The Lottery

Author: Goblin

My friend Nick not only has a nine-inch cock, but one of the most devious minds around. I shouldn’t have been shocked when he proposed an outlandish idea to me and two other guys. We had been watching a flick on pay-cable late one Friday night and as soon as the movie ended, the network fired up one of those softcore sex movies. Unlike some of those which concentrate more on T&A, this one got off some generous shots of the leading man’s naked body. Even though they couldn’t show him with an erection, a couple of quick peeks at his flaccid cock proved he was no small player. The talk turned to sex, and Nick started telling us about an alleged event that happened a few weeks ago.

He said he was at a party with four other guys and when it was determined that they were all horny and game for some fun, they would get naked and mess around. Of course, every guy there was a self-proclaimed top man, so no one wanted to go ass-up for the group. The host decided to hold a “lottery” of sorts, and the “winner” would have to surrender his ass and mouth to the cocks in the room.

Nick was known for getting into some pretty kinky situations when it came to sex, but this was pretty surprising, even for him. He was about my age (29) and with his rock hard body and big cock, he never had trouble scoring in the bedroom. Nick and I worked out at the same gym, and thanks to his tips, my body was starting to look somewhat like his. Mario, another of his guests that night, also pumped iron at our gym. He was a couple of years younger, but he’d had an obvious head start on building his beautiful body. The Latin hunk was a total Adonis.

Completing our quartet for the night was a bit of an odd man out. Justin was a lot younger than the three of us; he was still in college. Instead of a gym bunny, he seemed more the twink type, with a little “alt” tossed in. His hair was dyed platinum blond, cropped short and spiked with gel. He had silver piercings in both ears and (he claimed) his nipples. A dark tribal band was tattooed around his left bicep, which was delightfully plump for someone who claimed he didn’t work out. Justin was also somewhat of a novice at sex, and seemed to be blushing as Nick recounted his tale of the lottery and sexual surrender.

“I think it sounds like a hot idea,” Mario admitted. Mario was like Nick, always ready for sex. I’d heard stories of the two of them cornering hot young guys in the locker room and engaging in steamy threesomes behind the doors of the facility’s sauna. They were both eyeing Justin with hunger, hoping he’d consent to the game.

“I don’t know about this,” Justin said, worried about the consequences. “I’ve never taken a dick in my ass, so I’d be fucked if I picked the winning card.”

“You sure would,” Mario said with a big grin. I thought I saw the Latino adjust his crotch. Like Nick, he also sported a big cock.

“I’ve never gone ass-up either, Justin.” Nick was tearing a piece of paper into four squares. “That’s what makes the lottery so exciting. Joel will play, won’t you?”

I shrugged. I had to admit I was horribly excited (and hard as a rock), but I had never taken anything up the ass the size of the tools my two friends were sporting. With my luck, Justin probably had the biggest cock of the bunch.

“I’m in.” Mario stood up and adjusted his shorts. Nick seconded the idea and I agreed. We all looked at Justin. “There’s only a twenty-five percent chance you’re going to get fucked,” Mario told him. “That’s a seventy-five percent chance your cock is going to sink into a nice tight hole very soon.”

Justin threw up his hands in surrender, visibly nervous now that he’d sealed his fate. Nick dug around for a pen to mark the winning slip of paper, but couldn’t find one. “I have a marker in the other room.” When he came back, he handed us each a folded slip of paper, instructing us not to open it.

Of course Mario peeked at his and immediately announced he didn’t have the paper with the mark on it. Nick laughed and looked at his. “I’m safe too.” He looked at Justin and me and smiled. “Looks like one of you two are going down on your hands and knees.”

I hadn’t looked at my paper yet and I saw Justin peek at his. I could tell by the expression on his face he hadn’t gotten the slip he was hoping for. Nick told him to hold it up. The slip was marked with a thick black X.

Justin sank back into his seat, his mind probably trying to figure out a way to get out of this. Mario had already torn off his tank top and Nick was busy collecting the scraps of paper. I hadn’t even looked at mine before he snatched it away, but it didn’t matter. Justin was the winner.

“Let’s see you strip for us,” Nick told the younger guy. The three of us sat side by side on the sofa while Justin began to undress. I swore I could see his chest moving as he peeled off his shirt. His heart must have been beating at twice the normal rate. All of us took a deep breath as Justin went shirtless. His upper body was completely smooth and naturally defined.

His chest was very beautiful, capped off with delectably-dark nipples the size of nickels. When he raised his arms to ditch his shirt, we were treated to the sight of his armpits, filled with dense dark hair. He may have been a bottle blond, but his body hair was black.

He nervously eased down his shorts, revealing a tight pair of white low-rise briefs from some trendy store at the mall. The snug garment hugged his ass nicely and accentuated what was a nice package in the front.

“Leave the underwear on for now,” Nick instructed him. Our host got off the couch and walked over to Justin. He rubbed the younger guy’s chest and tweaked his nipples, which were indeed pierced. “Undress me.”

