Intelligent Life

Returning her attention to the screen, she looked at the picture, but it was just a still photo of a man she didn’t recognise. Pressing the right arrow button changed the picture to another man she didn’t know. Pressing the left arrow changed it back to the previous man. Right brought up the second guy. Sandra looked up and realised that the aliens were watching her closely.

‘Some kind of test?’ she wondered, then it hit her, ‘Maybe I am to pick a man to share my cell, and my bed?’

Feverishly she clicked through the pictures, but didn’t recognise any of them; no Robert Redford, no Richard Geer, no Hugh Grant, just ordinary people, strangers and none any more or less appealing than the others. Then one picture caught Sandra’s eye as they flicked through on fast forward, achieved by holding one of the direction buttons down. She carefully backed up one frame at a time until he was on the screen again.

“Yes,” She breathed, “Yes!”

It was definitely Keith Cannon, her friend. She left the picture where it was and set the monitor on the ledge. One of the aliens reached out and changed the picture to the next one. Sandra changed it back. The alien changed it to the previous guy in the gallery, and again Sandra changed it to Keith. The alien took the monitor and switched it off. When Sandra tried to reach for it she got a whip waved at her for her trouble and the aliens all left. Nothing much happened, as usual, and after a while Sandra lay on the ledge and tried to doze, but it wasn’t easy after the sharp reminder of home that Keith’s picture represented.


Sandra woke when the door of her cell opened and two aliens came in carrying an unconscious naked man, whom they dumped face down on the ledge. As they turned to go, one lashed out hard with his tentacle, whipping the unconscious man across the buttocks, and then Sandra across the breasts, eliciting a scream of outrage and pain from her.

When she got her breath back and the pain in her breasts had subsided, Sandra remembered that the alien had looked rather the worse for wear, as though someone or something had been hitting him. The man on the bed was in a terrible state, with long angry red weals criss-crossing his back where one, or perhaps several aliens had whipped him thoroughly.

With some effort, Sandra turned him over, only to discover that it was Keith; a very battered Keith with whip marks across his torso and belly, and even one across his face. Using the water from her bowl, and her hair as a cloth, she gently sponged his worst whip marks, not really knowing what to do to help him.

It was some time before he stirred and his first movement was to hit out weakly at Sandra, who retreated across the cell, out of his reach.

“Keith,” she said, “Keith. It’s me, Sandra. Don’t hit me, please. Don’t you remember me?”

Keith looked vacantly at her for a moment and then with an obvious effort, focused his eyes on her.

After a few more moments he said, in a very uncertain voice, “Sandra?”

“Yes. Did the aliens catch you as well?”

“Those bastards,” he spat out trying to get up.

“Stay where you are for a bit. You’ll feel better, and I’m certainly not going to hit you,” she said soothingly, “Tell me what happened?”

“I was making a visit to one of my customers when this huge guy with an enormous …” he broke off, blushing.

Realising they were both naked, he rolled to face the other way.

“I’ve seen their men folk,” Sandra told him, “and don’t worry about clothes. They don’t wear them so they don’t think we need them either. Did they catch you as well?”

“Yes,” said Keith.

“Sorry, that was a silly question. Do you know where we are?”

“Not exactly, but I don’t think we are still on Earth,” said Keith, “This is much too large a building to hide, and there are far too many of them to be an unknown race. I think they are cold-blooded, and their blood is a sort of watery green colour, so I think they are basically different from any species I’ve ever heard of. I think we are in their spaceship.”

Sandra was silent, absorbing this and finding nothing she could disagree with in his thoughts.

“The alien who brought you in looked battered,” she said, “Did you do that?”

“I think I killed one of them and got a few good licks in on some others before they put me down with those whips of theirs.”

“Good,” Sandra was forceful in her condemnation of their common enemy.

Within an hour or so, Keith was back on his feet and fuming about the aliens, but there was nothing either of them could do for the moments. They sat quietly together and told each other the details of their capture.

Then Sandra posed the question that worried her, “Why do you think they put you in here?”

“I don’t know. They put me in with some other women, and then they would come in after a few minutes and jabber at us. Then they would start in with the whips on both of us.”

Sandra told him briefly of the episode with Harry and he said, “Well that explains it. It seems lucky that they put me in with you. At least you know I won’t try to rape you.”

Sandra looked down at the floor and seemed very worried, so he asked, “What’s the matter?”

She took a deep breath and said, “It’s my fault you are in here.”

