The Oh, Honey! Suck off Shoppe

The Oh, Honey! Suckoff Shoppe

On the other side of town, secreted speak-easy style behind a well-patronized tavern, hosts the wild “Oh, Honey Suckoff Shoppe”.
This unique fellatorium, as the owner defines it, is a place where orally adept suck-maids sit between the legs of their patrons
and suck them off shoe-shine style!

The owner of the shoppe charges his patrons only twenty dollars per suck-off and splits the take 50-50 with his suck-maids.
Dirt cheap by any standard. But a good suck-maid, wearing only a maid’s bonnet and vestigial apron as her uniform, is usually
able to suck off as many as one hundred and twenty men per 8-hour work-shift by using this efficient assembly-line method,
earning her as much as $2,000 per day with tips. With this low fee, many patrons usually return for seconds – and even more!

Males are eagerly welcomed by the suck-maids before they are quickly escorted to the suck-off chair, provided
there is no usual waiting line. The suck-off chair is placed on a high platform with plenty of paper towels on hand to
clean up any spills. Suck-maids sit on a short stool for easy cock-to-mouth positioning. A good suck-maid is able
to suck off a man within an average four minutes time before quickly escorting another man to the chair.

There’s no “cheater’s head” allowed – that means no hands used for assistance at the shoppe.
The only contact with a man’s cock is her cocksucking mouth – so get him off, honey!

And she’ll always get him off deep in her mouth while nodding, pumping and coaxing – attempting to receive every warm, salty
spurt she could draw from him until he moans to full completion. All suck-maids are tongue-studded for maximum sensation and
sometimes swallows whenever it tastes good to her. (gulp) YUM!


One customer after another is placed on the suck-off chair. Waiting lines form. Men chat with one-another or read while they
await their turn. A tip cup is placed at their feet to encourage an extra stipend for a good ejaculatory experience.


With an over-worked jaw, neck and back, this suck-maid should go home with a quite tidy sum!

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