The Park Lark

Both of the girls made futile little efforts to keep their feet away from the busy fingers behind them, but they weren’t going anywhere, not with six hands to four feet. And despite all the outrage it was soon clear that both of them were finding it an interesting experience to have their soles continually stroked and massaged. Not that Maureen was going to admit it.

“If you think you’re going to get us in the mood for any hanky-panky, you’re wrong.”

Hanky-panky! I nearly bust a gut holding in my laughter and I could see the other guys were in the same way. Jodi’s chin was trembling with self control: “Hanky-panky?” he drawled in an upper class voice. “My dear girl, I haven’t hanked my pank in an absolute age.”

Then we all did burst out laughing, and nobody was laughing more than Sandra. Mind you, I’m not sure if it was because of what Jodi had said or because Jodi had started to run his fingernails lightly up and down her soles.

Meantime I was looking around the park. The courting couple under the next tree were finally picking up their possessions and getting a lot of fun out of brushing bits of grass off each other’s clothes.

Further down the slope it was like an army reluctantly continuing a route march after a rest break: men and women, teenage boys and girls, all slowly getting back to their feet and walking towards the bridge. It was time to go back to the stuffy offices and shops, time to begin a hot afternoon of dreary work. All of them were in total boredom mode with their thumbs up their bums and their minds in neutral. Nobody seemed to have the slightest interest in us or the girls. But there was a woman walking towards us on the grass, middle aged, white blouse, long dark skirt, silly straw hat with flowers on it. She was cutting across the slope towards the top of the pathway and it looked as if she was going to pass close to us. The real bother was that a couple of kids, maybe seven or eight years old, were scampering around her.

I realized why Jodi had started tickling Sandra again when he put his other hand over to one of Maureen’s feet and got her gasping again as well. Not as uncontrollably as before, but enough to stop her from being able to shout out anything.

“You guys next to the girls, put your arms around them.”

I put my arm across Maureen’s shoulders and pressed myself against her as she unwillingly wriggled and giggled. I heard the kids laughing as well, thinking it was great fun to see grownups behaving like kids themselves. I took a swift glance up at exactly the same time as the woman’s gaze turned on us. She saw what she thought was some kind of horseplay going on and immediately looked away. Or maybe she was terrified that it might be foreplay. The kids lingered for a second or two, happily watching Jodi scratching the girls’ feet before they reluctantly scampered away in response to urgent calls of “Rodger, Laurel; Rodger, Laurel.” The middle class must have been passing us by.

Well, God bless the English habit of minding your own business. Once again it had saved the day and I relaxed as I watched the woman, the kids and the courting couple all leaving the area.

Will grinned: “Magic,” he said, and Jodi laughed out loud.

“Well, girls, it looks like it’s just you and us here now.” he said cheerfully. “Everybody else has gone back to work and left you here in our evil clutches.”

“I don’t know anything about what’s going on inside your mad brain,” Sandra protested. “But I know you’d better piss off now before you get into real trouble.”

“From where I’m sitting, you two seem to be the ones having all the trouble,” Jodi pointed out. “You don’t even know how many of us there are yet, do you?”

Which was true. Both of them were almost breaking their necks trying to see above and behind them. I noticed how the dappled rays of sunlight coming through the branches were lighting up Maureen’s hair into pools of deeper red.

“I’ll save you the effort of looking, ladies. There’s five of us and we don’t live in this town, so you’ll never see us again. Which means that it doesn’t really matter what you do for us because nobody else in this place will ever get to hear about it.”

Maureen grunted as Jacko rubbed his thumbs deep into the bottoms of her feet. Mark was massaging Sandra’s feet just as forcefully and I could see that her calves were trembling as if she was cold.

“What are you talking about?” Maureen asked.