Justin reached out and unbuttoned Nick’s shirt, revealing a nice set of gym-built pecs covered in a whorl of golden chest hair, the same shade as the hair on Nick’s head. His body was deeply tanned (no tan lines) and completely void of fat. His abs were rugged and slightly hairy, dipping down into the sexy bikini he wore. As Justin pushed the underwear down, Nick’s famous nine inches shot out, pointing at the ceiling.

“Do you want me to suck it?” Justin didn’t seem to know what to do.

“That’s a start. Get it nice and wet so it won’t hurt so much when I slide it into your ass.” Nick put his hands on Justin’s shoulders and pushed him to his knees. He rotated the kid so Mario and I could watch from the couch. It was very hot to see Justin trying to swallow Nick’s swollen dick.

“That’s enough,” he said after a few minutes of being sucked. “I don’t want to cum yet.” Nick looked at Mario and motioned his friend to step into place. Mario dropped his shorts (he was freeballing it) and slid his cock into Justin’s mouth. Mario was very vocal as the blond went down on him, his masculine moans filling Nick’s living room.

I was about ready to pop just from watching, and Justin hadn’t even touched my body yet. I stood up and walked over to the others, stripping out of my shorts and boxers as I moved across the room. I pressed the tip of my hard-on against Justin’s lips and let him suck me, while Mario smacked his face with the side of his wet cock. By now, Nick was on his back on the floor, his face buried under Justin’s bare ass. I could tell just by the way the blond was squirming that Nick had eased his underwear down and was eating his hole.

Justin wrapped his arms around my legs and groaned loudly as Mario squatted behind him and began to ease his cock inside his hole. I pulled my cock out of Justin’s mouth and leaned down to kiss him, whispering words of encouragement in his ear.

“Just relax, you can take it,” I said, pinching his hot tits and watching over his shoulder as Mario’s tool disappeared up the college boy’s ass.

Once Mario was in, he really began to fuck. He took long strokes, pulling all the way out, then slamming his cock back in. If Justin was truly a virgin, this had to hurt like hell, but he held tightly to my legs, moaning like crazy and licking every inch of skin he could reach.

Mario slammed his cock into the hilt one last time and held it there. I knew by the twisted look on his face that he was unloading. He held still for nearly a minute, and then collapsed on the floor, his pecs – shiny with perspiration – heaving up and down. His cock was still hard, pointed up toward the ceiling, and glistening with cum.

Nick wasted no time sliding into place and easing his own huge cock up Justin’s ass. The blond winced a bit, but Mario had really opened him up. I was getting so worked up watching his cherry ass take these big cocks that I was getting close to nutting myself. I knew Nick was going to take his time, savoring that wet tight ass, so I slid my own dick back into Justin’s mouth and let him suck me off.

I massaged the top of his spiny head as I got close to cumming. I was going to ask him if he wanted my load, but I began to spurt before I could form the words. Justin moaned as I emptied my nuts into his mouth. His tongue stroked the underside of my cock, coaxing the sperm from my balls. I was still totally hard when I pulled out, a long tendril of semen hanging like wire between the tip of my cock and Justin’s lips. I broke the rope and leaned down to kiss him again, savoring the taste of my own fluids.

“Glad it’s still hard,” Nick told me, punching his cock deep into Justin’s ass and filling the room with a chorus of garbled moans. “Get down here and pound this ass. It’s well lubed and tight as hell.”

I sank to my knees behind Justin and poked at his puffy hole. It was tight, but eagerly pulled me in. My dick was still pretty sensitive, but I loved the way the walls of his ass fluttered around my shaft. I sank easily in to the nuts, his fuck tunnel lubricated with the loads of Mario and Nick. As I fucked him slowly and deeply, my other two friends took turns throatfucking him. Justin seemed to be overwhelmed, but I was more preoccupied with my own intense pleasure to care.

While Mario and Nick shared Justin’s hot mouth, I reamed his asshole, hugging him from behind and teasing his pierced nipples. I must have been pressing just the right spot, because his ass clamped down on me like a vise just as thick ribbons of cum splashed Nick and Mario’s legs. I’d never seen anyone shoot so much!

I lost my own load, feeling my jism get sucked into the black hole of Justin’s amazing ass. Mario was cumming again as well, pumping his wad into Justin’s belly. Nick wasn’t able to wait until he got back in Justin’s mouth; his cock popped in midair, spewing thick spunk all over the blond’s face, chest and belly.

Justin was exhausted (as we all were) but extremely satisfied. He lay on his back like a baby as the three of us licked every inch of his body, cleaning it of sweat and cum. When we were finished, he asked Nick if he could use his shower. He padded off, naked, to the bathroom, leaving the three of us alone.

“You ever fuck a guy in the shower?” Mario asked.

“Not lately,” Nick answered. He trotted off to join Justin in the shower with Mario right on his tail. I stayed behind, laughing at their antics. I needed a few minutes to recover before I tried to stand in a shower. I found my underwear and used them to clean some of the cum off my body. I noticed the four slips of paper on the end table and shook my head at the ingenuity of the simple game of chance. I don’t know what made me check, but as soon as I opened all four of the slips, I knew Justin would have won no matter which piece of paper he had ended up with.

All four sported the same dark black X. Devious fuckers. I laughed out loud and headed for the bathroom, where I could hear the sound of sex over the noise of the shower.

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