For Tribal Honor

Author: Steph

I had killed the lioness. Though I usually do my shooting with a movie camera, I’m also pretty good with a rifle. Africa is a long way from the ranch in Wyoming that I grew up on but I’ve found that a lot of my childhood skills come in handy now that I’m making wildlife documentaries. We brought the carcass of the lioness into the village to show them that “she who steals babies” was dead. The big celebration came as no surprise, the sick cat had been feeding off their infants for the past year. She was old and they were easy and tender prey. They had every right to be happy and, after three months on the savanna, we were eager to party. The celebration was just fine and I wasn’t even too surprised that they wanted to honor us, even though I kept trying to explain through my interpreter, Amadi, that at least half of it had been dumb luck. If it made them feel good to give us a few small gifts, as long as they weren’t leaving themselves busted, I guess I couldn’t see no harm. The thing about the chief’s daughter, though, had me a bit uncomfortable.

When Amadi told me that the chief was giving me one of his daughters for the night I really had tried to politely decline. But, as far as I could understand, it seemed to be some sort of tribal honor thing. Amadi said I would be insulting the entire tribe if I refused to sleep with the girl. So, that’s how I ended up in this grass hut with pretty cloths spread out and a bunch of candles burning with some sort of perfume smell. I was still figuring I might be able to get through the night without actually touching the girl but the moment she walked through the door I began to suspect I might be wrong on that figuring.

Like all members of this tribe, she had dark brown skin. In the candlelight, her large eyes and white teeth sparkled like the gold necklace she was wearing. The rest of her smooth, black body was buck-naked. Her firm young breasts stood straight out from her slender frame with a slight upwards tilt. Only a bit of puffiness showed where her nipples were, they were just about the same dark brown as the rest of her gorgeous skin. Her little round belly looked firm, her legs straight and strong, and her butt was nicely curved. I watched the muscles ripple as she walked. I was hypnotized

She knelt down beside me on the soft cloths and slowly undressed me, her lithe nude body dangling over me as her gentle fingers teased me with their touch. By the time I was naked, her attentions had earned her a raging hard-on. She sure seemed to pleased to see that big white fella, she gave me a big old grin and wrapped her thick lips around it like it was the best thing she’d ever tasted. Her mouth was warm and her tongue was doing some amazing things along my hard dick while her fingers were just lightly dancing with my balls. I don’t mind saying that the girl’s sweet sucking got me groaning pretty good. The hand that wasn’t playing with my balls was busy in between her own legs. They must of been doing something good because she starting moaning and panting while she was running my hard white cock in and out between her black lips, into her warm, wet pink mouth.

Just about as I was feeling like I was gonna explode, she lifted her pretty head off of my groin. She straddled me with her face pointed toward my feet. I had myself a fine view of her muscular round ass and wet pussy. Her dark and full pussy lips surrounded a beautiful pink hole that was glistening in the candlelight. Her soft black hand wrapped itself around my throbbing dick and guided it into that hot, pink pussy. We both groaned when she slid back to drive me deep inside her.

She was sitting up on my crotch, grinding her pussy up against my dick sending hot lust bubbling through my groin. Her soft, strong dark brown back wiggled in front of me. She was rubbing on both her round brown breasts as she rocked up and down on my hard, happy dick in rolling motions that were giving me sensations I’d only fantasized about feeling. She was fucking me slow and sensual. It was making me crazy in a very good way.

We went on this way a few moments, my tanned white body looked pale against her smooth ebony skin. Her beautiful ass began moving a bit faster as she steadily increased the pace of her wonderful fucking. Her right hand moved off her tit and came down between her legs, to play with her clit I suppose. Whatever she was playing with, it sure set her slinky frame into motion! She leaned forward, I could feel her hot, panting breath on my feet, she was now sliding my dick in and out of her at a pretty good clip and I had myself a pretty good view of the proceedings. When she’d bent forward, her rippling ass had risen into the air giving me an up-close and personal view of her tiny brown asshole and the black haired pussy devouring my shiny pink cock disappearing and reappearing from within her tropical depths. I reached out and grabbed her silky skin hips as she frantically fucked me. I was doing my best to fuck her back with the same intensity as the cum was churning up inside me just begging for release.

Our manic mating couldn’t last long, we were both panting hard, I was groaning and she was moaning loud and long. I couldn’t understand the words but I knew the tune. Our sweaty bodies were just about pounding together when I felt her pussy muscles start rippling against my pumping cock. I started cumming like a prize bull, jerking and squirting and grunting as fireworks were going off inside of my head. She slid her butt back toward me a bit and held me deep inside of her as my hips twitched against her.

We stayed locked together a few moments and then she slid off me and came into my arms. We slept a few hours and then I felt her hand playing with my groin again. It looked like I was going to have to rise to the occasion again and I knew I would, for her, for me, for tribal honor.

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