“At the moment I’m still trying to explain the situation,” Jodi said. “Your friend here was talking about trouble. Maybe it’s time I showed you pair what real trouble looks like. What we need first though is some privacy. You two guys leave their feet alone now and sit up next to the girls, one on each side. Hold the papers open as if you were reading them. You two lying on the net stay where you are”

As Mark and Jacko collected their newspapers Jodi sat down cross legged between the girls’ head and the tree, then leaned back against the trunk.

“OK, girls, look around you. As much as you can, anyway. Nobody can see us from behind me because of the tree and nobody on either side will be able to see anything because of the open newspapers. I say newspapers but it’s only the News of the Screws — you know what they publish in that, all the stories about what the Vicar did with the choirboys in the vestry. I bet you two never thought you’d be appearing in the middle of that paper with your own little sex scandal, did you?”

“Fuck off!” Maureen said again, though not very loudly. He ignored her.

“Now, since you can’t see behind you, you’ll both have to take my word on this but there’s nobody between us and the river so you can commit whatever lewd acts you like without any worries about embarrassing some poor innocent onlooker. Of course I’ve still got to persuade you to do what I want but I think I can make some good points as to why you should do as you’re told. You see, the News has real big pages which is why it’s good for keeping things private in a public park. But that can be a real nuisance when the wind’s blowing and ruffling them up. So, guys, have you noticed anything unusual about those papers?”

“Yes,” Mark said. “The pages are all pinned together at the sides. The very long kind of pins with a little plastic knob at one end.”

“That’s right,” Jodi agreed. “Spot on, Mr Elvis, you’ve got sharp eyes. A little plastic knob at one end and a very sharp point at the other end. Would you pass one of them over here, please.”

Mark gave him one of the pins and Jodi held it between his knees, where both of the girls could see it. He was like a magician getting ready to demonstrate a trick.

“OK, Maureen and Sandra, I’d just like you both to imagine what would happen if I held your noses while my mates jabbed these into your arses. In fact, I can tell you what would happen, you’d honk like seals at feeding time and you’d be the only ones in the park who knew how much you were hurting. So maybe you’d like to think about that for a while.”

Jodi looked around at us. “You two with the papers, give a pin each to the guys on the net. Guys who get the pins, you stick them where’ll they do the most good. Not deep enough to hurt, mind, just enough so the ladies can feel them pricking.”

Will snorted with laughter as he took a pin from Jacko. I guess he must have pushed it too hard into Sandra’s backside though because she yipped like a puppy having its tail trodden on. Maureen kept on twisting her head around to try and see behind her until she felt my pin being pressed against one of the cheeks of her arse and then she gasped and lay still, mouth hanging open and staring down at the grass.

“Yeah, now they’re starting to get the message. You guys keep those pins there but don’t push them in any harder unless I tell you to.” Jodi jabbed the pin he was holding into a surfaced root. “We’ll leave this one here within reach in case I need it later on. Now, girls, seeing that we’ve saved you from having to work all afternoon, I thought it might be a nice gesture in return for you to play a little game with us. Are you ready?”

“A … a game?” Maureen slowly asked.

“That’s right; a game. It’s called the question and answer game. And before we start I want to make sure you completely understand the rules. I ask each of you a question in turn. If I don’t get an answer or I get the wrong answer you both get a pin jammed up your arse hole. So if you try to get smart you won’t be hurting just yourself, but your friend as well. So, Sandra, here’s your first question. What do you think is the next thing that you’re going to put into your mouth? Here’s a clue.” Jodi rubbed his hand over his crotch. “And remember what happens to both of you ladies if you guess wrong.”

Sandra’s dark skin had flushed to the color of bruised tomatoes and I saw her buttocks instinctively tightening as Will moved the pin down a millimeter.

“Oh God, it’s your cock!”

“No, not God’s but you can think of me as your own personal lord and master for the time being. And because I’m a nice master and you’ve said the right thing you don’t get hurt. OK, next question, what’s the next thing that Maureen’s going to suck on?”

I gave Maureen a tiny little prod with one of the pins and she quacked like a duck landing on a barbed wire fence: “It’s your cock. I’m going to suck your cock as well.”

