The Fog : Part 2

“You know the answer to that. There are dozens of victim in this swamp, but I have showed you these four examples for a reason. There is only one left.”
“There are many more?”
Elizabeth nodded slowly.
“Worse than these?”
“Imagine the guilt you would feel if your mother was holding you aloft to keep you from being burned, while swimming in circles in a pool of boiling water.”

William tried, but it was incomprehensible. “How do we release them?”
“By defeating Masey, but you already knew that,” she chided him again. “Before Masey came along this fog was simply a collection of random evil that captured a soul occasionally. But Masey made it different, more perverted and more evil like her own mind.”
“Where did it come from?”

“Creation. The moment of creation generated great energy, great magic. As the eons passed, this particular cloud of energy became perverted by the dark souls it captured. Long ago wizards in Europe drew on the residual powers of creation to perform magic. Each wizard had a place of power. The places of power were simply places where this residual energy collected. This swamp is a place of power which went untapped, unmolested. They nearly used up all of the residual energy on this earth, but the Collection still remains.”

“This amulet was supposed to be created by a wizard long ago,” William held the amulet up.
“It was. And you can use it to draw energy from the Collection. With that amulet, and your own will, you can defeat Masey.”

“Just as long as I don’t have to touch the dirty bitch,” he said, his face twisting in disgust.
“Be careful what you say, she has a way of twisting your words. Besides, you have engaged in intercourse with her,” Elizabeth laughed.

“I did not!” William yelled, looking at the people around him with a guilty stare.
“Yes you did. She mated with you twice, the first time was when you first entered the Collection, then again more recently. She just clouded your mind so you could not see her. You are lucky, she likes men. You should see what she does to women.”

“He has. I was trapped as you were,” the woman who had been eating shit murmured. “On the second day I demanded that she feed me. I have been eating shit for over three years.”
“She wanted us to make love to her, I told her to piss off,” the woman said gently to her husband. He had been pissing in her face for nearly 5 years.

“She asked me for sex, I told her to go fuck herself,” the redhead said, blushing mightily.
“Well it’s over now,” Elizabeth said to the people around them. “There is only one more to save. By uniting, we will be strong enough to defeat her.”

“Let’s get on with it,” William rushed forward. He held the amulet before him, as he approached the fire. The heart-rending screams were slightly muffled by the fog. In a moment they were standing only a few feet from the fire. One child looked up and screamed. Only it wasn’t a child, it was a creature designed to look like a child. It had black, leathery skin, clawed fingers, and a forked tongue.

“My God, demons,” William hissed fearfully.
“Not exactly. They are children of Masey’s clan. She detests children. When they annoyed her she turned them into… this.”

William closed his eyes and tried to will the demons to disappear. He heard the muttered chant behind him. At first it was their combined six voices, but eventually many more joined in. With screams, the demons burst into flames and disappeared. They heard an insane scream come from not far away. William felt his hackles rise. He knew that maniacal scream.

“Masey,” Elizabeth gasped, confirming his fears. He used the powers of the amulet to break open the metal cuffs on the man’s wrists. The man fell into the redhead’s naked arms, slumping to the ground. As William looked at the naked man, leaning against the soft, beautiful woman, he almost envied him.

William shook himself and looked at Elizabeth’s amused smile. “We will have to start without him,” William mumbled.

“No, he is important. He is a minister with great faith, and I fear, great outrage,” Elizabeth gasped. “Quickly, get the Christian artifacts.”

“The what… oh, the cross,” he said, running toward his Navigator. He pawed through the clothing until he found the bible and cross. He hurried back to the minister, just as they pulled him to his feet. William thrust the cross and bible into his hands. An insane grin lit his face.
“Retribution,” he murmured.

“Why don’t we leave while we can?” the redhead looked from William to Elizabeth.
“Because there are others who need our help, many others,” Elizabeth gently chided her.
“Yeah,” she reluctantly agreed. William knew why she was afraid. She was afraid that William could not defeat the old witch. Coincidentally, William was afraid of the same thing. He felt a hand clamp onto his arm. It was the minister.

