Hot company girls – part 3

“In case nobody ever spelt it out for you, Philippa, you’re very fuckable indeed. Mr Rocco is going to enjoy himself with you.”

I got the message but it was in between two strokes which were hard enough to make me squeal for mercy and to fill my ears with pounding blood.

“I think he’s going to get a big thrill when you start off by getting down on your knees and licking his shoes. Yes, I think that should really get his attention. Followed up by a Harvey Wallbanger of a blow job, all the way down to the balls, babe.”

“Yes, yes, I’ll suck his cock all the way, Mistress! Anything you tell me to do!”

Gale flicked my bottom with the can again, a sting cut though not as sharp as the first two: “That sounds like the kind of client satisfaction program I want implemented,” she chuckled. “Proactive and interactive at the same time. But marketing is all about presentation. So the question I need to ask myself is whether I should present you like this or maybe the other way around? Let’s take a look and see how you are with everything up front.”

She undid the ankle straps, loosened the wrist chains, turned me around with my back to the table and then hoisted my wrists up above my head before fastening the chain again. Then she knelt down and refastened the ankle straps.

Before I’d felt vulnerable and tremendously sexy by being chained up naked in front of Gale, but at least I’d been able to stare at the table top as I begged for mercy. Now there was nowhere to look but straight ahead as she began playing with me, pretending to stroke my forehead as she squeezed my tits.

“Imagine me leaving you like this for a bunch of guys to find,” she teased me. “Wouldn’t that be a great way to start a game of happy families?”

Those damned flesh-creeping gloves crept all over me again, before one of them slid down to begin rubbing my cunt lips with all of Gale’s usual expertise.

“Tell the truth, Slave, have you been gang banged before? Tell me!’

Her eyes were boring into mine and she’d glimpsed the flash of uncertainty and perhaps shame which mine must have betrayed.

“Well, Philippa, have you got a confession you want to make? Some little secret you want to tell me about?” Her little finger hooked up and teased my clit, a powerful inducement to start talking.

“When I went to college I had a lot of trouble keeping up with the assignments — they seemed to keep on getting more difficult all the time. So when it was time for exams I had to ask around for anybody who could spare the time to help coach me.”

It wasn’t something I wanted to do, to tell Gale this. But she would have found out sooner or later. “There was a guy called Steve. He was clever and he could explain things very well. He helped me a lot but he wanted some favors back.”

Gale sniggered: “I just bet he did. But maybe it would be easier for you to tell the story if you were blindfolded. Like facing a firing squad.”

That seemed a way out kind of comparison but there was nothing that Gale might want to do to me that I could stop her doing, and being blindfolded was nothing compared to that cane. Not even when she grabbed hold of my besoms in those awful velvet gloves and tossed them around like a juggler working out a new routine.

“Never mind all that whimpering,” Gale said. “Keep talking and get it off your chest.” Then she laughed at her own joke.

“We had a deal going. An hour and a half every night in the library with Steve helping me with my books. Then I would come to his room on Saturday afternoons. Steve shared his college room with a guy called Nick. They had an arrangement. Steve had the room for him and us on Saturdays, and Nick and his girlfriend had it on Sundays. But then Steve said to me that it was stupid to waste a day each weekend. He’d talked to Nick and they both thought it would be cool if all of us used the room whenever we wanted to.”

From behind the black barrier across my eyes I heard Gale sniggering. “Tell me more, Slave.” I shivered as her tongue gently circled my right nipple as if it was licking out an oyster shell.

“I had to do what Steve wanted, I needed his help. But I was sure that Nick’s girlfriend wouldn’t be there. I was wrong though, she was. She said her name was Jamil and maybe she was high on something, I didn’t know, I was never into that scene. Maybe she was some kind of exhibitionist. Anyway she and Nick went straight into some pretty heavy foreplay on Nick’s bed and then Steve made me get on his bed with him. It was all so weird.”

“How so?” Gale asked.

“Because . . . well, because Nicky was only the third guy ever to see my bare boobs and he was looking at them while he was playing with Jamil’s — and Steve was playing with mine as well, and everybody was looking at everybody else and laughing. Except for me, I was so embarrassed I didn’t know where to look.”

“But Nicky had plenty to look at, hey? So what happened next? Or have you forgotten?”

