Beaver hunt

Author: blondehoney5670

The Beaver Hunt
Written By Blondehoney5670

Thinking of the perfect gift is always hard when you want it to be just the right one for that special someone in your life. My husband’s birthday is next week and I still haven’t found the perfect gift for him yet. His favorite past time second to sex is hunting. I decided to pick up one of his hunting magazines and see if it would give me some kind of idea. I started to read an article about a beautiful hunting lodge in Pennsylvania, where there was plenty of white tail dear to hunt. I realized this would make a great gift. He’s been overworked lately at the office and under a lot of stress. He will never expect a surprise trip like this.

I called and booked the hunt for the following week. They were very friendly and helpful there, they gave me all the details, and he will have 5 full days of peaceful hunting. I have never gotten into hunting with him; I enjoy staying back and catching up on my reading. This lodge appears to be a beautiful place just for that. I called my husband at work and told him we are going on a trip next week, don’t ask and questions and just trust me. He sounded surprised and hesitant for a moment and finally just replied “okay”.

The morning of our departure finally arrived; my husband still had no idea where we were going. Nothing went right that morning, first our friends were late picking us up for the airport, we finally got on the road, and traffic was a nightmare. We finally reached the airport without much time to spare and realized I forgot my own luggage. The lady at the airline counter was very rude which did not help my mood. During the check in process it was discovered they messed up on our seating assignment and we were not sitting together or even close. After speaking to a supervisor, they finally were able to make some adjustments and seat us together. We were then directed to our gate after spending 15 minutes trying to get through the metal detectors and figure out why my husband kept setting the alarm off! Just as I begin to feel this trip was a mistake, we finally get through the metal detectors and arrive at our gate. We were one of the last ones to board as we were late arriving. Once inside and seated, we took a deep breath and looked at each other with pure relief. I really hope things start looking up from here.

Our flight lasted almost 6 hours and it was uneventful. By now my husband knew we were going to Pennsylvania obviously, however he still had no idea why. After getting his luggage, we went to the car rental counter and rented a nice SUV. I asked an employee if he was familiar with the hunting lodge and showed him the address. The employee was very familiar with it, even stated how beautiful it was there. He gave me directions which seemed easy enough however after the morning I just had, I didn’t want to jump the gun and get excited yet.

We arrived at the lodge without any difficulty. My husband saw the name of the lodge and realized what type of lodge it was, his face immediately lit up as I leaned over to give him a kiss and tell him Happy Birthday. I knew instantly I had found the perfect gift for him. He suddenly stopped and said “I can’t hunt, I don’t have my bow”, I just smiled and told him “I had your bow and hunting equipment shipped here 2 days ago with the hope you wouldn’t notice it missing from home”. He kissed me and reminded me of what a lucky guy he was.

A very handsome man which appeared to be in his late thirties or very early forties came over and introduced himself as George, our guide for the trip. I noticed immediately how handsome of a guy he was. He didn’t dress fancy, jeans and a t-shirt, but they looked great on him! He had dark hair and a medium build. He had very mysterious eyes that I found myself getting lost in. As I diverted my attention back to my husband, I realized both him and my husband noticed my thoughts were somewhere else, I felt my face get red with embarrassment. George suggested a tour of the property after we had a chance to get settled in our room. He led us to our room so we could freshen up and leave the luggage. This reminded me, I didn’t have any luggage and would need to find a place to go shopping and buy a few things. I asked George if there was a mall nearby, he said the nearest one was about an hour away. I told him my predicament and he suggested having Suzie the lodge receptionist take me to the mall while my husband and him spent some time going over plans for the next 5 days. This was a great idea to me! We made plans to go in about an hour.

Suzie was a very pleasant person to be with; she was a little younger than I with long dark hair and green eyes. She was very attractive with a sweet personality. We talked quite a bit on the way to the mall as she shared quite a bit about her personal life. She had ended a relationship about a year ago and was still single and looking for Mr. Right.