“Our souls are in your hands,” he reminded William.
“Yeah, ok,” William agreed, “I will do my best. But if you get the chance to club the old bitch over the head with that cross, you take it,” he growled. They started out amid the murmur of laughter.

They approached the Navigator and stood in a group, looking off into the swamp.
“She comes,” Elizabeth whispered with her eyes closed, “but, we have a few minutes yet.”
William looked from her to the naked people around him. He quickly hurried to the Navigator and opened the door. He started tossing clothing to those around him. He watched the redhead as she covered her glorious nudity. What a waste. All beautiful women with such bodies should go naked, he thought. He saw the man grab the thermos and shake it.

“Go ahead,” William nodded. He opened the thermos and drank from the mouth, then handed the bottle to his wife. The other woman dug into the sandwiches and passed those around.
“Finally, real food,” she moaned as she bit into the sandwich.
“Wait a minute,” William called to Elizabeth. “Are any of you really ghosts? Can you survive outside of the Collection?”

“We are real. What will happen outside of the Collection is simple speculation.”
“But we made love outside of it,” William whispered urgently.
“That was not me. I projected my persona over that of the girl to communicate with you. Until we defeat Masey, I am trapped here just like the rest of them.”
“So the collection may disappear and I will be standing here with six live people?”
“Possibly. Of course there would be many more. Hundreds have been trapped here during the last millennium.” Elizabeth walked down by the shore, looking out into the swamp.
The redhead slid up next to William and touched his arm.
“I haven’t thanked you,” she whispered.

“If you had seen what I saw, you’d know that you have. God you are beautiful,” he whispered.
“I need to feel beautiful. I need to feel clean again. I need absolution from somebody who knows me and knows what I’ve been through. Maybe when this is over…” her words trailed off when Elizabeth spun around and rushed up the bank toward them.
“She is here,” Elizabeth hissed in distaste.

“God help us,” the redhead whispered, crossing herself. The other’s followed suit.
William took several steps closer to the swamp. Elizabeth stood beside him. The others ranged out beside them, readying themselves with silent prayers.

William suddenly felt a hand close around his heart. He staggered back, clutching the amulet. He tried to use his force of will to break her hold, but it was impossible to concentrate when his heart was being crushed. He heard Elizabeth take up the chant. The other’s joined in. The minister began reciting the Lord’s prayer while holding the cross aloft.

Masey suddenly appeared on an island before them. He felt the fear rise around him, but he was desperately fighting for his life. There was no time for fear.

William felt a lessening of pain. He too took up the chant, while fingering the amulet. As the pain lessened more, he mentally sought out the heart of Masey and clutched it in his own invisible grip. She screamed once and staggered back.

She began desperately reciting some ancient spell and he suddenly found that his powers slid around her heart like a hand on ice. He switched attacks, focusing on her mind. But to do so, he had to touch her mind. He found it too revolting to maintain an attack. She easily pushed him aside.

“You are inside her,” Elizabeth whispered. “You have impregnated her with your seed. Use that seed to attack her from within. She has no defense against it,” Elizabeth said in triumph.
With a look of disgust, William mentally sought out his sperm, deep within the belly of the witch. With a little manipulation he changed the sperm into flesh eating creatures. He saw a thoughtful look cross the dirty face of the old witch, then she grabbed her abdomen. With a look of pure terror, she looked imploringly at William, then began screaming.

Staggering as if mortally wounded, she began screaming a spell in some unknown language. Her words meant nothing to anyone but her. The words echoed around the swamp, bringing on a stillness and expectation.

“Watch out,” Elizabeth warned. William looked around, but saw nothing. He retained the amulet and tried to see through it. It worked. He saw the waters around Masey’s island moving, seething with life. She was using the creatures of the swamp to attack them.
“Stop them!” Elizabeth demanded.

The mindless churning of the dirty water now coalesced into hundreds of snakes and alligators, creeping forward under Masey’s command. William felt weak in the knees. He hated snakes and feared the alligators. His worst fear was being eaten alive and feeling the teeth which destroyed him, right down to the last minute. He could think of nothing more horrible. And Masey knew this. She had seen into his heart.