And that was it, at least as far as the first part of the business was concerned. If either of them had been in a mood to put up an argument Jodi had – as always – found a very effective way of changing their minds. I’d never had much doubt that Sandra would do it, if only for the experience, but I’d thought that Maureen might be more of a problem. Still, what would have been the sense in trying to refuse? We could hurt her as much as we liked and we would have kept on doing it until she surrendered. So I guess she was smart enough to realize that Jodi was holding all the trump cards. He was certainly pleased enough with himself.

“I don’t know why everybody says women are so hard to get along with. Ask them in the right way and there’s nothing they won’t do for you. Isn’t that right, Maureen?”


“Ah, now we come to the next part of the game. This is something you’ll have to concentrate very hard on. From now on whenever you talk to anybody with a cock you call them ‘sir’. Is that clear, Maureen?”

“Yes, sir,” she answered — quickly.

“Is that clear, Sandra?”

“Yes, sir.” Again, no hesitation at all. Sandra was well and truly broken in. Trembling and nervous as hell, but ready to do her best.

Jacko and Mark grinned at each other over the tops of their newspapers and Will winked at me across the girls’ backs. The message was that we’d found ourselves two willing slaves. I lifted my head up and had a quick look around. A few people walking around or still lying under the trees but none near enough to matter. Yippee!

Jodi reached forward and grabbed Sandra’s big nose, then pinched Maureen’s between his thumb and forefinger. “OK, lads, wake them up.”

His description of the noise that the girls made when Will and I jabbed them was spot on — they did honk like seals. But I guess Jodi had already done extensive field trials in applied pinology as a quick and easy way of getting around arguments. He took his hands off the girls’ faces and made a big show about wiping them on the sides of his jeans. Maureen and Sandra were moaning with pain.

“OK, ladies, just to recap on the discussion. Each one of us is a sir to you and both of you are going to take turns at sucking whatever prick is put in front of you. Otherwise you get pricked yourselves, no exceptions. So here’s your next question and it’s for you, Sandra. Are you going to give me a blow job?”

She gulped like a frog catching a fly: “Yes, sir, I am.”

“And are you going to give me a blow job, Maureen?”

Her voice was high pitched, almost a squeal: “Yes, sir, yes!”

Jodi winked at us. “OK, then, let’s get started. You guys with the papers, keep us covered from view as well as you can. If anybody looks as if they’re going to come close to us, you say so, nice and loud, because I might be a bit distracted soon. You guys with the pins, don’t ever prick a girl while she’s got a cock in her mouth. If she doesn’t perform properly I’ll tell you what to do and when. So, let’s try it and see how we get on.”

Our leader glanced around, spread his legs out on either side of Sandra’s head, the left one resting on Maureen’s back, undid his belt, his jeans, and then his zip. He put his hands in the side of the jeans and pushed them down his thighs and over Sandra’s bun of black hair. As he never wore anything under his jeans that left her almost brushing noses with a three quarter erect cock. And even at only three quarter stretch Jodi’s cock was some sight. It certainly made Sandra gasp.

“Come on, let’s get the show on the road,” Jodi ordered. “Grab hold and start sucking.”

She did. She put her right hand up between his thighs and obediently bent her head forward to lick the tip of his cock. It reared up like an animal smelling food and Jodi laughed. Maureen couldn’t see what was happening because her face was close up against Jodi’s leg but she could hear everything, including the snorts of laughter from all the guys at the sight of Sandra slowly pressing her lips down around Jodi’s shaft. He patted her on the back of the head, on top of the bun, then put his hand on top of Maureen’s frizzy mass of hair.

“Your friend’s making a pretty good start, Maureen. She’ll have to do better than this though, otherwise she’ll get a pin all the way up her arse before long. It’s not a decent blow job until she’s got every inch of it between her teeth. I’ll give her a chance to improve though. Tell her to lick my balls now.”

