A Good Deed Never Goes Unpunished

They were far from the waterhole by nightfall. Ratabaugh made camp in the middle of a huge pile of rocks. Arizona and Texas were full of rocks. Sometimes even the mountains were made of rock. They sank down to the sand in the middle of three perfect walls made of solid rock. By adding a fourth wall and a roof, it would have been a substantial home. Firelight flickered off the gray rocks. The coffee pot was simmering on the fire. A pot of beans and a pan of bacon cooked beside it. Anna, it turned out, was a good cook.

“Good vitals,” Ratabaugh said as he relaxed with coffee and a cigarette.
“Are we safe here?” Anna looked out into the darkness.
“Sure. The rocks on all sides keep others from seeing the fire. This is a secret place, known only to me and a handful of others.”

“Good. I want to love you like you have never been loved before,” she said, slinking up to him and relaxing on the blanket at his feet. His eyes went over the slender blonde girl with sky blue eyes, and he knew he was about to have a night that cowboys only lied about. He tossed his cigarette out into the night, downed the last of his coffee, and threw the cup toward the fire.
“Ok,” he said simply. He took Anna into his arms. He reveled in the heat of her body. The softness of her hair and clothing was foreign to him. He lived in a world of harshness. A woman lived in another world. A world of softness and delight.

He lunged forward and captured her mouth with his own. They kissed and groped desperately. Anna suddenly broke the kiss, sat back and began undressing. She stopped halfway through and waited until he began disrobing as well. He marveled at the glorious white flesh of her breasts. He had to stop with his own undressing unfinished, and lean forward to feel those soft breasts against his face. Her skin smelled nice. He knew she had used no perfume, but the perfume of her skin was intoxicating. He opened his mouth and engulfed one nipple. He nursed like a baby, while she moaned and petted the back of his head. After several minutes they both resumed their clothing removal. At one point Anna hurriedly helped Ratabaugh pull off his pants. She gasped as his manhood pulled out of his pants and wagged before him. She slid forward and claimed his penis with her small white hands.

“Beautiful,” she gasped. He looked down, frowning. He had never thought of his cock as being beautiful. But now that he thought of it, she might be right. It did look beautiful between her slender white hands. They felt good on his cock. Kind of warm and soft. She sank to her knees and kissed the uncircumcised head of his cock. He gasped, pushing her face away. He didn’t know what she was doing, but he was sure it wasn’t legal.

“Watch me,” she said, closing her mouth around the tip of his cock. She sucked gently. He watched the way her cheeks and throat moved. She was so beautiful. He had never expected to see such a beautiful face on his cock. Was this a dream?

“I want to see yours, I want to touch it,” he gasped. She sat back and pushed off her pantaloons. The vast expanse of naked flesh looked almost natural in the flickering yellow firelight. He gasped and surged forward. Her thigh was heavenly soft against his cheek. He nuzzled between her legs until he could smell her pussy. It smelled even better than her pantaloons had smelled. Kind of fresh and delicate. Remembering her recent exploration of his manhood, he decided to try the same on her. He pushed her back. She leaned back with a gasp and opened her legs.
There it was, the thing that was more important than heaven or hell, to a lonely man. A real pussy on one of the most beautiful women Ratabaugh had ever seen. He sank his lips down between her legs and kissed it. She sighed and shuddered. He decided that the taste of a woman was really not too bad. Different, but not bad. He had heard of cunninglus being performed for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. But he had never pictured himself performing it. His mouth and tongue automatically began working on her aromatic, moist flesh. She rolled on the blanket, grasping her breasts in her hands, and arching her back, thrusting her pussy toward Ratabaugh’s mouth. He sucked greedily, noisily, bringing a kitten-like cry from Anna’s sweet lips.