“If you want a victim, choose her,” William mumbled with a grimace. He was sweating. His head hurt from concentrating so long. His fingers hurt from gripping the amulet. He felt weak and puny in the face of Masey’s great powers.

“Don’t let her defeat you,” Elizabeth hissed. “She draws from the powers of the Collection just as the amulet does. Without that power she is just an evil old woman. You are more powerful than her, and she knows it. You have more inner strength, you have the amulet, and you have us,” Elizabeth hissed with great intensity. William heard the chant grow louder as more voices joined in. Being which had been afraid to face Masey, suddenly sensed her weakness and joined to banish her to hell forever.

Masey screamed in outrage, looking around herself. The creatures hesitated at the shore, no longer under a firm control. William ignored the creatures and concentrated on Masey. She controlled the creatures. If he defeated her, the creatures would go back to their own waters.
William sensed that she had killed most of the flesh eating creatures he had created from his sperm. He forced the remaining creatures to grow, taking on a voracious appetite. Masey again screamed and doubled over, clutching her abdomen. He could feel her powers fighting his, inside her pussy and abdomen. They fenced, pushed, and twisted to force the other out.

“If I only had a crown of thorns,” the minister whispered from behind William.
William gave an evil smile as he visualized a branch of thorns forming inside of Masey’s dried up old womb. Once they took shape he intensified his powers, waited, then made them grow inside her.

Masey screamed and fell to the ground. Grabbing her abdomen she rolled back and froth until she suddenly fell into the water. A great shift in the water came as Masey began thrashing around, not two feet from the shore. She screamed as a huge pair of jaws clamped onto her dirty arm and pulled her under. Despite his distaste, William followed her demise until the last vestiges of her evil power dissipated.

The fog suddenly lightened into a bright, white cloud. The creatures churned the waters as a few ate Masey’s remains, and the others returned to their homes.
“My God,” the minister said, before laughing explosively. “My God!” he yelled again, clapping the husband on the back. “Is it over?” the redhead asked.
“It is,” Elizabeth said, smiling proudly at William.
“Not quite,” William said, holding the amulet and concentrating on the swamp around him. “I feel 173 people trapped out there on islands. They will need to be rescued.”
“Only 173?” Elizabeth said in disappointment. “There were many more.”
“172,” William said, flinching. “One was just killed.”
“We must hurry,” the husband said. “I live in Hammond, I can mobilize a few people with boats.”
“Here are their locations,” William said, pressing his palm against the man’s head. The man stumbled back, blinked, then nodded. “I see them.”
William turned and looked at Elizabeth.
“I’m still here,” she said, raising her hands at her side.
“And still beautiful. So who or what are you?”
“Just a woman. I used to live in Hammond long ago. A very long time ago.”
“How long?”
“Well, I contacted you through my great, great, great granddaughter,” Elizabeth said with a sly smile.
“Yes. She has retained the family beauty, thankfully.”
“My God, that would make you…”
“None of your business. Unlike the others, I can feel myself aging even now. I do not think I have a full measure of life remaining, so I will live out my days with Jane, if she does not mind having a very old woman around. William nodded and gave her a quick kiss.
“I’m not old,” the redhead said, sliding up next to William.
“No, you certainly aren’t. There is a Holiday Inn just a short distance from here. How would you like to have a bath and a good meal?
“Almost as much as I crave sex,” she said with a shy smile.
“What! But you’ve been having…” he trailed off, wondering why he was objecting. She was the hottest woman he had seen in a long time.
After dropping the other’s in Hammond, William headed south for the Holiday Inn. The redhead’s name was Mindy, she believed she was a nymphomaniac. William was more than willing to help her find out.

Mindy had the bath water running before William had dropped the key on the desk. After such super-human effort, he was exhausted. He fell asleep in moments.

William awoke much later to the sound of humming. He looked around and found Mindy sitting in front of the mirror brushing her shining red hair. It was dry. He had slept for some time.
“You didn’t wake me,” he complained.

“No, I wanted you to build your strength,” she laughed, jumping on the bed.
“Really? Why?” he teased.
“If you don’t know, I’m in the wrong room,” she said, pulling her robe open and tossing it onto the floor.

