Riding the Javelin

“Now that’s a funny thing, right there. Yeah, Linda was making a lot of noise at first but she quietened afterwards. Pretty hard to hear her from way out there then. My idea is that you heard her alright, only you waited a while before you came in. Were you waiting because you thought you might make a deal with us?”

She tried to turn her head towards him pulled but couldn’t because Jodi pulled on her ear to make her look straight ahead. We all heard her gasp again.

“A deal? What do you mean?”

“I mean that we’re the lads who’ve been giving you the most trouble in your classes. But if you caught us with Linda you could either get us thrown out of the school or threaten us into behaving ourselves in future.”

“No, I never thought that!”

“Ah, but I say you did. And I say that people who go in for blackmail deserve to be blackmailed themselves. What-do-you-think-about-that?”

He emphasized each of the last words by tugging on her earlobe again each time he spoke. The teacher gave a little gasp with each tug. Jodi was showing her again how much she was under his control

“Now let me get this clear in my mind, Mrs Dunkley. Is anybody going to come looking for you soon if we keep you here? And before you answer, you’d better know that if you lie to us, I’ll personally push this javelin right up your arse.”

“No.” She was whispering, her voice shaking. “No, but the caretaker is probably still around.”

“You don’t need to worry about him. He knows when to be deaf. So it looks like you’re going to be with us for quite a while. Never mind, I guess we can find some interesting ways of passing the time.”

We were all licking our lips at that, though Mark and I were still cursing our luck at having to stand behind Ma Dunkley and not being able to see her face. I wondered if Jodi could put her completely under his control, the way he seemed able to do with all the girls. He’d certainly faced a lot of defiance from Janet Saunders at first, yet a few minutes on the javelin had turned from a Head Girl into a girl who’d much sooner give head than ride the rail again.

“Linda, come over here.”

We’d almost forgotten about Linda, which was quite something, since she was still only wearing her briefs and her socks and shoes — oh, yeah, and her necktie, which had somehow got left behind when her shirt was pulled off. She looked as juicy as ever, yet a lot more nervous than when we’d been mauling her.

“Jodi, I don’t want to get involved in this.”

“Fair enough, I don’t want to make you change places with Ma Dunkley, but I will do if I get anymore of your lip. Go on the other side of her.”

Linda obediently walked around past Mark and me. I never thought I’d let a pair of bare tits go by without taking a grab at them but I had to then. Linda ended up facing Jodi across the javelin with the teacher perched between them.

“Right, Mrs Dunkley, let’s start getting to know each other a bit better. An introduction would be nice. Normally, of course, I’d shake hands but you seem to be using both of yours at the moment. So what we’ll do is to have a little rule which starts right now.” Jodi tweaked her ear again, getting another gasp. “Are you listening, Mrs Dunkley?”

“Yes, I’m listening.”

“Right, the rule is this: every time somebody squeezes one of your tits you introduce yourself with your first name and say ‘I’m very pleased to meet you’. You understand the rule, Mrs Dunkley?”

Her answer was music to our ears, mumbled but obedient: “Yes, I understand.”

To me, this was incredible. Ma Dunkley was almost twice our age, a teacher, a married woman, and whatever we did she should have been able to dominate us. If Jodi hadn’t been there she would have done. It was his personality, his determination to dominate her instead and his readiness to hurt her as much as necessary which was beating her down. Unless of course she wanted to be in this situation. Maybe she had been waiting outside, getting up the courage to walk in and betting that this was indeed the way it was going to turn out. Who could tell why a woman did anything?

Jodi left one hand on her neck, took the other one from her ear and let his outstretched fingers slide gently down the side of one of the arms pushed straight down in front of her as she still kept trying to relieve the pain of being on top of the javelin. I thought she must be getting very tired of being in that position.

“Hmm, just to make it more interesting yet, we’ll make a second rule. After you’ve introduced yourself, you’ll do whatever you’re told to by anybody who’s holding one of your tits. Have you got that?”


“I’ve got a name.”

“Yes, Jodi.”

“So what happens when I squeeze one of your bouncers?”

She spoke very quickly: “I say, ‘Hello, my name is Christine and I’ll do whatever you tell me to.’ ” It seemed to me that she was in a hurry to show how compliant she was. Not only tired but probably sore as well.

“Right, let’s try it.”

There was enough tension in the room to run a power station as I saw his hand move around in front of her. The javelin quivered in our hands and the teacher gasped, then said: “Hello, my name is Christine and I’ll do anything at all that you tell me to.”

That broke the tension up, for the moment anyway. All of us chortled in delight at her surrender until Jodi held his hand up for us to be quiet again.

“Not bad, but fair turn is fair play. The same rule applies to you, Linda.”

