Author: Western

Cannons roared in the distance. Black pillars of smoke arose in the south, marking the boundaries of the once great city of Vicksburg. A brisk wind blew the weeping willows, causing them to moan gently. Horses cried, cattle bawled. Whistles and shouts accompanied the Union cowboys in the nearby pasture.

Harley Bennet tossed the half-chewed piece of grass away and smiled at Sam, a young country boy from the Carolina Hills.

“I wish I could have seen Vicksburg before the army got to it. It looks like General Grant is having himself a real shindig,” he laughed, turning and looking toward the mansion with a twist of his lips. The officers were standing on the steps of a stately mansion. The group of officers, and the southern women who spoke to them, looked like a Sunday-go-to- meeting group.

Whistles and shouts accompanied the four soldiers herding cattle out of the pasture. Harley and Sam leaped out of the way, dragging their horses behind them. Their foraging sweep had been successful, Grant’s army would eat for a few days.

“How come they get the southern bells, and we get the negroes?” Harley complained.
“Oh stop whining, some squads don’t even get the negroes. We’re lucky. We are the only foraging team with a perverted Captain in charge. The old fucking drunk.”
“Well if I’m going to fuck a negro, I need a drink my own self. I’m not into that dark meat.”
“The hell you ain’t. A warm, pink pussy beats pulling your pud any time. Hell, there comes Smitty. What’s he want?” Sam moaned.

“Fellers, come look at what I found,” Smitty said in red faced excitement.
“Whoa, slow down Smitty. What’s crawled your drawers?” Harley asked, following despite himself.
“You won’t believe what I’ve found. I went to the slave quarters and I’ve found something special.”
“A cute little negro girl? Are you into little girls now, Smitty?”
“Some are little, and cute as hell. But there’s more than one. Either the master of this plantation liked to bed a darkie every night, or we found ourself a regular southern whore house here. There are good looking negro women for as far as you can see. We’ve struck the mother load.”

“The hell you say,” Harley hurried to catch up. He burst through the door and found himself confronted by a dozen different women, some light brown, some black as coal, some pretty and one regal and haughty. Harley gulped and pushed Smitty out of the way. “My God,” he whispered in awe, looking down the line of white beds.

“Well boys, here’s what we are fighting for,” Sam said, walking slowly down the row of beds, ogling the beauties sitting on each one.
“Ladies, we are here to free you,” Sam said loudly, strutting from one end of the room to the other.
“Is that what they are calling it now?” the tall regal looking woman asked. She looked like a queen or princess.

“Lady,” Sam said, stopping beside her bed, “I am going to fuck you half to death.”
“Of course,” she nodded with unconcern.
“Strip,” Sam commanded, sitting his rifle at the end of the bed. He pushed off his suspenders and began unbuttoning his shirt. Sam and Smitty chose a slave girl each and began undressing. A huge explosion echoed around the planation. The brittle glass windows vibrated. They paused, looking at the windows for a moment, then the action continued. Sam’s woman began taking off one piece of clothing at a time and folding them on the end of the bed. As she finally bared her breasts, all action in the room ceased. Everyone watched as she calmly began removing her pantaloons, while her firm, cone shaped breasts jiggled slightly on her chest. They were fantastic.
“There went part of Vicksburg,” Harley laughed as a second explosion echoed through the buildings.

“Vicksburg was a beautiful city,” Sam’s woman said quietly. “I will miss it, but we will rebuild.”
“Yeah,” Sam said, not listening. He watched as she slid her sweet brown body up on the bed and sat with her back against the wall. She was extremely beautiful. Sam licked his lips and smiled at his friends, but they were in a world of their own. Harley was already fucking his negro from behind. She had her eyes screwed shut, obviously enjoying it. Smitty, the perverted son-of-a-bitch, was licking his woman between the legs.

He twisted his face up in revulsion as he looked at his own woman.
“Have you ever tried it?” she asked calmly.
“Hell no, and I never will.”
“Of course,” she nodded again, looking at him with those insufferable knowing eyes. He grew hot and angry.
“I suppose lots of people have licked your fucking pussy,” he said sarcastically.
“Yes, they have,” she nodded again.

“You, bitch,” he turned to the woman on the next bed. She looked like a clumsy girl of about 18. She nodded vigorously as he spoke.