I was able to find everything I needed including a very sexy black see thru negligee; I know this one will drive my husband crazy! Suzie and I continued to talk on the way home and made plans to spend some more time together while the boys were out hunting.

That night at the dinner table, I found it hard to take my eyes off George. I loved the way he made those jeans look like they were made for him personally. His eyes were so mysterious; I couldn’t draw my attention away from him for a single moment. I could only hope my husband didn’t notice. My husband was telling stories of previous hunts he had been on and was having a really good time doing so. By now George was staring at me as much as I was him. I felt a warm feeling rush through my body like a high school girl with her first crush. I also felt my pussy begin to get moist and throb, George was now starting to excite me in other ways. I didn’t understand what was going on with me; I had not been with any other man since I met my husband. Now there was this handsome stranger and all I could think of was wanting to spend more time with him.

The next morning, the men headed out early for their first day of hunting. I went downstairs about 7am and found Suzie eating breakfast with a few others. I sat down as Suzie introduced me to the others at the table. We chatted for awhile during breakfast, when I was finished I excused myself from the table and went upstairs to take a shower.

As the hot water flowed down my body and over my breasts, I began thinking of George. I felt my nipples begin to get hard and my clit throb. I slowly ran my fingertips around each of my nipples, pinching each one gently; this sent a feeling of pleasure through my body. I continued to run my hands along my body stopping at my pussy which was throbbing and very wet. I slowly began to rub my hard clit back and forth causing myself to let out a moan. I then stuck one finger inside my wet hole slowly fucking myself; I then stuck a second finger inside causing even more pleasure to rush through my body. I fingered my wet hole vigorously going deeper and harder each time.

My thoughts were on George and imagining him between my legs eating my pussy, this took me into an almost instant orgasm as my knees buckled and my pussy began to quiver, the wave of pleasure shot through my body as my orgasm began to build. Just then I knew I couldn’t hold back any longer and came with such force as I let out the most satisfying moan of pure pleasure. I tried to catch my breath and gather myself once again. I slowly took the fingers I used to fuck myself with and sucked my sweet nectar off of them while thinking to myself George has never tasted anything as sweet as I.

I then remembered the dildo I picked up yesterday while shopping with Suzie. I found it in a great adult store near the mall, they had so many great toys in there, I could have spent all day and would have loved to buy one of everything however, I decided on one 8 inch dildo.

Just as I was about to exit the bathroom, I saw Suzie standing there staring at me as she fingered her own pussy. She could tell I was startled and responded by apologizing to me for scaring me. She said she had come up to ask me if I would like to go shopping today at a great new clothing store. She said when I didn’t answer the door, she proceeded to open it to make sure I was okay and then noticed me in the shower and froze. She said she became excited watching me finger myself and give myself an orgasm. She was really feeling turned on and didn’t understand it because she had never thought of being with a woman before.

I myself had never been with a woman before either however, I had to admit watching Suzie stand there and finger her wet pussy turned me on. I invited her to sit on the bed; we both just sat there for a second and stared at each other. I went to reach for a strand of her hair and she grabbed my hand kissing it gently and licking the fingers I had just fingered myself with.

She said she was dreaming of tasting my cum as she watched me lick my fingers in the shower.

I found myself getting wet all over again as she sucked my fingers, it sent a chill down my spine and a feeling of excitement I can’t explain. I reached up and felt one of her breasts feeling that her nipples were already rock hard as my own. Her breasts were a little smaller than mine, she was probably a B cup as I am a C cup, her breasts were hard and round perfect in shape. I rubbed her nipple through her top then started to slowly unbutton her blouse one button at a time exposing soft pink nipples ready for more attention.

After removing her top and her bra, I took one of her nipples into my mouth running my tongue around it teasing it. I felt her body tense and her back arch as she let out a slight moan. I started to suck on her nipple gently biting it once in a while; this caused her to moan a little louder. I eased her back to a laying position on my bed as I started to unbutton her jeans. I was able to slide her jeans off only leaving her in a pair of black lace panties. I slipped my hand into them working my way down to her wetness. I could instantly feel the heat of her pussy and the throb, the need for pleasure. My fingers found her hole; I started out rubbing her clit back and forth feeling her juice everywhere my finger moved. I started to run my tongue down her stomach and around her naval as I slowly eased my finger into her wet pussy. Her moans almost became cries now of pure pleasure. I felt my own tight pussy getting very wet and throbbing with much force. I can’t remember ever feeling this erotic, I was on fire!

