Anomalistic Encounter

Author: James Lucien

New York City was abandoned twenty-five years before it had become an Outlaw Zone; a quarantined city controlled by The Mara Salvatrucha Mafia (MS-13). Legal citizens live in the underground super-cities. Due to chaotic weather and lack of upkeep, the Big Apple is rotting away. Weeds and roots have decimated the streets and begun to damage the foundation of buildings.

Quinn Kalani’s russet hair, cut in a surfer-style, blew riotously in the cool wind as he surfed through the wasted city on his Eureka ZeroGrav-Board, which utilizes antigravity propulsion-discs to propel him forward at speeds of up to sixty miles-per-hour, while hovering one-and-a-half-feet off the ground. He mentally controls the board via a tiny transmitter plugged into his neural interface.

Quinn is a twenty-four-year-old urban-surfer of Hawaiian decent, tall and well-built. He’s also a digital mercenary. Hacking skills are of immense value in a world where technology rules supreme, and grants oneself a small degree of liberation from the oppressive presence of the totalitarian government.

His X-Pod jamming progressive trance, Quinn surfed over a rancid trash heap, which thankfully he couldn’t smell due to his filtration mask, and into a twelve-story parking garage. He glided passed a hoard of homeless, who had grown to ignore his regular invasion of their improvised home, and up to the open, mostly barren, rooftop.

He halted to visually inspect his usual run. He needed to check that none of the roofs have caved in since yesterday. A severe lightning storm had rumbled the night.

The afternoon sky was a daunting shade of grey, cold and heavy, threatening to strike with another storm.

As much of his zigzagging route as he could see from here looked intact. That didn’t mean a roof wouldn’t collapse under him. But it wouldn’t be as fun without the risk of sudden death.

Surfing rooftops is extremely dangerous, but well worth the risk for the hyper adrenaline rush and the awesome feeling of freedom. Without urban-surfing, Quinn didn’t know how he would go on. It’s his only source of joy that prevails over his constant tiring loneliness, even if it was fleeting. And unlike the vast majority of surface dwellers, he refuses to harm his body and mind with drugs and replay, so he doesn’t have many options to alleviate his persistent depression.

Quinn hovered to the other end of the roof to give himself ample room to gain the necessary speed for the first jump. He hunched down and pulled in a deep breath through his filtration mask to ready himself. What have I got to lose?

Quinn shot forward across the full length of the roof and up over an old Acura sports car. With a thought command, he triggered his board’s grav-booster as he reached the edge of the hood and leapt over the guardrail. He hooted with excitement as he momentarily soared like a bird through the sky, his feelings of hopelessness forgotten, and then landed on the rooftop of a neighboring ten-story building.

He surfed over the battered rooftop of the old building and leapt off the edge, twisted in mid-leap and landed on the protruding ledge of a skyscraper, sending pigeons into the air all around him. He cruised along the jutting ridge of the high-rise, disturbing the nesting pigeons, until he reached the corner of the building and leapt into an adjacent apartment building through a set of shattered balcony doors.

He glided through the apartment full of rerun junkies laying about soiled mattresses, oblivious to his sailing through their home, and turned right out their front door into the hallway.

Shooting down the lengthy hall, he weaved around trash and sleeping homeless, and took a left into the last apartment, where two corpses laid rotting.

He shot through the apartment and onto the balcony, surfed over a moldy couch, and leapt with the use of his board’s grav-booster, freefalling twenty-five-feet before landing on the raggedy rooftop of a six-story building.

The remainder of the run is a straight shot, but he has to get up to max speed before the next to last jump, or he won’t make it across the wide alley, and will slam face first into a brick wall, before falling thirty feet to the jagged pavement.

Palms held out to cut through the brisk wind, Quinn sailed over the rooftops, leaping from roof to roof, gaining speed as he went along. He ground his teeth in anticipation, and triggered the grav-booster at the last moment, leaping over the wide alleyway with eyes closed and breath bated.

He landed on the roof of a three-story building, opening his eyes and inhaling a breath of relief with a wide smile, and zipped along at his accelerated speed. He leapt onto the pointed roof of an old church, surfed over the shingles, off the roof, landing on crumbling cement stairs and onto the street.

