Hot Tart

Author: Cecilia

I watched her carefully as she and her friends made their rounds around the club. There was no getting around how hot she was. I’d fuck her friends too, but she was definitely someone that I’d make an extra effort to have. I don’t know, maybe its because she’s Asian and totally fits the bill. She is dainty, pale skin and long luxurious black hair. I couldn’t help but to think about if she shaved her pussy or not. By now I was drooling. Her short skirt moved in sync with her thighs with every step she took. The fabric was stretched as tight as it could have been, leaving nothing to the imagination really. Well, except if she shaved or not. I really did not care either way, I’d still eat it, but my curiosity was getting the best of me.

I started following them around, making sure to keep my distance. They’d stop and talk with another girl or some guy who had no clue what he was missing. Or maybe he did and that’s why he moved on. Even the hottest chics can be a waste of time. Emotional baggage is the fucking worst. Nothing like being with a chic, every body staring at you because she’s hot as fuck and wishing they were you, only to find out she’s been through rough relationships, or her father beat her or her dog ran away. Not that I’m not a sympathetic guy, but come on! It isn’t the end of the world!

Ahh man I hopped she wasn’t like that.

They grabbed a table near the dance floor, so I sat down at one a few tables down. They ordered drinks and went about their business of scoping out the guys to drool over and fantasize about. As they talked she reached into her small purse and grabbed a cigarette out of a long white pack.

I watched in amazement as she brought the lighter to the end of that long slender stick and flicked the bic. A rather small flame managed to make its appearance. She inhaled deeply setting the tobacco a flame, stuffed the lighter back into her purse and let out a plume of smoke into the air.

She returned her attention to her friends, joining them in conversation, waving her hand around as she talked, the streams of smoke dancing around her with every moment. She took another puff. Her chest expanded as the white smoke filled her lungs, and then she looked right at me and exhaled the cloud in my direction. She smiled and winked at me, then returned the conversation. They picked out the chics that they didn’t like and talked about them. “Her tits are fake. She’s a slut.” You know what I’m talking about.

Now I really couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Not only was she hot, but she smoked as well. I watched her take every puff of that cigarette, holding her breath before releasing the pent up smoke into the already smoke filled room. The cloud rose from her mouth and spread out the further it got. Almost as if it were enjoying its new found freedom.

Two of the pack headed to the bathroom not too long after bashing the latest target on the dance floor. I heard something about someone taking someone else’s man and she should pay. Blah blah blah. This left two at the table, my petite little Asian girl and her loud mouth friend.

I grabbed my drink and headed over towards their table. Just as I got there I pretended to trip and spilled my half full glass over the top of her friend. I got a smile and a giggle outta my girl, the victim of my accident however, wasn’t smiling. She huffed and puffed then stormed off to the bathroom to dry off. I tried to apologize,really I did but she couldn’t hear me over the music.

I sat down next to the remaining chic, set my glass down and proceeded to tell her I wanted to make it up to her friend and that I would wait for her to return and give her some money to get her outfit cleaned or buy her another drink, which ever she preferred.

“Oh I’m sure she’ll be alright.” She said as she waved her hand and exhaling the smoke dismissing my offer and simultaneously reaching for my hand. Her touch was just as delicate as the way she looked.

“I’m Ying and the girl you just drenched is Cassandra.” She let out a barely audible giggle the smoke danced around her as if it shared her feelings.

I introduced myself and began some idle chit chat. I couldn’t believe how smoothly this was going. After a while the entire gaggle of geese came back and Ying introduced me to them after stubbing out her smoke. Then she did something I hadn’t expected. She stood up and grabbed my hand.

“Let’s go dance.”

She led the way, with a firm but soft grasp of my hand, weaving in and out of the crowd. When she found the spot she was looking for she pressed her tight body against mine and began to writhe against me. I could feel her nipples through her shirt, they were completely hard. My cock reacted and began to harden. I could feel that familiar warmth rise inside me. Fuck I wanted her!

She stepped to the left a bit and spread her legs for me, then pressed up against my body. I slid my hand down to her ass and we started a hard grind. I brought my hand down further and could feel the bottom of her skirt. Taking a little risk I slid it up a bit and ran my fingers along the bottom of her ass. Getting no objection from her, I ventured further until I had her entire ass cheek in my hand. To my pleasant surprise she wasn’t wearing any panties. Not even a g-string.

She threw me for another loop and asked if I knew a spot where we could ‘talk’. I only lived about ten minutes from the place. Before I knew it we were in my car and on our way to my place. For the ten minutes we were in my car, she wouldn’t stop touching me. Not that I’m complaining though. She must have been hornier than I was. She had my cock out of my pants before we were out of the parking lot.

We hardly spoke, but that carnal lust was there so there wasn’t any need for words. We got to my place and we separated only for the amount of time it took to get out of the car. We managed to walk up to my door locked in animalist lust. Hands all over each other, tongues deep in the other’s mouth, clothes starting to be removed.

I opened the door and started to head for my room, but she had other ideas. She pushed me onto the couch and pounced me before I even had time to bounce from the landing. She worked to get my shirt off, then my pants, which were still undone from the car ride. Then as she straddled me she undressed. perfect tits and she DID shave.

She wasted no time. She eased herself down onto my cock after putting a condom over it and began to rock her hips, pulling herself up then easing her pussy back down. With the pent up lust between us from the dancing and the car ride I knew round one of our fuck fest wouldn’t last long. That’s all right though, since we had all night.

I felt her squeeze the inner muscles of her pussy tighter around my cock, her juices completely coating everything as she slid up and down my pole. I leaned forward and grabbed one of her tits in my mouth as I reached around and grabbed her ass, forcing her to fuck me harder.

The faster we went, the louder she gasped and moaned. Then before I knew it her body tensed up, she held her breath then arched her back in ecstasy. Her pussy clamped tightly around my cock as it spasmed through her orgasm and thusly milking me to mine. The warmth traveled up my shaft and I exploded.

She gathered her breath and started rifling through her purse, found what she had been looking for. With another flick of her bic she was smoking another cigarette. The plume of smoke she let out went straight for my dick. I watched her tits heave with every staggered breath she took. Then, she looked at me with her smiling almond shaped eyes and asked if I had a table.

It was a night I’ll never forget.

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