Aqua e Sapone (Water and Soap)

Franco smiled again, but he didn’t take his hands off my chest. His wide-eyed innocence was merely a smoke screen. As his fingers brushed across my nipples over and over, I felt my cock starting to stir in my shorts. He continued to fondle my chest and my cock continued to grow. He glanced downward and saw what his handwork was doing to me.

Franco’s hands moved downward and he rubbed them across my taut abdomen. I was in heaven. My cockhead poked out past the elastic waistband of my shorts. Franco flashed me his mischievous grin again.

“Ti piace?” he asked.”
“Si, mi piace moltissimo,” I responded, nodding my head.

Franco smiled again, and then dropped to his knees in front of me. He grabbed the waistband of my Calvin’s and yanked them down around my ankles.

Before I could say anything, or think of anything to say, Franco was sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow. I was too shocked for words to even come out of my mouth. Even if I had thought of anything, with my limited Italian, I would not have been able to express it in words that Franco would have understood.

Worried that somebody would catch us, I tried to make Franco stop, but the more Franco sucked my cock, the more I was turned on. I soon stopped worrying about what anybody passing by might think. The row of washing machines in front of us obscured anybody’s view into the laundromat. If anybody happened to walk into the place, I would see them in time to let Franco know we had company.

“Oh, shit. suck that cock,” I groaned.

Franco looked up, with my cock still in his mouth. He obviously didn’t understand what I had said, but I think he had the idea because he then plunged back down on my cock, taking it all the way down to my short hairs. I groaned even louder and he pulled back off, leaving only the head of my cock in his hot mouth. He swabbed his tongue around my sensitive cockhead. I thrust forward, forcing my throbbing fuckstick into his hot, moist mouth.

“Take that cock. Come on. Take that cock.”

Reaching down, I tweaked Franco’s nipples through his T-shirt while he mouthed my dick. He looked up with my dick still in his mouth and stared directly into my eyes. I caught my reflection in the big brown pools.

Franco took my cock down to my bush one more time. I groaned loudly as my cock snaked down his hot throat. I pounded my cock in and out of Franco’s hot mouth until I was on the verge of cumming. I pulled out right before I dumped my load. I didn’t want to cum just yet. I wanted a taste of Franco’s thick Italian sausage that was tenting his jeans.

Franco plunged down on my dick one more time. I slipped my hands under his armpits and motioned for him to get up. He looked disappointed as my cockhead popped out of his mouth.

As Franco stood up, I pressed my mouth to his full, moist lips. I ran my hands through Franco’s silky dark brown hair, while staring into his eyes. Franco stared back, his long thick eyelashes fluttering. I wondered what was running through his head. In the back of mind, I was still worried about getting caught. I tried put those fears out of my mind, as Franco’s tongue probed my mouth.

Franco laid back down on the bench. I laid down on top of him. Our tongues dueled as we listened to the sounds of water churning in the washing machines. Reaching down, I felt Franco’s stiff meat through his jeans. As we made out, I fumbled with his fly for a few minutes, trying to free his boner. I pulled his T-shirt up and over his head. He undid the buttons to his jeans, and pushed them to his thighs. He wasn’t wearing any underwear. His thick uncut cock slapped against his smooth belly as I tugged down his pants.

I pushed back Franco’s foreskin, exposing his bright red flared cockhead and then swiped my tongue across the head of his cock, lapping up a drop of dick-honey that had dribble out his piss slit. Franco was groaning and muttering in Italian. I didn’t understand anything he was saying. I jammed my tongue under the folds of skin that were bunched up behind his cockhead, licking under his foreskin. Franco cried out.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when a buzzer on the washing went off, letting me know my wash was done. Franco pointed at the washing machine. I looked up at him and tried to suppress my laughter.

“Oh, the dryer. L’ aspeta,” I said. I told Franco it could wait. I then engulfed his cock down to his dense dark pubes.

Using my mouth to push Franco’s foreskin further down his cock shaft, I licked around his sensitive cockhead. As I worked Franco’s cock with my mouth, he thrashed underneath me. Precum was flowing heavily out of Franco’s piss slit. I lapped up every drop of his juices, then took Franco down to his bush again. I resisted the urge to gag, as his thick cock slid further down my throat. Franco cried out a barrage of words. This time I recognized a few of the curse words that I hadn’t learned in class.

I let up on Franco’s dick and began to lap at his low-hanging cum-filled nutsack. Taking one of his nuts into my mouth, I rolled it around on my tongue. After I slicked up Franco’s ballsack with my spit, I began to explore the hairy crevice between his legs with my tongue.

I licked further down his crack, all the while breathing in his intoxicating man scent. As Franco spread his legs further apart, giving me better access to his asscrack, I licked up and down his crack like a man possessed. It didn’t take long before the hair lining his crevice was slicked back with saliva.

Franco then reached down and grasped his asscheeks and pulled them apart, exposing his hair-ringed asshole. He didn’t have to tell me what he wanted. I dove into his crack, face first and ran my tongue around his asshole, feeling it twitch with every swipe of my tongue. Franco moaned when my tongue pushed through his ass-ring. As I tongue fucked him for several minutes, he gasped for breath and was cursing up a storm in Italian. Even though I didn’t understand a lot of what he was saying, it was apparent he was enjoying himself as much as I was.

As I looked up at Franco, my eyes locked on his. Despite speaking different languages and coming from different countries, I understood what he wanted. I wanted the same thing. I wanted to feel my cock inside his hot ass.

“Ficcami in culo,” said Franco. “Fuck me up the ass.”
I reached over to my bag that was lying on the floor and pulled a condom and a small tube of lube.
“Il preservitivo,” I said. Franco smiled when I showed him the condom. I rolled the rubber down my rod and then greased up Franco’s hole.

Motioning for Franco to get down on the floor in front of the washing machines, I grabbed one of his towels from off the top of one the machines and spread it out on the floor.

Franco laid down on the towel and lifted his legs in the air. I knelt down between his legs and ran my cockhead up and down his crack, gently nudging my prick at his hole. When he loosened up, I pressed forward and popped my cock head through his sphincter.

“Oh mio Dio,” he said.
I inched my shaft deep inside his bowels until my balls were slapping at his ass. Franco smiled at me while I pressed forward. I inched my dick slowly back out, feeling Franco open up to me.
“Piu in fretta,” he said.
Ramming back into Franco, I built up the tempo of my thrusts. I grabbed a hold of his ankles as I pounded his ass. Franco’s head rocked back and forth on the towel as I fucked him.
“Dai! Dai!” screamed Franco.

I dicked him faster and faster until he was trembling beneath me. Then a jet of hot white cum spurt out of Franco’s cock, coating his belly with his hot spunk. My own cum was churning deep inside me, it wasn’t long before I erupted in two quick blasts, filling the rubber with my hot spunk.
Spent, I lay on top of Franco gasping for breath. My softening cock slowly slid out of him. Grasping the condom, I tossed it in a nearby trash can that was filled with empty detergent bottles. Franco leaned up and kissed me.

We got up a few minutes later. Franco wiped off his cum coated belly. I pulled on my shorts and Franco helped me figure out how to get the dryer working.

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