Last Days of Walter Smith : Part 3 – Sweet Revenge

She nodded her head vigorously. “Oh, yes. I’d like to have your penis for lunch everyday.”

“Everyday? You used to say it wasn’t right, that you didn’t like it. You like it now?”

“I…yes, I…”

“Then tell me ‘I’m your cocksucking slut’. Tell me you’d like to rim me out after I’ve had a long workout at the gym.” She hesitated, causing him to raise his voice. “Tell me!”

She gulped, near tears. The Walter she had known, so easily dominated, had become a beast she couldn’t handle. She just stared at him, her lips grasping for words that wouldn’t come.

“Take off your clothes,” Walter commanded.

“Wouldn’t you like to go in the bedroom?” she pleaded.

“Now. And right here. Strip, cunt.” Slowly, and with only feigned enthusiasm, she took off her clothes. The dress had covered a lacy teddy, which the “Old Walter” might have glimpsed briefly, but never have seen laying on the floor. The “New Walter” stood and walked to her. She shivered in fear and anticipation. Walter gingerly lowered the straps and pulled the teddy to the floor. She stood naked and still quite beautiful, but frightened to move without a command. Walter stripped off his shirt, removing the binder clips from his pockets. Lena winced with pain as he attached them to her hard nipples. “I want you down on all fours, Lena. And I want you to bark like a dog.” She quickly did as she was told, probably preferring a quick humiliation over another throat reaming. Walter fashioned a leash out of her purse strap, walking her around the room, making her sit and beg, at which time she would be awarded with a taste of cock. He led her back to the kitchenette and had her lie across the dining room table. Her tight buttocks begged to be striped and he wasted no time laying in the lashes.

“Tell me, you twat, you cheated on me every chance you got, didn’t you?”

“Yes, yes, I cheated,” she answered, as he administered a lick that left a red mark on her ass.

“You offered up your pussy to men for money, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I would do anything for money,” she cried, as Walter left another mark across her legs.

“You sucked cock, you licked ass, you went out in public dressed like a hooker?”

“Yes, I did whatever I had to do to get the money,” she whimpered, as the leather strap landed on her back.

“You took it in the ass?”

“No! No! I never took it in the ass! I wouldn’t!”

“You wouldn’t take it in the ass?”

“I…I never…”

Walter looked in the open refrigerator. Removing the margarine tub from the door, he slammed it shut. He walked around the table so her teary eyes could see what he was doing. He removed the lid and threw it into the sink before plunging his prick into the yellow spread. Her eyes widened as she saw the size his cock had become again, knowing where it would soon be. As he walked behind her, he told her, “Beg for it.”

Pretending she didn’t know why, Lena sniffed, “Beg for what?”

Walter hissed, “Beg me…to fuck you in the ass.”

“Beg you?”

“Beg me. And then I will.”

“But I don’t…”

“Well, then, I’ll leave now,” Walter shrugged, walking towards his clothes.

“No! No! I want you to!”

“You want me to what?”

“I want you to…fuck me in the ass.”

“And say ‘please’,” Walter added, as he looked into her wide open eyes.

“Please…fuck me in the ass.” Walter walked behind her and inspected her back door. The brown eye twitched as his cock approached. He hesitated, recording the moment as a memory to be re-played in the short remainder of his life. Sensing he was losing interest, Lena reached back and spread her cheeks with her hands. “Please fuck me in the ass,” she begged, and then added with more conviction, “I am your anal whore.”

Walter smiled, knowing he had already extracted his revenge from this toxic bitch, but realized he’d be a fool to let an opportunity like this pass. Pressing his cock head against her dry butthole, he pushed the length of himself into her poop chute, enjoying the friction of the hump. Lena moved her hips from side to side trying to accommodate his meat, as he began to pull all the way out and plunge all the way back in with every stroke.

“Say it, bitch,” he hissed.

“Fuck my ass, Walter! Fuck me like the whore that I am!”

“Tell me you like it.”

“I love your cock in my ass, Walter! Pump your spunk into me!”

A moment like this could have gone on forever and not been enough, but Walter was already losing interest in this cunt he had once been in love with.
He pulled his slick cock out of her ass and walked around the table.

“Clean it up, you come-guzzling truck stop whore,” he said, slipping his dick in her mouth when she opened it to protest. A couple of quick thrusts produced a river of spew that she gobbled down without protest. She collapsed in exhaustion when he finished, not even looking up as he pulled on his shirt and pants.

Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a one-hundred dollar bill and walked around the table. With his index finger, he pushed it into her ass. As he threw his jacket over his arm, he headed for the door.

“Maybe the next guy you fuck can come into money,” Walter laughed, as he pulled the door closed behind him.

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