Another successful run!

His emotional high dwindled as he cruised home to NYU in Greenwich Village Manhattan, where he lives so he can utilize the university’s quantum computer array for his hacking exploits. From time to time he lends his digital talents to the MS-13, in exchange for his small but clean and safe quarters within the university.

He hovered into his personal unit and the door sheathed closed behind him. With a thought command, his board lowered to the floor and released the solid grip of his boots as it deactivated. He pulled the tiny transmitter and slipped it into a pocket, peeled off his filtration mask, and switched off his X-Pod, killing the blasting trance music. The upbeat melodies helped keep his thoughts from plummeting into dark isolating voids of negativity.

Quinn lay down in bed, slipped on his Cyber-Shades, plugged the data-cable into the neural interface on the back of his head, below the occipital protuberance, and jacked-in to the Metaverse, slipping into an oneiric state of consciousness, similar to the lucid dreaming state. His mind disassociated from his body.

He opened his eyes inside his personally created world within his private server, and took a deep breath of the fresh ocean air through his nose, enjoying the salty scent.

His digital home is high in the sky, but overlooks a tropic ocean on all sides. A colossal tree that sprung from the blue sea, with massive spiraling branches full of luminescent green foliage, serves as his place of dwelling. Edible flowers and every fruit imaginable grow upon the branches, for both his satisfaction and that of the multitude of singing birds and joyous wildlife that lives within the tree.

A stunning sunset set the sky ablaze with a conflagration of reds, oranges, and pinks. As exceptionally gorgeous as it was, he felt tears of loneliness welling up within him, rather than elated admiration. He longed more than anything, for someone to share himself and his journey with. He had never met a single woman that understood or appreciated him. He felt doomed to solitude.

As if in response to his silent wish, a four-foot-tall white lotus bud popped into existence before him.

His firewall array did not detect a breach. His counter-intrusion software did not detect a hack. His anti-virus did not detect an infection. This had to be the doing of an Elite hacker. But why?

The lotus bloomed with a burst of white flames, revealing a robotic angel; magenta steel plates laced with liquid silver for flesh, and a glowing cyan visor for eyes. A glimmering cyan jewel pulsed as if a heartbeat, at the center of the angel’s chest between a copious set of steel breasts, and metallic fuchsia wings jetted from her back.

As she stood up and stepped out of the lotus, the flower dissolved in a scintillating while light.

Quinn took a cautious step backward, preparing to defend himself, and closed his eyes to access his Cyber-Shades’ memory to load his avatar. The robotic angel had somehow blocked his access. Without changing into RainFire, he can’t employ his malware. He will have to rely solely on his training in the ancient Hawaiian martial art of Lua to defend himself.

The robotic angel held her palms out at her sides, and the pulsing cyan jewel in her chest began to spin, shooting indigo sparks of electricity throughout her body and wings. Her metal flesh peeled and folded in on itself, as if being absorbed by the spinning gemstone, until she was left naked but for a pair of white stockings, lacy garter belt and panties. Then the gem dematerialized. The angel is not robotic; she had been sheathed in armor.

She has almond-shaped oriental eyes of shimmering jade outlined in violet, which command his absolute attention with their piercing beauty, shoulder length hair of deep-purple with matrix-green tips, short pointed ears like an elf, a small faintly-upturned noise, slightly puckered plump lips, and etheric angel wings of sparkling emerald and amethyst. Her skin is a luminescent lavender. Her breasts are heavy but buoyant with small pink nipples. Her stomach is ribbed tight abs, her legs long and lustrous, though she is several inches shorter than he. You are a goddess!

She rotated, taking in her surroundings, and revealing her white panties to be a thong. Quinn was given a long look at her perfect little ass that he couldn’t wait to get his hands on.

If this is a hacker, that is the most fantastic avatar I have ever seen.

A faint smile blossomed upon her exquisite face with an expression that seemed to be an appeal for his acceptance.

Quinn asked, “Who are you?”

Her voice is as beautifully angelic as her appearance. “Divina.”

