Jim’s cock was rock hard. If he didn’t worry about her biting it off, he might of had her suck his cock. But he was too smart for that. The leader held her legs up in front of her as she lay on her side. He slid closer and entered her moist pussy from in front. The second man, now pantsless, slid up behind her. His cock fenced with the leader’s for a moment, getting it well lubricated, before he pressed it against the entrance to her ass. Jim could see her pause and look back, waiting to see how the combination felt. She didn’t have long to wait. The man’s lubricated cock slid easily into her ass. She cried out a little, then bucked between them. The leader reached out and mashed the woman’s breasts in his hands. He again marveled at her beauty, even though her face was twisted in bliss.

Jim was dying from restrained lust. His cock was leaking in his pants. He could feel a cold wet spot in the front. He looked forlornly at the three men still waiting. How could he survive such a long wait?

The leader began panting loudly, intensifying his attack. It was only a moment before he groaned and shuddered. His cock emptied it’s contents into Layla’s wet pussy. She looked disappointed, but the next man stepped up. His cock was only about 6 inches long, but she didn’t care, as long as somebody fucked her.

The man behind her was working furiously. The faster he pumped into her ass, the hotter the friction, and the pleasure, grew. In three minutes he cried out and stiffened. His crotch smashed into the woman’s ass as he orgasmed. She pushed her slender ass back to meet him, then cried out in disappointment when he pulled out. A streamer of cum glistened between her ass and the ground.

The next man slid closer, used a dirty bandanna to wipe her shapely ass, and thrust his cock inside her.

“Oh yes,” she cried, feeling full and contented as the two cocks pumped away in her bottom. She looked back and locked eyes with Jim. The man fucking her pussy groaned and pumped faster. The slap of naked flesh was loud and erotic. Layla’s eyes clouded over, but she continued to gaze at Jim.

“I think she likes you,” the leader teased.
“She’s very beautiful,” Jim said simply.

“She is,” the leader agreed. And don’t worry, you are next. The breed doesn’t like women. In fact, he doesn’t like anybody,” the man laughed pointing at the dirty man behind Jim. He looked back to see how the breed was taking such ribbing. Either the leader was very fast with a gun, or well liked by his men. The breed colored, but said nothing. He scuffed his foot and turned away. Jim looked around quickly, assessing the situation. The leader had no pants, and no gun. The second man lay next to the blanket, still recovering as he watched his friends fuck the beautiful woman. The breed was sulking and paying no attention to anybody. Suddenly Jim acted. He leaped to his feet and pulled the rifle out of the breed’s hands. The breed went for his pistol, but it was tied down. Jim shot him long before he yanked it free.

Jim spun around. The leader, in the act of reaching for his gun, froze. The men fucking Layla lay still. He had them cold. He glanced at Layla and saw the look of desperation in her eyes.
“Finish fucking her,” Jim said, letting the rifle hang from his elbow. She gasped out in sudden hope, then moaned as the men continued their actions. It took them all only a moment to cum. Layla screamed loud enough to be heard in El Paso… well almost.

She shuddered between the two men as they emptied their cum in the appropriate crevices. She finally pushed them away and stood. She took a canteen and moved away from the men. Spreading her legs, she washed her pussy and ass with handfuls of water. The men watched, giving her their full attention.

“Well?” she asked, looking at Jim.
“Well what?”
“It’s your turn,” she said impatiently.
“I’m not here to rape you, I came to rescue you.”
“Shit,” she said, stomping her foot in disappointment. Her breasts jiggled on her chest, causing the men to groan in restrained passion.

“There was no gold,” the leader said with a sheepish grin.
“No, no gold,” Jim admitted. “Now I want you men to get dressed, but leave the guns were they are. I’m taking them with me. I’m going to scatter your horses, you can chase them down later.
“Layla, can you saddle my horse, it’s about 100 yards behind us.”
“Sure,” she said in obvious disappointment.
“You are not going to turn us in?” the leader asked with a sly smile.
“After the show you put on. Hell no,” Jim laughed.
“Gracious,” the man said. Come on boys, let’s take a walk,” he said, leading the way toward the south. “We’ll meet again some other time,” the leader called.

“And welcome,” Jim called. He turned and looked at the body. It was up to him to give it a burial. He kicked dirt over the body. Five minutes later Layla led his horse into the clearing. He picked up several rocks and threw them at the horses. They took off toward the north.
“What now?” Layla asked, gazing forlornly at the retreating men.
“Now? Now I am going to take you to a little cabin up in those mountains. We are going to fish, hunt and fuck to our heart’s content.”

“Are we?” she asked in sudden interest.
“We are,” he slapped the reins over his horses ass.
“Hey, you didn’t have a calf…” she trailed off in sudden embarrassment.
“Some of us don’t need one, Layla,” he smiled as they rode away.

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