Hot company girls – part 3


There was a barbecue table in the room standing up on one end so that the top of it was higher than my shoulders. Gale told me to stand up against it and then pushed me back against the wooden slats of the table top. She began to unfasten the top of my corset and then giggled.

“Yeah, I think if I scheduled this for an after hours party treat all the guys would surely be staying back. How about it, Slave, how about putting on a strip tease for the boys? Would you like that?”

“If you want me to, Mistress,” I whispered.

Gale laughed: “Don’t worry, you’d be safe enough. I’ve never seen any of those geeks take more than one hand off a keyboard at one time. Is your lover boy a computer nerd?”

“No. He’s a doctor. I met him at one of the hospitals I deal with — Clarencefield General.”

Gale’s clean white teeth flashed in a smile: “A doctor? I’m impressed.” She put out her hand and squeezed my right nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

The feel of the velvet glove on my bare skin somehow set my own teeth on edge, though I tried not to flinch and show Gale how much it was bothering me.

“So Brad’s a doctor, slave girl? Your boyfriend’s a doctor. That could mean some good business for us if you play your hand right.”

This was tricky. Gale was talking as though I might be forgiven for my fuckup if I could get Brad the doctor pushing our sales team along with word of mouth: well, perhaps he could, someday, but not yet. Right now his principal long term financial relationships were with the vending machines in the hospital lobby.

“He’s still only an intern,” I told her.

Gale chuckled, bent forward, bit on my breast lightly then said: “Think this through, Slave. You’ve got a friend who’s a doctor, he’ll have friends who are doctors. Or at least he’ll know other doctors. More important doctors. Understand?”

“I’m not sure . . . ”

“You need pictures? You get Brad to introduce you to one of the big shots and start playing footsie with him under the table. Then you make a discreet date with the big shot and find out when’s a convenient time to call round and fuck his brains out. Then you make your sales pitch for the company to handle his paperwork problems.”

Gale lowered her head again, this time biting me much harder as those velvet clad gloves slithered up and down my stomach, making me shiver. But not as much as the thought of risking my relationship with Brad did.

“But, if Brad found out — ”

I broke off as Gale raised her head like a rearing snake. The eyes in her mask were glittering with anger: “Are you defying me, Slave? Are you daring to talk back to me?”

“No, no,” I stuttered. Then I cried out in pain.

Those velvet clad fingers were touching my breast again, but this time Gale was showing the steel hidden inside the velvet by squeezing me as hard as she could, crushing a nipple in a fist that felt as strong as a man’s. And none of my pleadings for mercy caused Gale to stop in the least from continuing to hurt me.

“Are you going to as you’re told, Slave, or are you looking for more trouble?”

“Anything you want, Mistress, anything you want! I’ll lay every doctor in the state if you want me to.”

Gale snorted in anger, grabbed my hair and jerked my head up. “Listen, slut, if I tell you to do it, you’ll fuck every doctor and every nurse as well. Understand!”

“Yes! Yes!”

Her hand fondled the gusset of my panties, lingering and stroking on the damp patch with careful patience until my knees were quivering with fear and excitement. Excitement of a sort I’d never known before. Maybe it was impossible to be as excited as that without being frightened as well — true or false, nobody could set me ablaze like Gale could.

“I’m glad to hear you’re willing to do your bit for the team,” Gale said, a faint smile on her lips. “Because you’ve had no real punishment at all yet for the trouble you’ve caused me. But then again, you don’t know what I offered the contracts manager at Saint Delphina’s to put us back on track with him.”

I didn’t say anything. Maybe Gale was only teasing me in some way, and I didn’t know what to do without risking making her angry again. She let go of my hair and took a step back, then tugged at my waistband: “Pull these down and perhaps I’ll read your fortune for you.”

I played it as dumb as I dared to: “My fortune, Mistress?”

“Get them down, Slave!”

I hastily hooked my thumbs into the top of the panties and slipped them down as far as my stocking tops. “That’ll do,” Gale said. “Now turn around and face the table.”

After I’d done that, she slapped me lightly on each cheek with her hand: “Who does this belong to, Slave? Who owns this piece of ass?”

“You do, Mistress,” I answered instantly.

“Now there’s a good little slave girl,” Gale giggled. “But what can I do with it?” Now let’s think.”