Before he could ask another question, her delicate lips were pressed to his. The tip of her tongue caressed the inside of his lips, then twirled around the tip of his tongue, and finally she lapped his tongue with her own. Her taste is that of the sweetest wine with a hint of vanilla. The finest nectar of the gods.

She placed a cupped palm to his groin, cuddling his genitals as she continued to kiss him deeply.

Swept away by the angel’s sweet kissing lips, Quinn hadn’t even raised his hands from his sides, as she kissed him with incredible rising passion.

Just as he reached up to place his hands upon her, Divina turned around and pressed her tight little bottom to his groin. She gyrated her curvy hips, grinding her ass into his crotch, her sparkling etheric wings fluttering beautifully as she did so, until his loins ached for her.

The setting sun had vanished, leaving a large sapphire moon in its place, which filled the starry night sky. The luminescent green foliage, pulsing ginger glow bugs, and blue moonlight set a most romantic ambiance.

Quinn gripped Divina by the hips, and as he did so, he felt a spark of electricity shot through him, and his clothing simply evaporated, leaving him stark nude. Her luminous bare ass cheeks now rubbed his naked half-swollen manhood.

He pulled her thong and one soft cheek aside, allowing his semi-engorged member to be swallowed by her gyrating behind. It was a heavenly sight.

Holding her swiveling hips, he humped her warm ass crack with his thickening member. It felt so wonderful. He then licked the inside of her pointed little ears, as he moaned to let her know how much he was enjoying this exotic dance they shared.

Quinn slipped his thumbs under her lacy white garter belt to pull down her thong, about ready to take her from behind, when Divina turned around and began kissing him again. As she did so, she gently stroked his manhood with one velvety hand, while caressing his bare scrotum with the other, until he stood fully erect. I want you!

She pulled away from him and grinned with anticipation, before dropping to her knees. Divina ran the tip of her tongue, ever so slowly, swerving up the shaft of his erection, again and again, as if enjoying a delicious treat. It drove him mad with lust. His rigid manhood pulsated.

She then began to knead his firm buttocks with both her hands and sucked each testis with delicate care. He moaned as she massaged his scrotum with her wet lips.

The angel looked up at him with her gorgeous shimmering eyes of jade and violet, her expression demure, as if asking permission to continue further.

He answered her plea by running the fingers of his left hand into her silken hair, gripping it tight, and with his other hand he placed the head of his erection upon her puckered lips.

Looking up at him with a gaze of innocence, she parted her lips just enough so he may squeeze his stiff member into her warm, wet, orifice, her spongy tongue wrapping around the underside of his shaft as he slide it into her yearning mouth. The great parent blesses me!

He guided her with his hand that gripped her hair, as she leisurely bobbed her head up and down, taking his shaft a little deeper and a little deeper with each suckle of his manhood.

With his right hand he tugged and squeezed her vivacious breasts, so firm and yet so supple. He ached to nurse them with his lips.

Finally the suckling angel managed to swallow all seven-and-a-half inches of him, her delicate lips kissing the base of his shaft, her throat vibrating the head of his cock as she purred in erotic delight. It was the most amazing oral he had ever experienced.

As she repeatedly swallowed and purred, he felt himself reaching climax. He resisted, never wanting this euphoria to end. In defiance of his resistance, Divina worked his manhood faster, moaning louder as she sucked him with lips, tongue, and throat.

Unable to hold back any longer, he held her head still, his cock deep in her throat, and he thrust frantically, humping her thirsting mouth.

Divina looked up at him with a look of desire, and their eyes locked. His ass clenched, and he howled in bliss as he reached orgasm, their locked stare never breaking. His entire body shuddered in pleasure, but somehow he did not discharge his load.

He pulled his cock from her throat; by some form of tantric magick he was still erect. In fact his member throbbed, craving more. Divina had allowed him to orgasm while holding back his ejaculation.

Quinn pulled her up and kissed her mouth again, massaging her tongue with his own. He wanted to be inside her so badly, but he wanted even more so to give her the same oral joy she had given him.