I continued to run my tongue around her abdomen area slowly making my way down inch by inch until my tongue rested between her legs. I gently spread her lips and slowly ran my tongue around her clit tasting her wetness, I continued to run my tongue around her clit area then slowly into her wet hole, just then she let out a loud moan and her body stiffened as she begged me to eat her pussy. I began to fuck her pussy with my tongue causing her to scream out in complete sexual pleasure. I would stop long enough to suck her clit and then fuck her again with my tongue.

She started saying she couldn’t hold back much longer just as I grabbed my new dildo and slowly inserted it into her ass as I continued to eat her pussy. I started out slow with the dildo and then more rapid, her body was becoming out of control as I began to fuck her with the dildo even faster getting it deeper into her ass each time. She began to scream “I’m cumming”, just then I tasted a flow of warm sweet cum run out of her pussy and into my mouth. I continued to lick teasing her now very sensitive clit.

Just then there was a knock at my bedroom door, both of us frozen in place. The voice yelled out, “Mrs. Carney are you in there”? I recognized the voice; it was George, sweet handsome George! I asked him to hold on a moment. Suzie was scared, she didn’t want to get caught and lose her job. In my heart I knew George was just too sweet of a guy to to get an employee, like her, fired. I told her to just calm down and relax and gave her my husbands robe to put on. I slipped my own robe on and opened the door.

I don’t think shock would quite describe George’s face as he looked into the room, his eyes moving from Suzie and back to me. I invited him to come in; he mumbled something about my husband staying out with the others for awhile and wanted to let me know so I wouldn’t worry.

I asked him again to please come in and reached for his hand to lead him into my room. He admitted he didn’t feel comfortable being there, however I looked down and saw a huge bulge in his jeans. I just smiled and pulled him into the room.

I admitted to him, as I started to rub his cock, that I found him to be extremely sexy and I couldn’t take my eyes off of him from the time we got there. He blushed and told me how beautiful I was. Suzie walked over and helped me lift his t-shirt off, after that I unbuttoned his jeans as Suzie unzipped them. We finally got him out of his jeans and boxers and there stood a very stiff cock just waiting for some fun.

I started to stroke his cock as George took my face and began to kiss me passionately, our tongues teasing each other and enjoying each others taste. He began to slowly kiss my neck and behind my ear, sending me into a sexual frenzy. Suzie and I took each of his hands and led him to the bed. He stood at the end of the bed as Suzie and I began to suck his hard cock. I started out teasing the head of his dick as she would suck each of his swollen balls, then we took turns sucking every inch of him savoring the taste of his pre-cum. I took my tongue and licked up some precum off the tip of his cock and Suzie sucked it off my tongue.

George reached down taking my long hair gently into his hands and then grabbing my head pushing his cock deep into my mouth, I could feel him touching my tonsils, I wanted every inch of this man!

As I continued to suck his dick, Suzie made her way between my legs and began to suck and lick my wet pussy. This almost made me cum instantly however I fought the urge; I wanted to hold on a little longer. Suzie continued to lick and suck my clit and then stuck her tongue deep into my hole fucking me with it hard, I felt myself starting to loose control as I exploded, sweet warm cum came pouring out of my pussy and into her mouth.

Just then George leaned down and started to taste my sweet juices licking and savoring every bit of it. When he stood up again, I took his hard dick back into my mouth sucking every inch of him, suddenly the door opened and there stood my husband holding his bow and a look of pure shock on his face!

None of us moved at first, suddenly Suzie walked over to him and led him by the hand back to the bed. Suzie pushed him down on the bed and told him to relax and enjoy the fun. She then unzipped his pants and took his now semi hard cock into her hand as she nelt down. She started licking his cock up and down the length of his shaft. He quickly became as hard as I had ever seen it.