She knelt down beside me and began to draw the panties down my legs, slipping them lower inch by inch. “Now just suppose I had a certain salesperson who made a bad mistake in dealing with a client? And supposing I knew the client’s manager was a middle aged guy with a big gut and a bald head who still had the hots for any good looking girl who came his way? But with being past his use by date he doesn’t get as much sex as he wants to nowadays. Are you following this story so far, Slave?”

“Yes,” I told her, and that was no lie. I was listening hard to every word.

“Good. Now the customer’s name is Rocco, and I sent Mr Rocco an e-mail with your photo attached to it. And I also told him that you were the one who needed to be punished for the mistake you’d made. I suggested that maybe he’d feel better about things if I arranged for him to give you some of that punishment himself.”

Gale stopped talking as she slid my panties over my feet and threw them aside. Then her hands rubbed slowly up the insides of my legs. The touch of that slithering velvet set my teeth on edge again.

“Spread them,” Gale ordered. “Wide open. As if you were going to have your ankles chained at the corners of the table.”

One of her hands caught me by the neck like a pet rabbit and pushed my face up against the table. Then I was held in that position as the other set of gloved fingers ran around my butt. All my muscles twitched as if each of the fingers were full of static electricity.

“Yep, that’s a nice pair of cheeks, babe,” Gale chuckled. “Any saleslady that’s stacked like you are should be making a fortune for herself. Forgot the young doctors and give the old ones a few tricks and you’ll be farting through silk. All you need to do is to learn how to keep your mind on your work.”

She sniggered again, then pushed one of her fingers right up my ass. Having the velvet jammed into me there was a totally weird experience, like being explored by a fur covered tentacle. “So what do you think, Slave? You think you can give Mr Rocco a good enough time to get things straightened out?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I promised fervently. “I’ll make sure he’s happy.”

“I hope for your sake you do, Slave. But that’s tomorrow’s problem. Your problem right now is making me happy. Hold still or you’ll really be a sorry assed slut.”

Even with all the evidence in front of my eyes it still came as a shock when she began securing my wrists to straps behind the table, so that my arms were stretched out horizontally from side to side and I wasn’t able to move them at all. Then Gale took the end of a chain hanging from the ceiling, looped it around my neck and fastened it with a small padlock.

“A chain for a naughty bitch,” was the only explanation she gave me. “Don’t worry though, Philippa, it suits you, it really does. Even if you’re wishing that your boy friend was here to jerk it for you.”

She laughed at her own wit and then knelt down to fasten straps around the ankles of my boots. I wondered what she was planning to do with me. Whatever, I could only hope there wasn’t going to be any major use of the cane. That had really hurt me and every time Gale’s hand went anywhere near it my heart started pounding wildly.

Thankfully, the next thing she picked up was a another piece of chain, a shorter piece she locked around my belly with one end left dangling free. Then she slowly ran her hands over me again, as if I was a prize mare in a racing stables.

“Oh, yes, there’s a whole lot guys who’d like to have a slave like you, Philippa. Especially if they could have you served up to them the way you are now.” I could hear the anticipation in her voice.

“Imagine that, Philippa. A whole queue of sexy spunks right behind you and you hearing their voices but not able to see their faces. But I guess you’d soon get introduced to each of them, even if you couldn’t shake hands.”

She picked up the loose end of the chain around my waist and tugged at it, hard enough to make me gasp. “A cute little bitch on a chain — a cute little hot bitch waiting for her punishment. Yeah, I think I can find a place for somebody like that in my customer contact plans.”

The glove moved down my spine, then came to rest on my bottom. I was squeezed, again like something being valued for a price in the market. There was amusement in Gale’s voice when she spoke again.

“Yes, a very nice piece of ass. And we know which piece the guys would be very interested in, don’t we?”

I wasn’t sure what to say.

“Don’t we, Philippa?” she asked me again, sharply, apparently angry because I hadn’t answered her. “Where would you be getting fucked?”

“Up my ass,” I squealed.

“That’s right. But since you don’t seem too sure about what I’m talking about, maybe I’d better show you properly.” I knew what she meant as soon as I head the cane whipping through the air again and I trembled with fear.

I was justified in being frightened. Bending over and getting caned was bad enough but being bound hand and foot and then getting a welting was terrifying. A terror which came from knowing that I was absolutely at Gale’s mercy, just as I would be totally under the control of anybody else swinging the cane. Somebody like Mr Rocco. And I guess Gale didn’t have any problem in following my thoughts.

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