He squeezed her tight ass as he kissed and sucked her neck, his erection pulsing against her abs. Quinn licked and suckled each of her succulent breasts with meticulous obsession. He ran his tongue down her tense abs and tongued her navel as he removed her garter belt and pulled her thong down to her ankles, revealing her bald beautiful slit, which he kissed tenderly, as if the crown jewel upon the finger of royalty.

The pink lips of her femininity tasted as sweet as her mouth, but with a slight tart flavor mixed in, that caused him to thirst for more. And so he drank of her sacred chalice until he had his full.

He then massaged her silken inner thighs as he rhythmically lashed her tiny clitoris with his tongue. Her ribbed abs contracted and constricted, rippling as she moaned with great pleasure.
As he continued at a steady beat to tongue her sensitive button, he worked his middle finger into her moist, impossibly tight, vaginal fissure. He rolled his finger around and around, stretching her divine orifice. Then wedging in a second finger, he massaged her inner erogenous area with the tips of both fingers, and her blissful moans gained in volume.

Divina weaved her slender fingers into his hair, and massaged his scalp like a kitten kneading her paws in satisfaction as her belly is rubbed.

Quinn licked and fingered with much zeal, until Divina’s kneading hands gripped his hair tight, and she whimpered as her entire body jolted in orgasm.

She pulled him up and kissed him with excessive passion, excitedly jerking his manhood with one hand and rubbing his perineum gently with the other. This mysterious angel is unquestionably the greatest blessing the great parent could ever provide me.

Releasing his lips, Divina dropped to a crouch, and while continuing to milk his member and rub between his scrotum and anus, she sucked and twirled her tongue around the head of his stiff cock.

Quinn blissfully closed his eyes, and altered the world around him, preparing for the next segment of this Edenic dream.

Vines sprouted up before them, stretched and weaved together, then budded and flowered. A large bed of thornless incandescent red roses bloomed, thick and strong, but soft and yielding: A perfect cradle for their lovemaking.

Quinn noticed with a grin, a troop of spider monkeys and a flock of red-headed lovebirds had gathered around, to watch the human mating ritual.

Divina looked up at him, her plump lips wrapped snugly around his shaft, and pleaded with her eyes, as if asking permission to move onward.

“I want you now more than anything in the universe.”

Divina smiled, pulled her lips from his manhood, and gave it a soft kiss, before crawling on hands and knees, onto their bed of roses.

She laid on her stomach and arched her lithe back, pointing her soap-bubble bottom into the air, her sparkling etheric wings fluttering softly like a butterfly. She looked back over her slim shoulder at him with a demure look of innocence that inflamed his passion.

He sat on the back of her thighs and greedily massaged her firm ass cheeks with both hands. They are so perfect. He kissed and licked her luminous lavender ass, then spread her cheeks and tongued her pink star, arousing a surprised moan from Divina.

Quinn spanked Divina’s bottom with his rigid member, and she giggled like a little girl.

Divina reached back with both her slender hands, and spread her ass wide, beseeching him to enter her.

He sat on the top of her thighs, and very slowly drove his solid cock into her virgin-tight vaginal fissure, pink and moist. She let out a long sensual coo as he finally crammed his thick manhood deep inside her.

Divina moaning softly, Quinn leisurely working his erection in and out, again and again, enjoying every slow thrust of his cock into her taut vagina. It felt ever so divine.

Still inside her, Quinn laid down atop her. Divina’s wings being etheric, they simply flickered and passed through him as he continued to drive into her at a slow pace.

Moaning pleasantly with each in and out, Divina crooked her head around and stuck out her small tongue.

Quinn twirled his tongue around hers, and then closed his month over hers, kissing her eagerly as he sustained his steady rate of plunging into her tight wet vaginal fissure.

As he made love to her slowly with both his tongue and his prick, vivid images like forgotten memories flashed through his mind. All of the imagery was of him making love to beautiful women, although each woman looked different, they all felt like Divina.

He released her from his deep kiss and she begged him. “Please.”

He knew what she desired of him without asking, and so her soft moans became loud grunting cries of feral passion as he began to thrust into her harder, his pelvis slapping her ass cheeks loudly, an idyllic sound that elevated his desire even further.

