Riding the Javelin

Author: David Shaw

The best fun I had at school was when I got in with Jodi Malenger’s gang. This was in England, way back, but Jodi wasn’t English, he’d been born in Estonia or somewhere like that and his family had moved over when he was young.

Anyway, wherever he was from, he was the toughest and cleverest kid I’d ever met and anybody lucky enough to hang out with him was guaranteed plenty of fun. Partly because his family was well off, but mainly because Jodi seemed to be able to get away with anything where girls were concerned. You could take the poshest, most stuck up bitch in the school, and she’d like nothing better than being dragged off somewhere by Jodi. What’s more, most of them didn’t seem to care much if his friends tagged along with him. But what really showed me how good Jodi was happened one afternoon when we had Linda Beresford trapped in the gymn store room at school.

We’d been after her for quite a while, and she knew it as well as we did. She was a plump little half pint of a blonde who giggled a lot, especially when Jodi goosed her. This particular afternoon we’d seen her hanging around down the gymn area just as everybody was leaving. Now she must have known that Jodi had bribed the caretaker into giving us a spare set of keys for that area; every other kid in the school certainly knew it. She must have known as well that to hang around near the sports storeroom at the end of the day was tempting fate. If you were in that corridor when the last bell went, and you happened to be a halfway decent looking girl, then it was trapping territory. Jodi would suddenly appear at one end of the corridor and two more of his gang would come around the opposite corner at the same moment.

One minute later the storeroom door would be unlocked and the girl — or girls — would find themselves on the other side of it. Then the door was locked and the squealing began. But this time we got careless and didn’t lock the door as soon as we should have done.

It was Linda’s fault. She’d obviously been waiting a while for a chance to be the center of attention and she was really stacking on the drama as we ruffled her feathers. Every time a hand grabbed her there was more noise than a cat fight. Not that it stopped her giving us coy “come on” looks from underneath her disarranged hair as she weighed the opposition up. In fact she had unusually heavy odds to face that day because there were five of us there. Jodi was the one who really mattered though — short and broad shouldered, with the face of an angel and the mind of a sewer rat. The rest of us just followed whatever he did.

There was Will, the biggest and oldest of us all, not very bright, but always strong and willing. Micky and Jacko were both highly respected in the school because they’d fight anybody any time. I was there because I was pretty handy with my own fists. And each of us would have followed Jodi into just about any situation. Incidentally, my name’s Andy.

Anyway, we’d made a circle around Linda to give her some heavy petting, just as an introduction. She was making it more sporting by trying to keep pushing our hands away, although with odds of two against ten most of the grabs getting past her defenses, which was why she was making so much noise. After a few minutes though she changed her tactics and just stood there, giggling and telling us we’d better let her go or else we’d be in trouble.

Fat chance. Standing there with her ripe little figure neatly fitted out in a white shirt and short brown skirt she looked good enough to eat. Mind you, she was a lot less neater than she had been, with her shirt half pulled out and her tits hefted around so much they’d just about popped out of her bra cups. We’d soon finish that job off anyway, that was for sure.

“OK, boys, let’s try for three falls and a submission.” Jodi said.

“What are you doing?” Linda asked as Jacko and Will walked her across the store room.

It was a pretty stupid question because she was being taken towards a pile of judo mats that had been stacked in the middle of the room and it was obvious what they were there for. And, again, I would have been surprised if Linda hadn’t heard stories about some of the past performances of the top of those mats. As Jodi had said, there’d certainly been plenty of submissions on top of them.

One of the most satisfying of them had been by Miss snooty nose-in-the air Janet Saunders, the head girl. She’d been photographed stretched out on top of the mats without a stitch on, giving everybody a demonstration of how to sixty nine with the boy underneath her. Jodi, in point of fact, but you couldn’t see much of him except his cock, with Janet frantically licking away at it as if it was a melting ice cream cone.

Oddly, it was Will who’d provided the finishing touch. In some dusty corner of the room he’d found a bundle of paper union jacks on sticks, probably meant to be waved around by the school kids during some long forgotten royal visit to the town. He’d finally found a use for one of the flags by pushing the stick up Janet’s bum, then making her carry on with Jodi while we snapped her with a cock at one end and the flag flying at the other one. A very embarrassed girl she’d been, and she had to do some more very embarrassing things to keep that photo safely hidden away.

Anyway, to get back to what I’m telling you about, Linda was stood at the side of the mats. She was doing a lot of heavy breathing but she wasn’t screaming, or crying either, so it was on to the next round. Jodi sat down on the mats in front of her before reaching out with skilled hands to unhook and unzip her skirt. Linda made a few more protests, just for the record, then decided to shut up as her skirt fell down. Of course this wasn’t the first time we admired her bared legs, we’d seen them plenty of times before when the girls had been playing netball. But this time we were going to see a lot more than just her legs. We told her that as well as we gave her another good touching up.