Then she explained about picking him from the gallery of pictures on the machine the aliens had shown her.

To her surprise he was not angry at all, “Good, then they know you wanted me in here. Perhaps they will let us stay together.”

There was a silence for some moments as they both shared a single thought, wondering what the aliens would do if they didn’t have sex together.

It was Sandra who spoke first, “If they want us to … you know … we could … if you don’t mind …”

“Sandra,” said Keith, “If you don’t want it, then they can whip me to death first.”

“Thank you,” she said, “but I’m pregnant so in a way it doesn’t matter if we do … you know … because I couldn’t have your baby, so perhaps it isn’t being very unfaithful to James. And if it stops you being whipped … and they let us stay together …”

Keith came and sat beside her and said, very tenderly, “Sandra, you know we like each other tremendously. I just wish you had loved me instead of James, but I am not going to force you. I will just wait and see what happens.”

Sandra burst into tears and they clung together for a long time without either of them moving.

When the door opened again there were three aliens, instead of the usual one bringing food in for Sandra. Two stood over Keith twitching their whips at him menacingly while the third put a double helping of food on the ledge. Then the three of them withdrew, backing away to the door as though they were afraid of Keith. He, for his part, did not attack them on sight, as he had always done in the past, because he was afraid that they would punish Sandra as well as him.

“Why do they seem afraid of you?” asked Sandra.

“Mostly because I have a go at them every time one comes in reach,” he replied, as though violence was the most natural thing in the world … or out of it.

“You didn’t today,” she pointed out.

“Oh, Sandra, that was because I didn’t want them to whip you the way they whipped me.”

Touched by his thought for her, she went over to him and gave him a long hug. As she did so she could not help but be aware of his erection as it rose slowly along her bulging belly.

‘Nakedness may be nice, but it’s embarrassing at times,’ she thought.

They broke apart and started to eat the food provided.

It was two nights later that Sandra suddenly felt a pang of homesickness for her own bed back on Earth. She went over to the other ledge where Keith was lying and sat on the edge of it.

“Oh, Keith,” she said, “Will we ever go home again?”

Sensing her fear and longing, he reached up and she lay down in his arms, taking comfort from close human contact. For the first time they fell asleep sharing a sleeping ledge, all innocence.

Keith was the first to wake, and with a start he realised that those lovely sensations were the feeling of the smooth rounded skin of her breast in one of his hands, and even more, her hand gripping his penis lightly as she slept. Embarrassed, and more than a little apprehensive, he let go of her breasts and put that hand firmly behind him. His movement woke Sandra who murmured something as she woke and started to stroke the tumescent member in her hand. As she came fully awake and realised that it was not her husband, James, receiving her ministrations she stopped suddenly.

Then after a moments she whispered, “Do you like that?”

Keith nodded, and as she resumed her caress he hesitantly returned his hand to her breast and began to caress it gently.

Later that day they discussed their intimacy rather like two bashful teenagers after a first session of sexual fumbling. And like a pair of teenagers they agreed that what they had done was not wrong, but that they should go no further, while each secretly hoped that they would.

That night Sandra lay on her own sleeping ledge and waited, hoping for Keith to come over. Of course, he was lying on his ledge hoping she would come to him. It was nearly an hour before he moved across the cell and knelt beside her bed. A tentative hand stroked her shoulder and she quickly grasped it and kissed it.

Ten minutes later Sandra’s ministrations had Keith spurting wad after wad of semen across her rounded belly while she, in her turn, was bucking her hips under his expert hand on her cunt.

Strangely they did not go further than bringing each other to climax; neither dared to suggest penetration. However, after a week they had progressed to Keith using his mouth, tongue, fingers and even toes to bring Sandra her pleasure. She had not progressed beyond hand-jobs, feeling vaguely that his penis inside her body, whether her mouth or her vagina would be infidelity to James, whom she still hoped to see again.


When Sandra went into labour, she realised that her fears about the birth were unfounded. She was taken to a different room, which was clearly a large maternity ward. There were rows of beds, most of them occupied by aliens, each with another alien at the foot of the bed. The odd thing was that the males were in the beds and the females were standing watching. Then a contraction hit her and for some moments she could not think of anything but the pain.

Keith was brought to stand at the foot of the bed and duly obeyed, not because of any decrease in his hostility to the aliens, but because he was more concerned about Sandra than about his captivity.

When Sandra was calm again, she looked to the right and saw that the male alien had an enormous erection. The penis was now fully two feet long and nine inches across and throbbing.

