The Big Attraction

Author: picturepainter

The Attraction

Carol hadn’t always been this big, well not as big as she was now. She had always been a curvy girl and at the age of 18 this was something that had attracted her first husband to her. Well two things actually, the two that stood proud and big on her chest had definitely attracted him to her. Indeed she had been proud of her 36DD’s at that young tender age and used them as her greatest asset when wanting things to happen, particularly when dealing with men of all ages. But then as the years had gone by and her and her husband had parted ways she had been alone for some time now. And she missed him, but not just him, she missed sex. Now at 41, time had still been good to her and she had the appearance in looks of a woman of mid thirties. And whilst she used to slip into a size 10 easily she was now onto a size 16.

But Carol could still attract the eyes of men; it just seemed to her that none of them wanted more than to look at her glorious curves. And now she sat in her bedroom alone, in front of her mirror looking sad and feeling lonely. She had been invited to a party of one of the girls that she worked with who was celebrating her 21st Birthday. Carol knew she would be one of the oldest there but still wanted to look good for the event as she gazed at her shape thinking of what she could wear to accomplish this feat.

Reaching into her drawer she pulled out a pair of lace topped hold up stockings in black and slid one onto each of her plump legs. After finally getting them on and adjusted correctly, she stood and slid her size 40G bra over her shoulders while harnessing her massive fat breasts in place! She stared at herself in the mirror for several seconds until the tears finally began streaming down her cheeks onto her chest! Never in her whole life had she felt so alone, and she was sure that it was her size that drove men away from her! Earlier in the day after her shower when she stepped on the scales it read 190 pounds, and for a woman standing five feet two inches tall she knew that she was overweight!

But concentrating on the evening ahead she quickly wiped the tears away and pulled on a black satin dress, and headed off to the bus stop, hoping that at least she would enjoy herself tonight and no doubt head home alone again.

She was lost in thought as the bus rumbled through the streets when her mobile phone suddenly brought her back to reality with its shrill tone. She lifted it up and flipped it open.
“Oh hi!” Said the male voice. “I was looking to speak to Carol?”
“Who is this?” Carol said before confirming her identity.
“Oh yeah sorry!” Said the voice. “It’s Paul, not sure if you remember me but I was in the Army with Tom, we met a few times when he, or you were based in Germany?
Carol’s thoughts were immediately taken back to her life as a younger lady married and living in a far off country and vaguely remembered a ‘Paul’.
“Oh hello!” She said politely as she racked her brain to try to remember what he looked like.
“Listen, Tom gave me your number as I am in town tonight and over the next few days and told me to look you up.” He paused. “I hope that’s okay?”
“Ummm, yeah I suppose it is Paul!” Carol said. “But I am heading to a party in a pub tonight, ummmmm!” She thought for a while then continued thinking that if she invited him along then she could escape in the crowds if necessary. “Paul, we are going to the White Swan in Church Street, umm, you can come along if you want?”
There was silence on the phone then the voice came back. “Great Carol, yes of course. See you there then!”

Carol arrived at the pub and walked over to her work mate and handed her a present and card before having a cocktail thrust into her hand by another of the girls from work. Sipping it she looked cautiously around the pub in case she would recognize the mysterious phone call but to no avail and was regretting inviting him to the party. It was when she was on her second drink that she felt a tap on her bare shoulder and turned to see a smiling stranger, or was he a stranger? As her mind went back in time once again she suddenly realised who Paul was. He had been a good friend of her husband Tom’s and had always seemed to have the eye for her in those early days, and she admitted, her for him too. Her face broke into a smile as they greeted each other warmly.

“So where are you staying Paul?” Carol asked.
“At the Blue Range Hotel.” He replied!
“And what about a Mrs…………ummmmm!” She enquired but he cut her off in mid sentence. “There is no Mrs Rooney!” He replied quickly. “Never has been, just still waiting to meet the right person I guess!” He smiled at her and looked around the room. “It’s busy isn’t it?”
She nodded in agreement as she sipped her third cocktail of the evening.
“Listen Carol, do you fancy going somewhere else? Perhaps for dinner?”
Carol’s eyes lit up and she readily agreed before going to see the birthday girl and made her excuses.

