Intelligent Life

Long before Diana was ready for weaning, in fact only a month after her birth, Sandra woke one morning feeling particularly randy, and noticed Keith’s prick was rigid. That made her feel even more keen on a sexual session. She knew that she could bring him off with her hands and he would do the same for her; they had done that lots of times during her pregnancy. Now she was completely reconciled to the fact that they would probably never see their loved ones again, and she was ready to commit herself completely to Keith. She was less sure about him, so she had been shy of initiating any further intimacy, quite apart from the problem of children.

With no access to any form of artificial birth control, there would always be a risk if they had full sex, and Sandra didn’t know whether she wanted more children in this environment. On the one hand it would be good for Diana to have siblings around her as she grew up, but was it right to bring children into this captivity?

Sandra sighed a little as she crossed the cell to the other ledge, where Diana was just waking. Taking the baby up, she fed her and cleaned her up with some of the water. Once again she regretted never having made the aliens understand her need for cloths to clean the baby with. Diana burped contentedly and soon went back to sleep.

Satisfied that they would be undisturbed for some time, Sandra turned back to where Keith was lying on his back with his prick standing proud as a flagpole. Kneeling beside the ledge, very gently she started to feel him up. Whenever he stirred she let go of his member and let him slip back into sleep.

Gaining confidence, she climbed on to the ledge, straddled his knees and lowered her head to licked at the purple glans of the throbbing penis and got a happy, “Ummm errmmm” from the sleeping Keith. Slowly, advancing a little at a time, she went a little further, licking and eventually taking him deep into her throat. She remembered that James had always liked it when she woke him like that, but it was more difficult with Keith, because he was noticeably bigger and thicker. For herself, she realised that her pussy was lubricating itself thoroughly in anticipation of receiving a prick for the first time in months.

Feeling totally certain that her husband was lost to her for ever, Sandra summoned up her courage and moved herself further up his body until his now rigid member was positioned just at the dripping entrance to her vagina. With a single swift downward lunge she impaled herself on the most glorious prick she had ever felt.

After she had indulged herself in a few ecstatic slow pushes and pulls, Keith’s eyes fluttered open with a devious grin. As Sandra was pulling up he rammed himself upwards, deep within her inmost recesses, taking her by surprise. She moaned with pleasure and threw her head back. Seeing the pleasure his partner was taking only pushed him onwards to try other things he had dreamed about for days now.

Grabbing her hips, he began to thrust himself faster in and out of her scalding wetness. A vague thought that the aliens were probably watching them only turned her on more. As her eyes strayed towards the wall they thought was fitted with a camera, Keith flipped her on to her back, grabbing her milk-heavy breasts and squeezing them until the last of her milk sprayed from her nipples.

Harder and harder Keith pounded into Sandra’s willing cunt. Months of pent-up desire had been stoked rather than diminished by their manual pleasures, and now he had what he had desired for so long. Sandra was impaled on his manhood, and best of all, she had initiated it.

Sandra felt him pulling and pushing with more force each time, sending her to a higher plane of pleasure than she could ever remember. Joyfully, she wrapped her legs about his waist and her arms around his neck, kicking his buttocks to encourage him to go deeper.

Then he rose up and he started to lift her without allowing the intimacy to end. Soon he was standing, walking round the cell, pumping in and out of her like a piston. As he did so their lips met with all the passion and force they could muster, and they staggered across the cell until Sandra’s back was jammed on the viewing glass as Keith continued to thrust with all this strength.

Sandra moaned into his mouth as an orgasm took possession of her, but Keith was not done. Sliding down to the floor, he lay on top of her kissing and licking her milk soaked breasts without once missing a beat in his rhythmic pace. Sandra’s teeth and lips found his neck and ears, her fingernails glided across his back as she came again for a second time just in the same moment that Keith groaned and grunted, cumming explosively deep inside her, filling her with his life-giving seed.