Micky and I had a bum cheek each to play with, whilst Will and Jacko swooped onto her tits as their own special areas of interest. Jodi put his hand down between her thighs, below the gusset of the briefs — just below, yet not quite touching.

“Bend your knees, Linda.”

She gave out a higher pitched squeal than anything she’d yet managed, then lowered her quim half an inch onto his fingertips as if she was getting into a hot bath. Like they say, a bird in the hand is worth having — and by the time she gets to that stage she’s certainly going to be had. Anyway, that meant the preliminaries were over. Linda Beresford was showing every signs of having joined in the spirit of the party and panting as Jodi made himself at home.

“Oh, God, you’re going to do it to me, aren’t you?”

Jodi rubbed her with his fingers in a way which had her wriggling like a dog having its stomach scratched.

“No, girl, you’re going to do it to us. But if you’re really nice about it we may give you some good fucking on top of these mats as well. We’ve got plenty of frenchies and we don’t care how many you use up.”

Jodi was speaking as if he was almost bored.

“Strip her off and throw her on top of the mats. Let her keep her shoes on though. I know her legs are in the right position for a good shag when the laces are hanging straight down.”

Getting a giggling Linda out of her shirt was a job nobody minded lending a hand with. Especially as we managed to finally bounce her starboard tit clear out of its cup in the process. The plump mound of white freckled flesh was lifted high up on top of the now redundant tit harness, showing off a nipple that looked as hard as walnut and felt as hard as one when I nipped it between my fingers. Linda called me a randy bastard and that made everybody grin.

Will unhooked her bra and threw it away. Jodi stood her aside his legs before hauling both of her tits down to his mouth, giving them a good kneading and some playful bites. Linda’s eyes seemed to be rolling around in their sockets, pretending to be so distressed but making sure we were all watching her being treated like that. I reckoned it was exactly what she’d been waiting for ever since she’d hung around in the corridor.

“I’ll make her tits shake more than that when she’s riding on my cock,” Jacko promised loudly, with Linda quivering in response as though electric shocks were going up and down her spine.

“Drop them for us, you little prick teaser,” Jacko demanded, and Jodi nodded his head in agreement.

With practically no hesitation at all Linda slipped her hands into the sides of her briefs and pushed them down as far as she could, which wasn’t far since she was standing straddle legged, but far enough for us to see everything that mattered. She had quite a nest of light brown hair down below, a physical detail which was quickly covered by Jodi’s right palm as he fingered her. The rest of backed up his good work by grabbing whatever we could. Linda threw her head back, saying “Shit! shit! shit!” until Will put his lips on hers and gave her a taste of his tongue.

“I think we’ve got a hot one here,” Jacko said.

It was a pretty fair statement because Linda’s hands were darting around like butterflies, stroking Jodi’s arm that was fingering her, running over Will’s head as he tongued her. It was just then that I heard a female gasp of outrage and it certainly couldn’t have come from Linda. We spun around and gaped at the teacher who was standing next to the mats, watching everything that was going on with eyes bulging out like a dead cod’s on a fishmonger’s slab.

Mrs Dunkley her name was, an English teacher, but not a very good one. I mean, she knew all about her subject but she’d been away from teaching for a long time and the schools she been at before must have been much better behaved ones than ours, because she was piss weak at enforcing discipline. She’d only been at our educational slum for a month or so but we’d really made things difficult for her in every class she’d taken with us. Ma Dunkley was what Jodi called her and, naturally, he’d caused her more trouble than the rest of us put together.

Yet there was one thing about her which did have all our interest. Well, two things in fact. She wasn’t the flashy type, being middle aged and pretty quiet, but she wore tight sweaters all the time and underneath those sweaters were the biggest set of tits we’d ever seen. No arguments about them being padding either — no padding ever made could have swayed around as enticingly as those two mounds did. Apart from that she was dark haired and dark skinned, with just a wisp of hair on her upper lip. Italian or Greek blood in the family perhaps, with a good full arse that twitched along underneath her pleated skirts almost as nicely as her bazoons bounced on ahead.

Another thing we’d all noticed about her was that in anything except high summer she always wore boots which reached up almost to her knees. There had been a lot of speculation about those boots and whether maybe she was sexier than she let on, wedding ring or no wedding ring.

So, there we were and there she was, and the shit had fallen into the muck spreader alright. As soon as she’d reported this little lot we’d all be on our way to a police court and probably Borstal institutions. And that’s what might have happened if Jodi hadn’t been there. Because Jodi was always fast, always dangerous and a born leader. Whilst the rest of us were still too stunned to react he was moving, pushing Linda away so hard she would have fallen if we hadn’t been clustered so closely around her. Then I almost went over myself as he knocked me out of the way, heading towards the opened door.

For a second, just for a second, I wondered if he was running away. But even before the thought was formed I saw him slam the door closed and turn the key in the lock, the thing we should have thought to have done first before we got started on Linda. Yet what he did next had me totally confused because he disappeared out of sight behind a storage rack, taking the door key with him.