“So!” Paul asked. “How was the steak?”
“Cooked perfectly thanks.” Carol smiled brightly back seeing a twinkle in the grey blue eyes of her companion. “Yours?”
“Very good too!” He replied with a grin. “But not nearly as good as the company!”
Suddenly embarrassed at his boldness, Carol could feel the red rising in her cheeks, but with her eyes cast down she answered softly. “I feel the same way too. It’s been a lovely evening.” She smiled up at him, her deep brown eyes smoldering.

As the evening drew to an end Paul smiled again at Carol as he settled the bill. “Can I share a taxi with you?” He suggested and this was greeted with a smile of agreement. As they climbed into the taxi Paul almost instinctively put his arm around her shoulder, and as if it were the most natural thing in the world, kissed her softly on the cheek. She felt a warmth rising in her body and turned her face to his and their lips met. Almost immediately she melted into his arms as the kiss grew more passionate, and her mind started reeling as she felt his hand move slowly up her side until it came to rest on one of her full heavy breasts!

Looking her in the eye Paul whispered. “Cold?”
She shook her head and tilted it just right, hoping that he would kiss her again, which of course he did! This time, however, their tongues probed back and forth into each others’ mouths causing each of them to groan softly as the passion slowly grew in both of them! He stared into her deep brown eyes, kissed her again and asked. “Would you care to come back to my room for a nightcap?” She kissed him again, this time with more urgency, and after they came up for air, Paul tapped on the back of the driver’s seat and ordered him to take them to the hotel.

Almost nervously but full of longing and pride Carol walked arm in arm with her friend to the lift and he pressed the button. Moments later they were inside and neither said anything to each other as it rose. Inside the room Carol went to the window to look out over the city and Paul came up behind her.
“It’s a lovely view!” She said.
“Not half as lovely as you, Carol!” She said as he slid her arms around her and kissed her softly on the back of her neck. She knew they were moving too fast, and for the first time since leaving the restaurant she stopped him.
“Paul, wait. I’ll admit that I’m very attracted to you, but I want you to know that I’m not the kind of girl who lets strange men pick her up!”
Now staring again into her eyes, he gently pulled her to him and whispered softly into her ear. “You’re the first woman I’ve been out with in over a year, and believe me I’ve had other chances but you’re the first one I’ve felt like spending my time with!” He paused. “And, well………………………….!”
“And?” She said softly.

“God Carol, you never knew how attracted I was to you in the old days did you?” Her cheeks reddened as he spoke.
“I couldn’t stop thinking about and wanked myself stupid every night with you in my mind.” He kissed her again.
“And I couldn’t wait to see you again and that’s the reason I am in town!”

Carol’s legs wobbled slightly as he kissed the nape of her neck, and when he began nibbling on her ear she lost all of her resolve as he ran his hands slowly up her front and started to gently knead her massive soft tit flesh through her dress.
“And Carol…………………….!” He continued as he turned her around. “I’ve always wanted you but none more so than right now!”

He turned her away from him and after unhooking the single catch at the top of her dress he slowly lowered the zipper hold the back of her dress together until it came to rest just below her waistline! Panic was beginning to fill Carol as she realized in the next minute or so she would have to show him over sized body, a prospect which she absolutely dreaded!
“Don’t you think we should turn off the lights?” She asked hopefully, “I’m a little embarrassed!”
“What about?” Paul asked as her dress slid to the floor leaving her in just her bra, panties and stockings. But Carol could tell by the satisfied sigh from her friend that he liked exactly what he saw and she just smiled.
“Turn around!” Paul suddenly ordered and Carol obeyed as Paul walked back and sat on the edge of the bed watching her.

She shivered slightly while his eyes devoured her voluptuousness, and unbelievably for the first time since the breakup of her marriage she was standing almost naked in front of a man!
“You’re so beautiful!” He breathed. “Now take off your panties!”
She obeyed.
“Now……….!” He smiled as he shifted on the bed. “Your bra!”
It fell to the floor silently.
He stood and breathed softly while taking in the sight he had dreamt of for so many years. He walked towards her, repeating the word beautiful over and over again. With his hands out in front of him he took her huge breasts in his hands and hefting them as if to see if one weighed more than the other.
“Fuck!” He said!

