Odd Investigation

Author: Cecilia

When I started in the private investigation business, all my relatives thought I was going to go and get myself killed. My name is Juanita. Yes I am a woman but I enjoy the work I do. Besides, once in a while it has some very nice perks to it.

I got in late one morning recently. Though there was no time card for me to punch, I have always been anal retentive about my own punctuality. When I got to the top of the stairs, there was some guy sitting and leaning against my door.

At first I thought he was just some sort of bum and when I came closer, he took off running. I became suspicious at best. I drew my weapon and dropped the cigarette from my lips. Didn’t need any smoke getting in my eyes.

I slowly crept to the doorway and the hallways. I was alone so I needed to be cautious. I didn’t care about chasing him for now. And besides, why would he be just sitting there waiting for me. When I checked out the hallway, no one was there. So I checked out the door and there was nothing to be seen. So I walked in.

Everything was normal. The guy just must have wanted to see me about some job or other and took off, too chicken to hire. I lit another cigarette and sat down behind my desk, I still had notes sitting around on another job I had been working on. The guy would have been out of luck anyway. I only take one job at a time.

For my normal privacy disclosure, I won’t get into what I have been working on but it wasn’t a half-hour after I had stepped into my office that the guy had stepped back in.

The room was already filled with the mellow thick smoke from my little habit. This young guy sat down opposite me with a look of pleading that I had seen one too many times before.

I packed up my notes as he started to spill his guts out about how his gay lover dumped him and he was so depressed and all that garbage. I was about to throw him out when his tune changed. His voice started to calm down and I must admit that I had started to feel a little sorry for the guy.

But what came next blew my mind. He continued on about his he wanted to change and wanted my help doing it. He wanted to feel what it was like to be with a woman. And that a prostitute was not the way he wanted to go because they have no emotion when they do things. He put down paperwork from the day before showing he was clean and one thousand dollars.

Up until that point, I thought this was a joke and started to wonder who had put him up to it. But money never lies. And besides, I had not been with anyone intimately in over a month. I probably needed it worse than him.

I had a couch that looked rather ragged save for the blanket that I threw over the back to cover up the stains. I told him to have a seat and relax. For a grand, I didn’t rightly care about taking a second job. And this would relax me enough to work on the job I was on at the time.

When he sat down, I locked the door and drew the shades low to leave just a little light to stream in the edges. Otherwise the office was left romantically dark for a smoke filled office. I slowly peeled my clothes from my shoulders and stepped closer to him. I could see in his eyes that he was very eager for me to be his first woman.

When I was bare as the day I was born, I sat down on his lap and whispered to him do whatever he felt like to me. Needed him to explore my body a little to at least see if he was interested. And by the feeling of the bulge in his pants, he was very interested.

As soon as he brought his hands over my soft breasts, I felt a surge of pleasure overwhelm me. His touch was very sensual. Much like another womans would be. He cupped my bosom in his fingers and squeezed lightly at my pert and hardened nipples.

His hands explored down along my side and by the time he reached the curves of my hips, I could feel the throbbing of his cock beneath his tight jeans. Never took much to get a guy aroused.

I stood up from his lap and proceeded to undress him as a smile crept over his face. And the next comment from him took me by shock. He asked me to light another cigarette. Probably a little kink of his but with as much as I smoked I didn’t mind. I turned back to my desk and by the time I turned back around, he had already completely disrobed.

He had me sit down on the couch while he kneeled to the floor before me. I took a drag from the smoke just as he brought his tongue to my heated pussy. God his tongue was talented. The hard body of a man combined with the gentleness he showed me got my slit soaked and ready in seconds.

He was still a little amateurish though with his skill but a little coaxing and he got the hang of it rather quickly. In no time, his tongue was flitting over my clit as he pulled my labia aside for a better access to me.

I exhaled a breath of thick smoke onto him and a shiver obviously raced down his body. Yes this was a fetish of his. And I am not one to disappoint a good paying client. I grabbed a hold of the couch with my face flushed over a hot red from his newly found skills. He was absolutely amazing going from zero to hero in just a few minutes.

But that was not all he wanted. Just before I was about to cum for him, he sat up, rising on his knees. I was leaned back as far as I could and looked up to him somewhat disappointedly. He was fast to fix that. His cock thrust into me and filled me in an instant.

With as hot as his cock was it was almost too much to believe that he was paying me. I am glad he came, as this natural skill would have been a pity to waste on some hooker.

He pumped his shaft into me as he held firmly to my hips praising the feelings that rushed over him and cursing himself at the same time forever neglecting being with a woman in the first place.

Every hard pump into me hit all my sensitive spots and I held that cock like a vice. When I finally came, it was incredible. Every pore of my body lit up. The cigarette fell from my lips to the floor just as he pulled out from me and splattered my belly and breasts with so much cum that I thought it would never end.

I massaged the protein into my skin as he leaned back to his ankles and noticed the cigarette that had fallen. He picked it up and took a drag from it before putting it out in the ashtray I left next to the couch.

He got dressed and thanked me, as I lay exhausted from my pleasures on the couch. He bowed once and left just as quickly as he had come in. When I came around and got dressed myself, there was another envelope next to the one thousand cash that sat on my desk. When I opened it, it had another five hundred dollar tip.

He has come back here several times since then and every time he does, I turn his money down. As far as I was concerned, this case was closed and as long as the sex was this amazing with him, my office would be open to him.

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