He wrapped both arms under her, gripping her by the front of the shoulders; her heavy breasts pressed against his forearms, and locked his ankles around hers. Then holding her tight, he pounded her ass, harder and harder, faster and faster, with every bit of strength in his body, Divina squealing louder and louder in absolute ecstasy, her sparkling wings fluttering madly as if she were attempting to escape him.

She reached back and gripped his thrusting ass with both hands, digging her nails into his flesh, and she screamed at the top of her lungs as her entire body quaked violently with orgasmic delight.

Divina twisted around and pushed him back onto his behind. She immediately grabbed his cock and took it into her mouth, sucking it fervently, moaning as she did so in a state of unreserved ecstasy.

Quinn rose up onto his knees as she milked and sucked his manhood with such talented devotion. With one hand he gripped her bobbing head by her silken deep-purple hair, and with the other he gripped her throat lightly. He pulled her off him and pushed her onto her back. He then placed her hands on her buoyant breasts and his sopping cock amid them.

Divina squeezed her voluptuous breasts together as he thrust between them, again and again, in total elation. She bent her head toward him, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, swathing the head of his cock with each lustful thrust through her soft bosom.

He soon felt himself reaching orgasm and looked into her eyes. Their gazes locked and his every muscle trembled as he climaxed with even greater pleasure than his last orgasm.

His manhood throbbed, but again he did not release his load. This sexual play may go on forever.

Lying down on his side beside her, Quinn cupped Divina’s head with one hand and kissed her deeply, feeling as though he had never been happier than in this moment.

Divina reached down and gently stroked his member, keeping him fully aroused, as they kissed ever so subtle. The kiss went on and on for a long time, and he enjoyed every second of it.

Divina finally broke their long kiss, slid downward, and began to suckle his manhood. She seemed to love pleasuring him with her soft mouth, diligently working his member and continuously moaning as she did so. And he loved watching her milk and suck his cock.

Quinn closed his eyes for just a moment to alter the environment, and the massive branch below the red roses that they lay upon shifted, forming into a reclined couch.

Divina continued to bob her head between his legs for a few more blissful minutes, until she crawled onto his lap and kissed his lips.

She squeezed his member into her taut vagina as she sat down upon him, straddling him with a pleasant coo.

Quinn gripped her firm ass cheeks with both hands, and pulled her up and down slowly on his rigid manhood, her vagina ever so tight, while happily nursing her heavy breasts that swayed before him.

After having his fill of her succulent breasts, he gripped her by her petite waist, and sprung her up and down on his stiff cock, faster and faster, her moans growing more and more intense, her buoyant breasts bouncing against his face. This is paradise!

After some time, Divina’s moans had grown quite loud, her breathing very heavy, and her wings fluttered most intensely. Quinn knew she was close to orgasm and he did not know if he could hold back his own, if he allowed her to cum in this position. So rather than risk this sexual euphoria coming to an end, he pulled her off his prick, standing her up, and pressed her sweet flower to his mouth.

He tongued her sensitive button vigorously, until she screamed and pulled his hair in rapture.

Divina kissed him hard for a long moment, and then bend down to suckle his rigid manhood again, but Quinn took her by the shoulders and laid her down on her side. He straddled her bottom leg, while placing her top leg against his chest.

With one hand Divina spread her pink wet lips; with the other she guided his cock between them.

Hugging her thigh to his abs with both hands, Quinn thrust into her again and again, Divina squealing in delight, her etheric wings fluttering and flickering. He was able to penetrate her tight slit deeper this way than in any other position. This is magnificent!

Eventually, after much deep thrusting, Quinn turned his angel onto her back, placed her long legs up over his shoulders, and lay down atop her. He plunged his tongue into her welcoming mouth, and his thick member into her sodden but ever so tight vagina.

Divina sucked his tongue with moaning lips, as Quinn thrust into her again and again, her taut vaginal fissure squeezing his rigid member tense with each plunge, as if attempting to lock him inside her.