“Yes, sir!” Maureen squealed. “Sandra, lick his balls!”

God, but it was funny. Sandra instantly did as she was told to. It was kind of hard for Mark and Jacko because they couldn’t watch the action all the time but had to keep looking up over their newspapers and around to make sure nobody was watching — nobody in a uniform, anyway, which was the main thing. Myself, I was pressing up against Maureen’s side and giving her a chance to feel another projection she was going to meet sooner or later. And I sure hoped it was going to be sooner because I was already desperate for my turn. The thing was, I couldn’t see any reason why we couldn’t take this pair down to the van later on — and I knew what was going to happen then, in every sweaty, pounding detail.

“Mmmm …. ” Jodi murmured happily as we all looked down at Sandra lapping away with her tongue like a thirsty bitch at a bowl of water “Not bad, Sandra. But what we all want to see now is how much cock you can get down your gullet when you really try. And I don’t want to alarm you but the pins will be waiting if I’m not convinced you’ve done your very, very best.”

In a moment that hair bun was lifting up and down as if it was a buoy on a gently rolling sea, with the waves quickly getting bigger. We could all hear the snorting sounds coming from her nose like a steam train pulling out of a station as she tried to find room in her throat for Jodi’s cock.

“Maureen, why don’t you encourage her on a bit,” Jodi suggested. “If you can’t think of anything to say perhaps we can jab something loose with the pin.”

I pressed the point home, as you might say, and Maureen was instantly inspired: “Suck him, Sandra, you slut! They’re all watching you do it, all the boys. They’re waiting to see him shoot a load of spunk right into your big mouth because you’re a slave and we’ve got to do every fucking thing they tell us to, understand?”

I guess she didn’t have much choice in what she had to say but I had to give her full marks for the enthusiastic way she said it. What made it most exciting was that she had no idea at all yet of what being a slave was really all about. She was going to learn though, and I guess Jodi was thinking the same way I was. He was starting to grunt with pleasure as Sandra’s mouth slid up and down his cock with her cheeks puckered in to prove how much she was trying. I could see her eyes tilted up to look at his face as she tried to judge how much she was pleasuring him — and whether it was enough to avoid getting her bum punctured afterwards.

“Somebody coming,” Jacko warned, anger in his voice.

“Nobody else look, keep your eyes down.” Jodi snapped. I could understand why he would be peeved about the interruption. “How many, how far, which direction?”

“Three kids, boys, about a hundred yards away, going up the slope, cutting across it. Probably coming within about twenty yards of us, the way they’re heading.”

“OK, Sandra, slow steady sucks for the time being but don’t stop.”

It seemed to take a long time before those bloody kids went past. They wandered past without taking a second look though, while Sandra kept on steadily bobbing her head over Jodi’s shaft. She was probably wondering whether she was going to become the biggest public attraction ever seen in the park. Or maybe having some of the pressure taken off her for a while was a help because she seemed to be getting all the way down with her slow strokes. Down far enough to have her lips touching Jodi’s hairs at any rate.

“All clear,” Jacko reported.

“Good,” Jodi said. “Maureen, get Sandra going again.”

She did: “Sandra, you cock sucking bitch, you get that prick down your throat like you do for Mitch! Get it really hot, the way Mitch wants it before he fucks you in his car. Suck it, you cock hungry slut!”

Oh, she was getting into the party spirit alright, no doubt about it. So was Jodi. He was holding Sandra’s coiled hair with both hands and forcing her up and down on his horn as she spluttered like a two stroke engine trying to fire up.

“Oh, I’m going to fuck you later on, Sandra. If you only knew what we’re going to do to you two.”

It was a promise, a genuine promise. When we’d finished up here we’d march the pair of them down to the van. Then we’d put them in the back with the big mattress and lock a length of thin chain around their necks, with the chain running through a ring welded to the front wall. With that ahead and a piece of cane from behind they’d soon find themselves posing in ways they’d never even imagined, not yet.

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