“Lick her pussy,” he said with a smile. To his surprise the woman sprang off the bed and joined his woman. He gasped as she bent between the regal woman’s legs and calmly began licking.
“Well I’ll be damned,” he said, suddenly very horny. “Do me,” he commanded, holding his cock in his hand. The regal woman leaned forward, pushed the eager girl back, and took his cock in her hands. The eager girl sprang behind the regal woman and continued lapping like a dog. Sam was rock hard. His cock was so excited that it hurt. He watched breathlessly as the woman opened her mouth and sank down to take his cock into her warm, red lips. They were the biggest, softest lips he had ever seen.

“Oh God,” he moaned as the heat surrounded his cock. Her lips slowly slid down and fully engulfed his cock. His eyes bulged out in wonder as he watched his cock disappear down her throat.
“My God,” he said even louder.

The sounds outside the building went unnoticed. The far of explosions in Vicksburg, went unheard. The shots around the countryside were ignored. The two women in the first two beds, now aroused by the activity around them. Joined each other on the second bed and began kissing. Their hands explored each other’s bodies. Their lips and tongues met urgently, searching the mouth of the other.

Sam watched them as his negro gave him the most fantastic blowjob of his life. He had only received one other, from a boy who went down on him behind his woodshed. But this was far superior.

As death and destruction went on around them, the surreal world of sex, lust, and love captured all their attention. Moans, withering arms, and naked bodies gleamed in the yellow afternoon sunlight coming in through the windows. Sam shuddered and whined as those hot moist lips bobbed on his manhood. He watched the nose and eyes above the shapely ass of the regal woman. The teen was eagerly fulfilling her duties. It was obvious from her actions that she had either dreamed of doing this, or had done it often. Either way it was the most exciting thing Sam had ever seen.

Sam looked down the room. Smitty’s woman was riding him now. With her legs wide spread, she rose and sank on his body, while he laid with eyes tightly closed, enjoying ever moment of it.
Harley was resting, having had his orgasm already. He was laying on his side, with his arm over his woman, watching the two girls in the second bed making love. The were laying one on top of the other, facing in opposite directions, licking the pussy of the other.

“Holy shit,” Sam murmured. He jerked as the woman’s tongue licked the sensitive head of his cock. Even though he was not Jewish, he was circumcised, which made his cock very sensitive on the head. The woman was now swirling her tongue around on the smooth end, driving him crazy.
“Stop, oh stop,” he moaned. She smiled up and him and resumed bobbing and sucking. Sam felt his orgasm churning in his balls, like water just beginning to boil in a pot. The woman took his balls in her hand and gently massaged them, as her mouth savagely sucked with ever-increasing speed and voracity. Sam realized that the teen was bringing his woman off. She was close to her own orgasm. Fearing those white, flashing teeth wrapped around his cock, he hoped that he would come before she did. He had heard of men who’d had their cock bitten off in the throes of orgasm. He didn’t want to be one of them.

“Oh yes,” Sam gasped, throwing his head back. He felt the heat increasing, the churning hot cum getting ready to boil from the end of his penis, into her willing mouth.
The boy who had given him his first blowjob had swallowed his cum, saying it was very sweet. Would this woman?

“Oh fuck,” Sam moaned as his cock began spurting thick cum into her mouth. He watched with astonished eyes as she calmly sucked and drank his cum, smiling up at him as she did. He jerked and shuddered beneath her mouth, then began rubbing her back as she began her own orgasm. She thrust her ass backwards against the eager teen’s mouth, grunting hand hunching, smacking her wet flesh against the mouth of the girl. The girl held the woman’s ass in her hands to steady it, was she lapped eagerly. The woman moaned, holding Sam tightly as she jerked uncontrollably. Thrusting her pussy into the girl’s face, the jerking grew less urgent, then finally stopped. She wilted in Sam’s lap, falling forward and holding Sam around the waist. The teen eagerly surged forward and licked the woman’s ass, pussy, and inner thighs clean. She sat up and smiled at Sam, wiping her mouth on the back of her hand.

“Glorious,” Sam murmured.

Shouts from outside the slave quarters alerted them to the approaching officers. Sam raised the woman gently and ran for his uniform. He was nearly dresses when the officer strode into the room. They stopped in astonishment, looked from one naked woman to the next.
“Lord Henry,” the Captain gasped. He shook his head reluctantly and looked at his men.
“Hurry and dress, men, Grant is moving north to meet General Washington. We are joining him.”
Sam dressed, then ran a fond hand over the woman’s head, before sprinting out of the room. The women surged toward the front door and watched the soldiers ride off.
“We’re free?” one of the women asked, looking at the departing soldiers.
“I guess so,” the regal woman said.
“So what do we do now?” the woman asked.
“I guess we do what we always did,” he regal woman said, closing the door.

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