‘There is no way that female can take that into her body anywhere,’ she thought.

Suddenly the penis swayed and waved violently, and a whitish substance appeared at the tip. More swaying and much effort from the alien and a glistening white six inch diameter egg appeared from the end of the tube, which the other alien neatly caught and which quickly turned green as it dried.

“We got them wrong,” said Sandra, “The males are the females and the females are the males.”

“Yes,” said Keith, “And that penis thing is an egg-tube.”

Both burst out laughing in the same instant and could not stop until the next contraction hit Sandra like an express train.

Careful observation soon showed that the males were coating the eggs with semen from a small, inch long penis as they caught them and this was what turned the egg green. There was much alien consternation when one egg did not change colour at the first attempt and another alien male fertilised it. The failed would-be father slunk away in obvious disgrace and the successful fertiliser of two eggs looked extremely pleased with himself.

Then things got hectic for a while, partly because the aliens had no real concept of live-birth, but in the end Sandra had a fine, healthy little girl suckling contentedly at one nipple.

“What are you going to call her?” asked Keith.

“Diana,” said Sandra, “Diana … Cannon.”

“Cannon?” asked Keith, obviously well pleased.

“I think we will be here a long time, and so you will be the only father she will ever know, so she should have your name. You might well have to be her husband also, I think, but that won’t be a problem because you ad she aren’t biologically related.”

“That’s twenty years away, love,” said Keith gently, “Let’s not worry about that just now. Becoming an instant father is quite enough for one day.”


When Diana was five days old Sandra woke to discover that the aliens had taken Keith away while she was asleep. She panicked momentarily and looked across to the other sleeping ledge, but Diana seemed to be sleeping there quietly. Sandra couldn’t hear her, but she could see her tiny chest rising and falling as she breathed.

Still half asleep, Sandra stumbled off the ledge and started across the room to pick the child up and feed her, because her milk-laden breasts were painfully heavy. Half way there, she banged my nose and tits painfully against the screen.

‘Those damned aliens had put the screen up to keep me from my baby,’ she thought with the panic rising again.

Sandra started to scream as loudly as she knew how. Almost immediately an alien came rushing in to her half of the room, and Sandra grabbed it by the shoulders and started to hammer it against the screen. Although the alien used its whip tail to great effect, Sandra would not let go, but kept on trying to bash the alien’s brains out on the screen. Two other aliens came in and grabbed her with no attempt to be gentle. Pretty soon Sandra found herself bound hand and foot, lying on the sleeping ledge watching as an alien lifted the baby carefully from its sleeping position.

The screen went down and Sandra could hear the alien making odd croaking noises, which she took to be an attempt to calm the baby, who was, in the manner of all human babies, taking no notice at all. Then she realised that the alien was only examining the baby, measuring it, weighing it and generally checking its health, just as a nurse might in an Earth hospital.

The alien came over to Sandra and stood, immobile as, with seemingly infinite patience, it held the babe first to one nipple and then to the other while it fed on Sandra’s generous supply of milk. Finally, the alien put the baby on its shoulder and patted it gently until it burped, just as Sandra would have done, if she had been free.

When it was satisfied that the child was fit and well fed, the alien placed Diana on her ledge again and went out of the cell, leaving Sandra fuming at her bonds, and quite unable to get to her child.

Half and hour or more passed, until Keith came back into the cell.

“What happened?” he asked.

“They tied me up and then checked Diana,” said Sandra, “I’m afraid I went berserk when I found they had put the screen up and I think I did a lot of damage to one of them.”

Keith released her hands and feet easily and she rushed over to the baby, who was sleeping peacefully.

“They must have drugged me as I slept,” said Keith, “because I woke up in a different cell, all alone. Then I just sat there for ages until they brought me back here.”

“Perhaps they aren’t as antagonistic as we think. The alien that checked Diana and held her to my … my tits to feed her seemed very careful,” said Sandra thoughtfully.

“But you’ve been whipped?” asked Keith, looking at the angry red stripes on her back.

“Oh, no. That was just during the fight. They didn’t whip me at all afterwards.”

The next few days were normal, but on the tenth day the screen was again up. The alien came into the other half of the cell and checked Diana again, and then left. As soon as the door was closed, the screen dropped and Sandra rushed over to check on Diana. The baby seemed perfectly happy and took the nipple immediately, apparently enjoying her breakfast.

The once every five days routine lasted some time, practically until Sandra started to feed Diana small pieces of her own food in a tentative attempt to wean her.


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