“My God,” he said, looking at her perfect body. Her hands were undressing him as he laid on the bed. When he tried to help, she slapped his hand away. With a smile he laid there and watch. She yanked his pants down over his feet, removed his shirt, then looked down at his cock. She laid next to him and captured his hard cock in her hand. She stroked it, giving him a quick smile, then leaned down and took it into her mouth.

“Yes,” he hissed, falling back on the bed.
She ran her tongue up and down along the side of his shaft, then licked the head with quick, agile strokes of her tongue. He felt his toes curling at the intense stimulation. Just as he felt he couldn’t take any more, she closed her mouth over the head and sucked, while bobbing up and down.

Stroking his cock swiftly, she sucked on the head. Her tongue darted over the head, stimulating him like he’d never felt before.

“Oh shit, enough!” he said, pushing her away. “It’s your turn.”
Mindy smiled and rolled over on the bed, spreading her delicious legs. William ran his hand over each glorious leg, before falling forward and capturing her breast in his open mouth. He sucked each breast for several minutes, then began working his way toward her mound.
Mindy’s breath came in broken gasps. Dying of anticipation she held her breath, then expelled it noisily as he worked his way south to her womanhood. Now laying beside her, he found it and immediately clamped his mouth over her gently- rounded mound from above. She cried out and threw her legs wide, thrusting her pussy up to meet his warm mouth.

“Oh God,” she yelled. Her entire body was shuddering. William ate her pulsing pussy quickly, trying to add more stimulation to her hot flesh. He eagerly nuzzled and sucked her sweet cunt until he felt she was cresting. He waited with her womanhood in his mouth for a moment, delaying her orgasm, then finally probed her wet flesh with the tip of his tongue. She gasped in response, arching up off the bed.

He swiveled around and laid on top of her. Her mouth came up out of the darkness and found his. He kissed her urgently, while his manhood slid forward and entered her vulva.

“Oh yes!” she cried, heaving up off the bed. Her body arched beneath him. She held his body in a death grip, as he slowly sank his hard cock between her legs. She squealed and cried, when he began sliding in and out of her steamy flesh.

“Oh yes, fuck me,” she gasped. William intensified his attack. He was sliding smoothly in and out of her pussy now. He couldn’t believe the heat and juice he received from her pussy. He could feel it on every inch of his cock.

“Oh yes,” she gasped, drawing his mouth down to hers. She sucked on his mouth desperately. Her tongue probed his mouth, while his cock split her womanly mound and tickled her womb. She clamped her legs behind his ass and pulled him harder, so his pelvis slammed into her wet crotch. He loved her enthusiasm, her hot sexy body and steamy hot pussy. She was fresh and young, a far cry from the dirty creature he had plucked from his car.

The wet sounds of sex, mixed with their harsh breathing were loud in the room. The smell of sex was very strong, but pleasant. The bed creaked to their movements. On and on, he pumped his cock into her hot, wet lips. If he felt her nearing an orgasm he would stop, feeling her shudder beneath him.

Her sweet pussy clenched around his cock, trying to hold it into place. He felt the muscles contracting around him, trying to hold him inside her. It was too much too take.

Feeling the fire building in his loins, William moaned loudly, while pounding his hard cock up into her wet void. She gasped and withered beneath him, ready to cum as well. They both groaned loudly, then screamed together as their bodies exploded into a wonderful mixture of electricity and fireworks. Mindy’s soft body withered beneath him. She held him close as he shuddered and emptied his cum into her waiting pussy. Her pussy lips clamped tightly around him, holding his manhood inside her as her pussy spasmed and twitched. He jerked, pushing his cock far up inside her with each spurt of hot cum. Finally, they relaxed in each other’s arms.

William laid there listening to the beating of his own heart, and their ragged breathing. Her arms were still wrapped tightly around him as is she were afraid that he would go.
“You are going to like it in Florida,” he said as he smiled up at the ceiling.

“Am I going to Florida? Redheads burn easily, you know. Can you afford to buy me a lot of sunscreen?” she teased.
“Ok,” she giggled, squeezing him in her warm arms. “I wish you were hard again,” she whispered.
William lifted the amulet in his hand and whispered the chant. In seconds his cock grew rock hard and throbbing.

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