Forgotten! That really was a joke: “Nicky and Steve were talking about whether Jamil and I had the best pair of tits. So Nicky suggested they should swap us for a little while, just to see what we handled like. That was what he said and Steve agreed! I tried to leave then but he said there’d be no more coaching for the exams if I didn’t do it.”

Gale was still laughing at my confession. Oddly enough, I thought I heard some other noise in the room as well but there was too much distraction from Gale’s exploring fingers to think about it.

“Go on,” she ordered.

“The next thing I couldn’t believe. We were sitting on opposite beds being felt up by the other’s boyfriend, and then the next thing I know is that Jamil is down on her knees and giving Steve a blow job! So then Nicky pushed me down onto the carpet and wanted me to do the same for him . . . I didn’t want to. But then Steve stood up and came over and all three of them were holding my hair and making me open my mouth. And Jamil was grinning at me with her face next to mine, holding me at the back of my neck.”

“So you sucked your boyfriend’s cock with Nicky and Jamil watching you, you naughty little slut?”

“Yes, and then Jamil had another go with Steve. Then while I was doing Steve again Nicky got close and Jamil put his cock in her mouth. And then the boys wanted to swap over again and they told me I had to take a turn with Nicky. So I had to. He told me I was lucky that I guys like him and Steve to teach me all the things I needed to know to get through college.”

There was something going on that I didn’t understand for a second or so. Then I realized that Gale was squatting down astride one of my legs and rubbing her cunt up and down it like a randy dog.

“Like how to swallow their cum?” Gloria asked, still squirming against me.


“Did Steve let Nicky screw you?

“Yes. While he was having Jamil. They made us kneel side by side on one of the beds and did us doggy style. They changed around a lot. Jamil loved it: she kept making jokes about not knowing which boy was in her. She kept calling out: ‘I love you, Nick or Steve, whatever.’ She was laughing all the time.”

Gale was laughing herself. But again, as I was talking, I seemed to be hearing other noises that weren’t coming from her. Perhaps being blindfolded was confusing my sense of direction. It was hard to concentrate as Gale began to tease my clit again, making me squirm in my straps and grunt with pleasure. She still seemed interested in my confession.

“Did you get a double fucking, front and back together, Philippa?”

“No. The boys wanted to do it to both of us and Jamil let them have her like that, but that was where I drew the line. Nobody was going to do that to me, no matter what.”

Gale’s chin rubbed up and down my thigh as she increased the speed her fingers were working at and I nearly howled: “You’ve got a problem with getting ass fucked, have you, slave?”

I realized I’d made a mistake, admitted to a weakness, and I tried to backtrack: “No, not now. I’ve got no problem with it now . . .Oh God ”

“Feeling sexy, are you, Philippa?”

“Yes, you know I am, Mistress . . . what’s that?” This time I was certain I’d heard a suppressed chuckle, coming from over on my left.

Gale put her finger deeper into my slit and the material of the glove made me shudder again. “What’s what, Philippa?”

“I heard somebody else,” I said, “Somebody else in the room!”

“Now who else could be here, stupid? Do you think that I’d invite Mr Rocco to come here and wait in my apartment until you were all trussed up and hot to go? You don’t think I’d do anything as mean as that, do you — Slave? Why you’ll be saying next that he came into the room after I blindfolded you and he’s been standing here listening to your college adventures.”

I felt as if she’d punched me in the stomach. Because it suddenly seemed exactly what Gale might have done. It was exactly what she might have done if that was what was required to get things right again with Rocco.

“But even if I did do something like that, and even if Mr Rocco had asked if he could bring a few of his buddies with him, I’d never have agreed to that. Because if I had done I’d be down on the floor here looking at half a dozen bare assed guys rubbing their cocks and so happy with themselves, you wouldn’t believe. Especially after hearing you tell them all what a slut you are.”

“No, Gale, you couldn’t have,” I protested in a futile attempt not to believe it.

“You call me Mistress, nothing else, or I’ll use the cane on your tits to teach you some respect.”

And that was something she was quite capable of doing, I knew that much for certain: “I’m sorry, Mistress, I’m sorry,” I whined.

“Are you, Slave? Then would you like me to take the blindfold off you?”


“Sure, now? Maybe you won’t want to see what’s coming your way.”

“Please, Mistress, take it off.”


“Oh, my God!”

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