Which left the rest of us hanging around like non speaking extras in a play after the main character has disappeared down a stage trapdoor. Linda was the only one who could think of anything positive to do, by pulling up her knickers.

Under any other circumstances I would have been laughing at the expression on her face. Linda Beresford did not look like a girl duly grateful for being saved from a terrible fate at the hands — and dicks — of a bunch of hooligan boys: she looked more like a gymnkhana rider whose horse had gone sprawling at the first fence; lots of exertion, lots of build up, but no jumps. Though Ma Dunkley distracted my attention quickly enough with an angry shout.

“Malenger, come back here!”

Well, he did, back out from behind that storage rack as quickly as he’d gone behind it. And in his hand was a javelin. Which, just in case English is your second language, is a metal spear with rather a sharp point at one end. People with nothing better to do go out on an athletics field to see how far they can throw them. Another fun recreational thing you can also do with the sharp end of a javelin is to stick it into a big tit. If you want to attract the attention of the owner of the aforementioned big tit, I can assure you that it’s an effective way of doing so.

“Back! Back against the wall, you fat bitch!”

I was thinking to myself, “This is crazy, we can’t do this to a teacher”, but it was happening anyway, as things always seemed to do when Jodi wanted them to. Ma Dunkley took two steps backwards under the pressure of the javelin’s tip, then tried to stand her ground.

“Malenger, you must be mad! Put that down at once.”

Well, and so he did. He leaned forward, dropped the javelin’s point and pushed it forward straight between her knee high boots.

“Come on you useless bastards, give her a lift,” he called out to us.

Ma Dunkley didn’t understand what he meant but we did, because another thing you can do with a javelin for fun and profit is to use it to persuade a girl to see things your way. Remember I mentioned a certain Janet Saunders as an excellent example of a enthusiastic female submission? Well, it had been a ride around the store room on a javelin which had quickly and easily brought her to that way of thinking. But to do it to a teacher …

“Come on!” Jodi urged, and so we did. What the hell, it had to be worth whatever trouble it eventually got us into. So I grabbed the point behind her and Micky took hold of it as well, while Jacko helped Jodi in front.

That was all there was room for, four pairs of hands, but it was plenty. We lifted the javelin nice and level, straight up between Ma Dunkley’s legs, hoisting her pleated skirt in big folds in front and behind her. Then we got her weight on top of the javelin and raised it up higher yet, until she was on the toes of her boots. She shrieked like a factory whistle spitting out steam, leaning forward over her rucked up skirt to grab the javelin through the folds, holding on next to Jacko’s and Jodi’s hands as she desperately tried to lift herself above the metal shaft. I could understand why — it must have been a rough experience to have your cunt split apart on something like that.

“Walk her!”

Well, walking her isn’t quite what happens. The point is that if you lift the rider high enough she can’t walk, and she can’t rest her weight on the ground, it’s all pressing down on those soft sensitive areas between the inner thighs and that round strip of aluminum. The javelin bowed underneath Ma Dunkley’s weight but it didn’t stop us from lifting her right off the floor and taking several shuffling steps as she swayed from side to side, screaming out in fear and pain as she found out she was balanced on the next worst thing to a knife edge.

“Oh God, oh God, stop it please! Please — please — please!”

“Down with her. On her tiptoes though, that’s all. Will, you take my place here.”

So there was the scene, Mrs Dunkley with her skirt piled up, legs straight and clamped hard together, bent forward from the waist and still clutching onto the javelin. She smelt nice — rosewater, maybe. There was white flecks in the tightly stretched gray sweater. Her bra straps were clearly visible through the material and I cursed my bad luck in being behind her, instead of in front with Will and Jacko. I could see them gloating at the sight of her big bristols being squeezed into view between her straightened arms. Still, we had a consolation view of her legs, partially revealed by the upraised skirt. Lots of smoothly rounded flesh all nicely wrapped up in dark pantyhose.

“Malenger — Jodi. Please, this is silly.”

No doubt about her tone , she wasn’t demanding anything now, she was asking us not to hurt her anymore. And we all knew that one or two more quick rides would have the teacher begging to do something else — anything at all. My imagination went into overdrive at the thought of having those legs wrapped around me and those tits in my hands. In an instant my cock was as rigid as the javelin.

“Keep her like that,” Jodi snapped.

Still moving as quickly as a striking ferret, he reached out to Ma Dunkley and gave one of her earrings a sharp tug, making her cry out again.

“What do you think about that, Mrs Dunkley? One of the girls you’re supposed to be looking after and here she is in a storeroom showing a bunch of boys everything she’s got. However did that happen?”

“I don’t know.” She was answering quietly, and quickly. What with one thing and another I guess there wasn’t much choice. We all knew Jodi would twist Ma Dunkley’s ear or ride her on the javelin again if she tried to talk back to him.

“I was walking along the corridor and I heard the noise, so I came in.”

Jodi put his other hand on the nape of her neck, underneath her long black hair, and gently massaged her neck muscles.

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