She shuddered, placing a hand on his bobbing head. Her fingers dug into the top of his scalp for a moment, then they returned to her own breasts. She mashed her breasts out of shape, then pulled on the nipples until they were an inch long. Ratabaugh watched in passionate amazement.
He loved watching her face. He had never seen a woman’s face go through so many changes. Although Anna was one of the prettiest girls Ratabaugh had ever seen, her face looked downright ugly at times. It was all twisted and funny looking. But he didn’t care.
“Oh yes,” Anna surged up off the blanket. He licked rapidly, finding that a small pocket of flesh was the most delicate, if her reactions were any indication. He tongued the neat little packet of flesh for several minutes. Anna cried out increasingly loud until she screamed, shooting up off the blanket and pulling his face between her legs. She hunched her sex against his working mouth, mewling and crying until her orgasm waned and faded. She fell back to the blanket and pushed his mouth out from between her legs.
“Did I do something wrong?” he asked in confusion. If he had, it would have been a shame. He liked his first cunninglus experience.
“You? Hell no,” she gasped. “You did everything just right. God that felt good.”
“Good,” he said, not knowing what else to say.

“Lay back, she commanded, pushing him back on the blanket. He fell back and watched as she straddled his body, and slowly lowered her moist pussy over his cock. He shuddered in tortured rapture as her pussy closed over his large cock. It was absolute heaven. Her pussy finally came into contact with his pelvis. He was fully inserted inside her. He couldn’t believe that his cock would fit inside such a tiny girl. She closed her eyes, allowing her pussy to adjust to his large size, before she began riding up and down on his cock. It felt like riding a horse’s cock, she thought as she luxuriated in the intense feeling of pleasure radiating throughout her body.
“Oh my God,” he gasped. He filled his hands with her ample breasts. Her golden blonde hair sparkled in the firelight. Her tanned skin glowed above him. She looked like a goddess to his adoring eyes.

“I am the luckiest man on Earth,” he growled. He felt his ass and stomach clenching. She was so damned tight. He could feel the suction of her pussy clenching his cock, as it rose and fell. She fell forward and captured his mouth with her own. She sucked and tongued his lips for a moment, then sat up with her back arched, looking down at him. She smiled and threw her hair back out of the way. Once again Ratabaugh thought he was fornicating with an angel. He had never seen a woman so beautiful, or imagined one riding his cock.

“I’m getting hot,” Anna whispered. “I’m getting closer,” she whispered as she gyrated rhythmically on his hard cock. Like a snake in a charmer’s basket, she swayed and danced above him. He was finding the pleasure almost unbearable.

Suddenly Ratabaugh felt the familiar feelings of an approaching orgasm. He was very familiar with an orgasm, he like all cowboys, often masturbated while alone out in the dark. But this was different. This was all consuming, more powerful than anything he had ever felt or imagined.
Ratabaugh began moaning. His bottom lip vibrated as his orgasm intensified. He mashed her breasts with his strong hands, but she didn’t seem to mind. Suddenly she captured his hands in hers and leaned forward for another kiss. The warm touch of her lips was enough to send him over the edge. He gasped into her open red lips and felt the fire exploding from his balls. With no more warning than a flash flood, his cock began spewing sperm into her hot, inviting vagina. She sat up and began riding forward and back madly. He objected, about to hold her in place, but her own orgasm began and she sat almost motionless, her body shuddering in the throes of passion.
Their passion lasted for several minutes. Finally each quieted and fell lifelessly to the blanket. Ratabaugh inched forward and kissed one perfect globe of her ass. He had never seen anything so beautiful.

Anna waited for nearly 23 minutes, feeding Ratabaugh food and coffee, before they started again. By the fourth time, Ratabaugh’s pelvis was raw. He could barely keep up with her. When she tried to start a fifth time, he reluctantly pushed her away.

“Tomorrow,” he whispered reluctantly.
“Yes, tomorrow,” she said thoughtfully. She fell asleep in his arms.
He woke to find himself alone on the sand. The fire was out and his coffee pot sat on the stones beside it. The water bag was gone, but the canteen was there by the fire. Dixie was also gone.
“Damned,” he swore, feeling like a fool. He told himself that she had fucked him half to death to make him exhausted, but he knew better. And even after being robbed, he knew he was the luckiest man on earth.
Ratabaugh caught a wild burrow and rode it on into Provo. For such a large man, it was amazing that such a small animal could carry his weight. But it managed. He released it just outside of town. It had earned it’s freedom. Besides, he wouldn’t be caught riding on the tiny animal, to save his own life. He would be laughed out of Utah.

Ratabaugh found Dixie in the local stable.
“Do you want to have her arrested?” the old man at the stable asked.
“Not on your life,” Ratabaugh said with feeling. “No, we’re even,” he said as he mounted Dixie and rode west.

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