauty of the snow-covered slope, his mind was on Melody. He watched a matched set of babes, one blonde and a brunette, slowly angle past, giving him a frank, encouraging glance. One spoke to the other, they were Swedish. He smiled, but shook his head reluctantly. They laughed and speeded on down the hill, waving and calling as they went. If he was any kind of man, he would barrel down the hill after them and beg them to fuck him to death.

“Fuck this,” he said quietly to himself. Here he was in the middle of some of the most beautiful pussy on earth, and his thoughts were centered around an 18 year old high school brat who liked to dress up as Britney Spears. How pathetic, he scoffed at himself. He turned and started down the hill. He swayed slightly from side to side, but basically he headed straight down the hill, ready to call it a day. He wanted to go home. He wanted to fuck Melody and her faithful sidekick, whoever that might be. The very thought of it had his cock embarrassingly hard. He passed the two girls. One noticed the tent at the front of his pants and giggled, speaking to the other in Swedish. They probably thought the hard-on was for them. He wished that it was, he wouldn’t be heading home on an absolutely beautiful Saturday night.

“The little dick teaser,” he scoffed at himself. He was acting like such a loser. No, he was acting like a man possessed. The slopes were full of beautiful adult and highly- interesting girls. The rich, super models, stewardesses, and just plain beautiful women, dotted the slopes in the hundreds. But they were not what he wanted. He knew what he wanted and where to find it. It was back home.

Simon kicked off his skies, clipped them into the temporary holder on his trunk, and changed shoes, while further derating himself. What would she think if he went crawling back after just 24 hours? If she knew how badly he wanted her, she would have him over a barrel. So what should he do? He paused, lost in thought even though his shoes were tied and ready? He cursed silently as he pulled his feet into the car and slammed the door. In a moment the multicolored sports car was heading down the icy, treacherous road at breakneck speeds.

At 1:37 AM a flashlight glinted in the window of the high school office then disappeared. It briefly flashed on the opposite wall, then again disappeared. It momentarily outlined a dark figure leaning over a file cabinet containing student information, before it went out completely.
If there had been anyone watching, they would have seen a multicolored Austin Healy sprint out of the teacher’s parking lot and disappear, heading north.

“Melody, are you ready for church?”
“No, mom, I can’t find clothes to wear. You have to go without me.”
“Again? You had an excuse last Sunday. No excuses next week, young lady. Do you hear me?”
“Yes mom,” Melody said as she laid on her bed and looked out at the barren autumn landscape. It was so drab in the fall. All the leaves were gone and there was nothing to see in the distant hills but more naked trees.

She kicked her feet, with her knees bent, thinking about the very eventful week. Friday had been so much fun. Now she had just a few more hours before she would have the most exciting time of her young life. Crystal was ready and willing. It had taken a lot for Melody to ask her, but she was as interested in rasing her grade as Melody. Or so she said. Melody believed that she was just interested in getting into Melody’s pants. She had seen that look before, but only with boys. Crystal was a friggin lesbian, there was no doubt about it. The very thought made her shiver in delicious anticipation. There was no greater compliment in the world, than having another, desirable woman trying to get into your pants.

Melody raised her head up off her hands when she saw her mother leaving. Her mother paused at the car door, out in the street, and looked at Melody’s window. Melody ducked, laying her chin on the bed. She chewed her gum and waited for her mother to leave. When she looked back up, their car was gone.

Melody watched a flock of ducks winging their way south. Somewhere in the neighborhood a lawnmower started. What was there to mow? Her yard was totally dead.

Melody’s head popped up when she saw a familiar car pull up out front and stop. She tried to remember where she had seen the car. Suddenly Mr. Adams words came back to her.
“I have one of the first 600 Austin Healy convertibles to roll off the assembly line…”
Now, there was a green and white striped Austin Healy parked in front of the house. It was a convertible. Daylight glinted off the car windows, so she couldn’t see who was inside. Coincidence?
Melody shot up off the bed and opened her window. She pushed her head out and waved. The car window opened to reveal Mr. Adams. He waved in return and beckoned her out. In five minutes she was sitting in the passenger’s seat, and they were heading for Crystal’s house.

“Anybody want a drink?” Simon asked, looking at the two girls. He was nervous, but it was obvious that they were even more nervous.
“Do you have Cutty Sark and water?” Melody asked brightly.
“No, but I have coke and water.”
“Oh, just coke is fine,” she said in disappointment.

“Same here,” Crystal said. She had a peculiar “pudgy” type of girlish face that was both fascinating and cute. She would never be considered beautiful, but she was definitely cute as hell. Simon was intrigued. If he could get a piece of her, he would consider himself lucky. But he had a feeling that Crystal was not interested in men. He would see.
“So, Crystal, how did Melody ever talk you into this?” he asked with a smile as he handed her the can.
“I like Melody,” she said with a shy glance at Melody, before opening the can and taking a sip.
“And she talked you into having a lesbian affair, just because you like her?”
“I think it’s the other way around,” she said shyly. Melody giggled and saluted Crystal with her can of coke.

“My God, you girls are so sexy. It’s all I could think of while I was gone.” He paused, thinking for a moment. What was the best way to break through inhibitions, the best way to get the ball rolling?
“Ok, enough small talk, let’s fuck,” he said with a laugh. “Everybody upstairs,” he pushed them toward the hallway. Crystal made a grab for her can, before he pushed her out of the room. Melody laughed and hugged Crystal close to her. They ran hip to hip up the stairs ahead of him.
Simon watched the pair of sweet teen asses proceed him up the stairs. He was getting a peep show every time their short skirts swished from side to side. His cock was achingly hard, once he reached the top. He pointed out the bathroom, before ushering them into the bedroom.
Melody, bless her, wasted no time. She dove onto the bed, bounced slightly, and began tearing off clothing. Crystal watched in amusement for a moment, then turned and sat on the edge of the bed. She pulled off her striped blouse, revealing a set of large breasts encased in a white lace bra.
“Wow,” Simon said in gratitude. Melody looked around Crystal’s body and reaching out, pulled one massive breast from her bra.

“Nice,” she said in appreciation. “And there’s one for each of us,” she said teasingly, looking at Simon.
“Convenient,” he nodded, sitting on the end of the bed. He divided his attention between Melody, who was pulling off her stockings, and Crystal, who reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra.

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