Lost in ecstasy, Quinn felt as though he were melting into Divina, as though they were merging, becoming a single being, as if their two hearts were becoming only one. Each of their charkas united and spun in perfect harmony. It was a feeling, so astonishing and visceral, unlike anything he had ever felt before.

His erotic high reached a new echelon and his mind became awash with brilliant imagery, more vivid than before. Recollections of lovemaking to the most gorgeous of women, each one he knew were somehow Divina. With every thrust the vision morphed into another sexual escapade.

Soon the romantic scenery and beautiful women of his hallucinations became alien and ever stranger.

He opened his eyes wide in surprise, and the luminescent lavender angel he made love to so passionately, looked deep into his eyes and pleaded. “Oh Quinn, I want you to cum with me! I want you to fill me completely! Oh please! Oh please!”

Quinn hugged her firm, her breasts hard-pressed to his chest, and she locked her legs and arms around him tight. Her soft cheek pressed to his face, and she cried into his ear. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” As he plunged into her with all his might.

Quinn’s abs burned fierce as he continually pummeled her taut vagina with his rigid cock, his hips smacking her ass cheeks loudly, Divina crying louder and louder. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

And then it happened, his body, mind, and soul, all reached orgasm.

Divina screamed, “I love you!” And Quinn found himself shouting the same. “I love you!”

Both of them came at once in a glorious moment of incredible passionate release, as an explosion of hot fluids were accompanied by a warm wave of intense loving affection.

Quinn’s entire body tingled with spasms of joy, every muscle relaxed, and with his eyes closed he saw white light instead of the usual darkness.

They lay together in each other’s arms, eyes closed, without speaking, just holding each other in peaceful happiness.

Quite some time later, after the stratospheric high dissipated a bit, Quinn opened his eyes.

Divina’s etheric wings of sparkling emerald and amethyst had become true angel wings, white as snow and soft as silk.

He kissed her lips softly, and then whispered. “You’re not a hacker.”

She lazily opened her eyes of shimmering jade outlined in violet. “No, I am not.”

“Are you some sort of second gen’ AI?”

She kissed him tenderly. “No.”

“Then are you a supernatural or a discarnate, a cyber-ghost?”

She grinned. “No.”

“Are you…an angel?”

“Although all religion as you know it is fallacy, you may think of me as an angel metaphorically if you like. Though extra-dimensional entity would be a more appropriate description.”

“You’re an alien life form?”

“No. I come from the same planet as you. Only I lived in a higher dimension than you.”

“How is this possible?”

“I am using a piece of tech so advanced that it would appear as pure magick to your eyes, which is acting as a transdimensional interface through which our consciousness can merge. Though it was our synergistic union that brought me fully into your dimension.”

“Fully into my…I don’t understand.”

“I am not just here with you in the Metaverse. I have descended into your actual reality. It took a great deal of sexual energy to accomplish it, but we were successful. When you jack-out you will see me, though I will only appear as an apparition, since my body is made of celestial light.”

“Why have you done this?”

“Because I love you dearly.”

“But how? You have only just met me.”

“That is untrue. The visions you seen while we were bonding, those were just a glimpse of the countless lives we have shared together. We are eternal beings, conscious energy that has existed since before the birth of this universe. And previous to this lifetime, we have always been together. We are what you would understand to be soul mates.

“Due to an energy contract formed long before this planet’s birth, you were obligated to return to this fourth dimensional reality in conjunction with another being. It is due to this fact that you have always felt out of place in this life and are so intellectually gifted, for you have previously graduated to a higher dimension. It is like solving a puzzle you had already solved years before. You may not remember the enigma, but the answer comes easy.

“As the soul evolves through physical incarnations in the space/time illusion, you ascend to higher and higher dimensions of existence to play out new experiences. You are living this life for the benefit of another, though that does not mean you cannot enjoy this lifetime.

“I felt that you were unhappy, so I entered this dimension in the only way that was possible for me to do so. And again, the reason I have come, is because I love you.”

Quinn kissed her delicate lips once more, as warm tears of joy ran down his face. “All that you have shared, verbal and otherwise, I feel is true. And most importantly of all, I feel that I love you too.”

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