With her pussy oozing juice like a leaky tap, Carol tried desperately to keep her mind on the rapidly changing events, but hearing a man call her beautiful was the most wonderful thing she had ever experienced! But that was quickly to change when Paul leaned over and greedily nursed on one of her over ripe nipples with a deep sucking motion!
“Oh my fucking god!” She gasped at the incredible sensations that were coursing through her body. “That feels wonderful, ooh please, and don’t stop, oh please, just keep sucking it!”
He chuckled a little as he let her breast flop back onto her round tummy. He looked up at her, a cheeky grin on his face. “Is that all you want? Just to get your nipples sucked?” He smiled. “Cos I can do that all night long!”
“Ummmmm!” Was all that she could say, as Paul led her by the hand over to the King Sized bed.

He gently pushed her down on her back with her legs spread wide apart! Her huge breasts slid off her chest, resting on her upper arms while her incredibly dark haired muff began to puff open in a state of complete arousal! Whilst never taking his eyes off of her pussy, he slowly began undressing. All those years of waiting and hoping were now coming to fruition, it wasn’t as if she had been saving herself for this moment, but now she was glad that she was old enough to appreciate every second of the experience! When he was finally down to his boxers, she held her breath in anticipation, almost like a child waiting to open the first present on Christmas morning! Her breathing was now coming in short shallow bursts, and just to tease her a bit, he took his time to let the tension in her body grow even more intense!

The and only then did he release his boxers and his huge thick cut cock bounced into view as he watched her body literally quiver with desire! He reached down and plunged his finger into her burning pussy, causing her to groan and thrust her pelvis into his hand! “My, my!” He said softly.
“Paul I’m on fire, please help me!” She gasped.

Carol was going out of her mind with lust. “My god!” She moaned as her hand automatically went to her pussy and she looked at his cock. “It’s so fucking huge!”
“A big cock for my big girl!” He laughed and directing his massive thick cock head directly at her seeping pussy lips he mounted her and she whimpered with a mixture of pain at his girth but pleasure at the longing for this to happen. She almost begged him to be gentle since it had been so long, but knew that as a man who had apparently always dreamt of this moment he would probably take her hard and fast! And slowly she felt the tip on his organ pressing insistently at her opening, gently at first, then more urgently as the heat began rising in his groin!
“I’m finally going to fuck you Carol.” He panted as he gazed down at her massive quivering breast flesh. “You just don’t know how long I’ve waited for this moment!” He nuzzled her neck a little, and with one extra little push the head slid easily into her and he whispered into her ear.
“From the moment I saw you I knew you were the one for me!” He purred to her satisfaction as she bit down on her lower lip with lust in her body. There was a flash of mild pain as his massive tool skewered her followed by the most incredible feeling of fullness she could have ever imagined.
“And I knew Tom would be fucking you and I was so jealous!” Paul continued as he started a deep but slow rhythm inside her.
“I bet he couldn’t make you feel like I will now!” He whispered again as he thrust harder and deeper into her meeting him with a thrust of her hips.
“Oh god no!” She purred back. “Never!”
Slowly at first, then faster and faster his stroking became as the long awaited orgasm started to rise in her before engulfing her body like a warm blanket on cold night!
“I don’t believe it!” She moaned. “It feels so wonderful, just being filled to the brim with your perfect cock! Oh fuck, I’m cumming over and over again!” She squirmed as she held her hands on her fat breast flesh squeezing her nipples hard as she did.

And for Paul it was wonderful too. He had waited so long, with so much desire in his heart for Carol. And for the first time in his life he had what he had always desired, a woman with her huge breasts, a round soft belly, fat bottom, and of course her beautiful full face all combined to turn him on more than any other shape of woman could. He was lost in the moment as was she and instinctively she could sense the increased tension in his cock as he ever so slightly increased the pace of his fucking!
“You’re going to cum, aren’t you Paul!” She gasped. While his eyes rolled back into his head and a state of total abandon took over him he panted through clenched teeth!
“I’m cumming so hard, and I’m filling up the girl of my dreams with all of my cum!”
“Oh, god!” She moaned loudly. “You’re filling me with your cum! Oh my god, yesssssssssssssssss!” Another orgasm ripped through her plump body. The cock lurched hard several times as shot after shot of hot cum blasted deep into hot cunt, driving both of them to heights neither of them had ever reached before!

“And I thought you might have wanted to cum on these?” Carol smiled as she held her breasts, the flesh overflowing her hands. She looked up at her lover as they lay on top the bed together. Then she saw his cock, that had wilted for some time suddenly start to harden again as it grew in girth and length.
“Oh I am!” He said smiling as he lifted himself up. “Right now…………….!”

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