Breaking Her

She slipped her middle finger up his anus without warning. That was all she wrote for Dan. 

He had never in his life had an orgasm as long and as intense as this one. Every nerve ending in his body seemed to respond.

He shot such a huge wad of white fluid into her throat, that he was scared for a second he would choke her.

As his body shuddered uncontrollably, Tracy’s mouth became like a vacuum cleaner, swallowing every drop of semen he’d poured into her, while sucking the remaining fluid out of his cock. She coughed but never stopped swallowing.

After she’d cleaned him with her tongue, Dan fell back against the wall.

“My God,” she said. “That felt like a gallon!”

“Doris and I don’t get it on very much.”

“I’ll say. But as far as I’m concerned, Dan, you still have some work to do. I’m not nearly satisfied, and a long way from broken.”


“Then bend over and spread your ass cheeks. Let’s see what we can do about that.”

“Sorry, Dan. I don’t do the poop chute”

“Well, today I take your cherry.. Now bend over, Tracy!”

His voice actually scared her for the first time, and she knew Dan meant what he said. “I said no!”

“Bend over, or I take it now, WITHOUT the vaseline!”

Tracy slowly angled her butt in his direction, her tight anal hole closed and puckered. Dan got the petroleum jelly from a drawer, stroking some on his dick. He then returned the favor and stuck his somewhat larger, greased finger straight up her asshole. After she was a little loosened up, he rammed his cock straight up her tight bunghole in one swift movement. Tracy let out a little yelp. Dan’s penis slid in and out of her.

“Doris would NEVER let me do this,” he thought. But Tracy moaned  and groaned in pleasure, loving every thrust Dan made.


After Dan came again, they took a shower and relaxed.

“Doris will be home soon,” said Tracy, a bit of sadness in her young voice.

“I know,”said Dan. “But I don’t want this to stop. I don’t ever want this to stop, Tracy.”

“Me neither.” Her voice was soft and gentle now. She and Dan kissed a long kiss, their tongues moving around in each others’ mouths. It wasn’t long before Dan was hard one more time.  This time, Tracy was quiet and pliable. Dan moved her to the bed, then turned her body so that he was behind her. She raised one of her legs to provide him with easier access. He slipped his erect cock into her sweetly moist pussy. It glided in effortlessly, she was so wet. Dan went in and out gently, gradually pushing his way upwards, deeper into her vagina.

“We should use a condom,” Tracy moaned. “I’m not on anything.”

“I don’t care,” Dan replied. “I’m in charge, now.” Dan continued thrusting, pounding away against her pussy, his balls making slapping noises against her pussy.. They were both heaving and groaning, and neither one cared if Doris walked in the door that very moment, they were so wrapped up in giving each other pleasure. Their hips moved together like they’d been fucking for years. It was a perfect fit.

“Here it comes,” he said. “Are you ready?”

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“Oh, yes, I’m ready, Dan! I’m ready! Give it to me! Give all of it to me and fill me up!” She yelled it so loudly, Dan figured the neighbors could hear it.

Dan exploded deep inside of her, as Tracy climaxed with him. Her orgasm was so intense it made her body shake and a smile stretch across her face. Her body shuddered for several moments, and the walls of her vagina contracted around Dan’s cock in pulsing rythms. She could practically feel the semen hitting her g-spot. When they were thoroughly exhausted, they slept in each others’ arms. Dan heard Doris’ car pulling up, and they quickly got dressed.

“You can stay as long as you like, Tracy. In fact, I think you ought to transfer schools and move here to finish college.”

She smiled. “Not a bad idea,” she replied, her perfect white teeth glistening at him. “I think I’ll have to anyway,” she said coyly.


“Because I think you did it, Dan,” she said. “I think you finally broke me!”

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