As they lay on the floor in the aftermath of their joyous lovemaking, Sandra realised she had never felt so happy, never been so satisfied with life. She had finally found her true love, here in a cell. It mattered not to her that they were in a prison or a zoo or whatever; it mattered not that she would never be free to wander in a park. Here there were no jobs, no bills, no worries. For a moment she thought she could have as many children as she desired and all with the man of her dreams … She was eternally happy in that moment.

Of course, reality set in after a while, and Sandra knew that while she was a captive she could not contemplate another pregnancy; Keith agreed, they would have to be very careful. Unspoken between them was the fear that the aliens would separate them and put each of them in with a different partner in their silly, arbitrary way, but as the weeks went by it didn’t happen, and they began to think that the cell would be their entire existence.


Diana was, like any other baby, a fairly messy eater, especially as the aliens provided no bibs for her. When Sandra started her on a few solid foods some inevitably fell on the floor. Her mother had nothing to use to clean it up, but the cell was hosed out regularly each day, so it didn’t worry either of the adults much. Diana, in the way of all babies, was only interested in what she could get into her mouth; the overflow could go where it willed.

Then one morning Keith noticed that some of the food on the floor was gone, and another bit had apparently been nibbled at. He pointed this out to Sandra, and they soon concluded that whatever else this place was, it had mice, or the alien equivalent. That gave him something other than sex to occupy his time, and he spent a while planning how to catch one of these mice, and then how to build it a cage.

“It will be a pet for Diana,” he told Sandra.

“You great baby,” she said affectionately, “She won’t be able to understand having a pet for at least another three years. It’s you that wants one. Aren’t I enough for you?” she added, tweaking his penis as she said it.

Catching one of the creatures proved easier than Keith had ever imagined. All he needed to do was find where they got in, which proved to be a tiny hole in the wall under one of the bed ledges, and lay food beside the hole. Then after a few days of this, he slowly moved the bait of food a foot at a time until it was level with the edge of the ledge. When the ‘mouse’, which proved to be more like a lizard than a mouse, was used to eating there, Keith simply reached down from on the ledge and grabbed it.

A makeshift mouse cage made from one of the bed pallets worked fine, but it did mean that he and Sandra had to make do with a single pallet between them.

After a couple of days, the aliens seemed to think that the construction in one corner of the cage was of some significance, so several different materials were left in the cage. Keith quickly fashioned a suitable cage from some plastic sheets and string which gave the mouse plenty of room, but no escape, and yet enabled the humans to watch its antics when they fed it.

Suddenly the door opened one afternoon, long before feeding time, and a pair of aliens, the doctor and her mate, came to the cell doorway and looked in.

“I don’t like it,” said Keith, “What are they up to now?”

The cell door opened wide and the two aliens backed off, waving to them to come out.

“I don’t want to go,” said Sandra, “They are up to something. They always muzzle us and drag us out.”

“Yes, if they don’t trank us first,” agreed Keith.

Froxa came to the door and beckoned to Sandra, who retreated behind Keith.

“I Froxa. You come with. We sorry,” said the dominant female, “Please not hit us.”

Sandra and Keith were totally confused by this change of attitude. Previously the aliens had only used odd words of human speech to give orders. Now this alien was apologetic and pleading.

“What do you want?” asked Keith.

“Want to sorry,” said Froxa, “We wrong put you in here.”

“Damn right you were. What’s happened? Have the US Army whopped your arses, so it’s be nice to prisoners time?”

“I Frobl. Not much know of your talk,” replied the other alien, “But we learn. We sorry. We not know you clever. We never see clever hot animal. We never see big hot animal.”

“What? What do you mean?” asked Sandra.

“We not know you clever until put horxim in cage,” said Froxa slowly.

The aliens and humans just stared at each other and nobody moved for a while. It was Sandra who understood first, and she burst into peals of hysterical laughter so intense that she had to sit down.

“What is it, darling?” asked Keith.

When she got her breath back she explained it to him. The aliens had thought they were animals until they caught the ‘mouse’; then the aliens realised that humans were intelligent, civilised beings.

“After all, darling,” she said through fresh peals of laughter, “Only civilised beings keep other animals in cages … like they did to us!”

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