He must have moved his hand over to her titties because she got pulled forward and bent over until she was almost leaning on the teacher. She’d been taken by surprise: “Oh God, what have I got to say? My name is Linda and I’m very pleased to meet you, Jodi, you bastard.”

We laughed at that as well, until Linda gave a real screech of pain. “I don’t allow back chat from any female in here. In this room they do as they’re told.” He must have given her tit a real screwing with his hand because she cried out again.

“OK, so to make it clearer, from now on, whenever an udder gets pulled I expect to hear the bitch that owns it to say her name and to say she’ll do whatever she’s told to. Let’s try this one again.”

Linda didn’t need telling twice: “My name is Linda and I’ll do whatever you tell me too.”

Then the teacher spoke up again, clearly feeling Jodi’s hand giving her the cue again: “My name is Christine and I’ll do whatever you tell me to.”

Jodi laughed. “Things seem to be coming along nicely. Now, Christine, let’s talk about deals. You’re certainly not going to be in any position to blackmail us, but we can offer you a good deal instead. If you’re nice to us we’ll stop causing you trouble in your classes. Not only that, I’ll make sure nobody else in the school gives you any trouble either. Would you like that?”

“Yes, Jodi, I’d like that.”

“Quite sure?”

“Yes.” She was almost shouting back at him, answering as quickly as she could. I could see her arms trembling as she kept them pressed down on the javelin.

“OK, but if we do that for you, you’ve got to do something for us. Is that fair?”

“Yes — yes!”

Jodi chuckled and then Linda blurted out loudly: “My name is Linda, how do you do and I’ll do whatever you tell me too.”

I still couldn’t see exactly what was going on but it was obvious that Jodi had grabbed one of her tits again and she was gabbling out the words he’d taught her like a trained parrot.

“Well done, Linda. Now, girl, what do you think you’d have had to do for us if Christine hadn’t come in and spoilt things? What do the other girls tell you they have to do in here?”

“They say they have to suck your cock, Jodi.”

That got a laugh. Will and Jacko weren’t looking at her though, they were staring at the teacher’s face to see her response. They were both grinning from ear to ear and I wished once again I was in their place.

“Just my cock?”

Linda certainly wasn’t being coy now. She was answering up loud and clear: “No, you make them suck all your mate’s cocks as well, and afterwards they get shagged by everybody.”

Jodi shook his head in mock sorrow: “Who are these horrible girls, and why are they saying such terrible things about me?”

You know how sometimes you start laughing and you can’t control it — you’re sort of gasping with ingrowing breath? I reckon we’d all reached that stage by then and Linda was laughing along with the rest of us. The thing was, we didn’t want to piss arse around and hold things up by laughing, we wanted to hear what the teacher had to say. She certainly wasn’t laughing though. Mick and I were fascinated by the way her leg muscles were flexing underneath those dark stockings as she wrigggled around on top of the javelin trying to find a position — any position — which wasn’t so uncomfortable as the one she was in.

I could certainly understand that because my forearms were aching with effort of holding her up on tip toe.

Finally, at long last, we stopped chortling and carried on with mere gloating as Jodi moved one hand away from the back of the teacher’s neck and gripped her earring again. He must have moved his other hand as well because she said — almost shouted: “My name is Christine, how do you do and I’ll do anything you tell me to.”

“Will you really, Mrs Dunkley? Or may I call you Christine? Now you’ve just heard what Linda thinks we’re going to make her do. She thinks I’m going to make her suck my dick while everybody else in here watches her do it. Do you think I’d do something like that, especially with a lady like yourself here having to watch such a dirty little scene?”

“Jodi, I’m absolutely sure that she’s going to do whatever you tell her to, just as I’m sure that I’m not getting off this javelin until I agree to do everything she does.”

I looked at Mick and he looked at me, and he was as surprised as I was. We could hear the strain in her voice from being straddled on top of the javelin yet otherwise Mrs Dunkley seemed pretty calm as she admitted she was ours to do with as we liked. Oh God, make this afternoon last for ever.

“Well, yeah, that sounds like a reasonable offer,” Jodi said, still playing it really cool. “Tell me, Christine, are you really saying that if I let you off this javelin you’ll suck us all off.”

“Yes. Jodi, please, I am offering to do whatever you want. Couldn’t you lower me down now, please?”

“I’ll tell you what we’ll do. We’ll lower you on to your heels and Linda and I will take your sweater off. If you behave that far perhaps we won’t lift you up on your toes again. Do you want to do that?”

“Yes, Jodi, yes please.”

He laughed. “Now that’s what I like to hear. But I’m still waiting for some detail about what you’ll do for us. Make it sound interesting and we’ll let you down.”

“Oh God. Jodi, I’ll go down on my knees for you. I’ll go down on my knees in front of you with everybody watching and give you a gobble.”

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