I started to suck Georges dick again as my husband just stared at me, his facial expression changed from shock to pleasure as quickly as his dick got hard. As he was having his dick sucked by Suzie he watched me suck Georges and just gave me a big smile.

George was in his own world of pleasure enjoying the feeling of me sucking his cock. I could taste more and more pre-cum and knew it wouldn’t be long before he blew a nut in my mouth. I told him I wanted him to explode in my mouth, I let him know I wanted to taste and swallow every last wonderful drop of him.

I turned to look at my husband who had since lost some of the interest in me and had more on Suzie. She had already taken his pants off of him sucking his hard cock and fingering her own wet pussy. She was taking his entire shaft into her mouth and each time her tongue would lick his balls.

I felt George stiffen and take in a deep breath, just then he let out a huge moan and pulled his cock away from my mouth just as his cock started spraying cum onto my tits, I grabbed his cock and forced it into my mouth sucking each drop and savoring his wonderful taste. I wanted more of this man; I looked up into his eyes and asked him to fuck me.

I could hear my husband moaning behind me as the sound of Suzie sucking his cock became louder and fiercer.

George bent me over the bed and slowly pushed his cock into my tight wet pussy. He started out putting in one inch at a time, and oh he felt so good! Finally he got his entire cock into my tight hole and began thrusting back and forth moving slow then suddenly faster leaving me wanting more of him.

I turned just as I heard Suzie moan and saw her on top of my husband riding him like a wild bull. My husband’s eyes were shut tight taking deep breaths and trying not to moan out loud. Suzie was moaning loud at this point and I could see her pussy dripping juice down my husband’s balls.

Watching another woman fuck my husband turned me on so much! I began to tell George to fuck me harder; I suddenly wanted him deep and wanted him to pound my wet pussy even harder.

George began to lose control and started to moan and yell, “you’re pussy is so tight”! “I want to cum in your tight pussy”!

At this point I couldn’t hold back any longer and I let go and screamed a sound of pleasure as I came all over Georges cock, drenching his dick and balls, just then George lost control himself and shot a hot load of cum deep into my pussy. I felt wave after wave of hot cum shoot inside my pussy as he came for the second time. I moved out from in front of George and took his cock into my mouth sucking the last of the cum off his cock, and cleaning all of my sweet juices from his shaft.

We both lay together watching Suzie fuck the shit out of my husband. My husband flipped Suzie over onto the bed driving his cock deep into her pussy pounding her like there was no tomorrow causing Suzie to scream out in complete sexual satisfaction, by now my husband was no longer holding back his own moans either. My husband began to pound her fast and hard taking his cock as deep as it would go, Suzie let go and exploded all over his cock and balls just as he let go as well and came deep into her pussy.

I went over to my husband and took his cock and shoved it into my mouth sucking his cock clean and savoring his wonderful taste as well. I can’t remember the last time either of us came as hard as we did today.

Suzie took my husband by the hand and led him to the shower where they soaped and felt each other up. George made his way down to my dripping pussy and slowly started to run his tongue around my swollen clit, sucking then licking and teasing. I was tired however I wanted more of him so I just laid back and enjoyed the wonderful feeling. He began to eat my pussy fucking me with his tongue, sticking it in deep then sucking my clit and licking around my hole, this began to drive me crazy as I grabbed his head and shoved it into my pussy begging him to take me. He continued to eat my pussy until I once again had a mind blowing orgasm and came right in his mouth. This time I made him share my sweet nectar with me.

Later that evening after having time to relax and catch our breath, we all agreed on one thing, we would make this trip a ritual every year, plus George and Suzie would come out to our home once a year and spend a week experiencing more mind blowing sexual pleasure!

My husband leaned over kissing me hard on the mouth thanking me for the best birthday present a man could dream of. Maybe I should start thinking of other surprises for him, I sure enjoyed this one!!

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