First Time Bi Experience

Author: Dan

Business was quiet, which was usually the case before the big stock take sale the following day, so my boss suggested I have the afternoon off and return early in the am to prepare for the mad rush that was expected.

Moving from the country to find work in the city, I was fortunate enough to know that a couple of mates had already established themselves in units across the city. My mate Joe was renting a three-bedroom apartment and suggested that I move in with him giving us both a chance to share the rent and save a few bucks at the same time.

I knew he’d be at work, which meant I could laze around the unit, and catch up on a little rest and relaxation while watching the idiot box at the same time. When I finally arrived home I grabbed a cold drink, found the remote and plonked myself down on the lounge. After flicking through the channels I realised that all that was on were the soaps and I couldn’t handle that so… there was nothing left to do but play games on my pc…

As made my way down the long hall, I could hear voices coming from Tony’s room. My heart skipped a beat cause I knew Tony was supposed to be at work but obviously he wasn’t or it was someone else using his room. I couldn’t help myself and I just had to investigate what was going on, I took a deep breath and stepped into the middle of the doorway…oops…

My cock reacted almost immediately, stirring uncontrollably in my work trousers. Tony was lying on his bed with his legs spread wide apart and his girlfriend Sarah was giving him the best deep throat session I’d ever seen. She was sucking it like there wasn’t going to be another session like it ever again.

“Oh mate… Sorry… I’ll leave you guys to it, hmmm, didn’t think you were home…”

Damn I just couldn’t blurt out one long sentence without shaking and stuttering… What I saw was exciting and I was suddenly very horny….

Sarah’s one hot babe, she’d been seeing Tony on and off for a couple of months and she was oh so sexy. She was wearing a tight black mini skirt that had ridden up high over her thighs revealing her cute butt and a bright red halter neck was stunning on her slender body, her nipples erect and hard poking against her top.

“Hey Sam, don’t just stand there gaping, come on in and join us,” Tony moaned.

Sarah smiled around his cock winking at me as she watched me walk in to the room shedding my clothes along the way. I didn’t need to be asked twice to join the two lovers on the bed.

I approached Sarah as she continued sucking Tony’s massive thick cock. I knelt down behind her, my hands finding her breasts and squeezing her nipples between my fingers making her moan passionately around Tony’s cock. I’d never felt such huge nipples and I was dying to suck on them, and I knew that I would get the chance very soon.

My hands massaged her wonderful firm tits as I kissed her neck down to her shoulders under doing the tie of her halter-top pulling it down revealing her tits. My hands cupped them feeling the fullness of each delicate but firm lovelies. I continued kneading her left breast playing with her erect nipple while my other hand searched for her hot pussy. Moving her thong to one side my fingers found her juicy crotch and with the way she was panting I knew I’d found her secret treasure.

I was so wrapped up with dipping my fingers in her honey pot that I didn’t realise that the moaning I could hear was Mark, his cries were loud and horny as I watched Sarah’s lips and tongue concentrating on Mark’s bulbous mushroom shaped head while her hands pumped the shaft up and down faster and faster.

She was such a smooth worker she looked like a professional as her tongue licked all over the head before sliding down to his balls lapping at them like there was no tomorrow. It was then that I noticed something different happening… as she licked his balls her fingers slipped underneath his hips her fingers teasing his ass. She pushed her finger deep into his ass and as she stroked his cock she finger fucked his tight ass hole.

I was envious, one of my fantasies was to be with another man, but that was a side of me that I kept to myself. With his sighs of pleasure my cock was rising to attention, harder than it’s ever been before. To get closer to Sarah, I had her kneel up so I could slide underneath her. In the process I accidentally rubbed up against Mark’s leg, which automatically sent a throb through the head of my hardened member.

Sarah lowered her glistening pussy down onto my waiting tongue. I licked furiously tasting her sweet juices concentrating on her clit. Her cries of pleasure sounded beautiful her sucking more intense and as she exploded under my tonguing Mark came with her. I gulped down her honey nectar as it dripped into my mouth while Mark’s creamy cum coated Sarah’s tonsils…

I was envious… I needed to taste Mark’s body fluids. With Sarah lifting herself off my face I pulled her down kissing her, tasting Mark’s juices on her tongue. It was wonderful. Mark joined us kissing Sarah deeply, our mouths were close together and as he kissed Sarah, she pulled us closer so we all kissed and licked each other. Mark licked my lips tasting Sarah’s nectar… it was an awesome moment.

Mark didn’t hide his feelings towards me, his hands touched my erect nipples while he continued kissing his girlfriend, the pleasure was all mine. My heart was racing when Mark told me to lie back with my pole standing up straight and tall. I watched as Sarah closed her mouth over the knob with Mark joining her licking up and down my shaft. They were sharing my cock and I had no objections, it was too good to be true, I was living my fantasy and my first bisexual bi-curious experience.

Sarah moved away for a moment her hands running up and down Mark’s ass crack, playing with his tight hole again lubing him up for what was to happen next. With me on my back I wasn’t about to go anywhere in a hurry. Mark knelt up on the bed and backed up to me. His ass was resting over my cock and with Sarah holding it still for both of us she guided Mark down onto my throbbing piece of meat. Watching his ass engulf my cock was almost enough to send me over the top, but I wanted the feeling to last a lifetime.

He rode my cock up and down the entire length sinking deep into his tight ass. I lifted my hips up and down off the bed thrusting my penis into his hot hole. Sarah pushed Mark back so he was resting his arms against my chest and I helped by holding him as well. Sarah couldn’t help herself; she put her arms around Mark’s neck and lowered her silky cunt down onto his massive prick. As he rode me, she rode him and I thrust faster and faster. I could feel my sperm boiling in my balls and I knew that my first bisexual orgasm was about to happen.

I cried out that I was cumming as I felt my pulsating cock throbbing deep inside Mark’s tight ass, I couldn’t help myself pulling Mark down onto my cock harder and harder as my man juice washed his bowels. Mark exploded at about the same time with Sarah following right behind, her pussy gripped Mark’s cock like a vice squeezing every last drop of cum out of his long thick prick.

Within moments of my wonderful first time experience we lay together enjoying the newfound friendship that we could all share together. Something different, something unique and something bisexually bi-curious…

I know that this will not be the last time, but my first ever MMF session was truly unbelievable… you will have to try it one day…

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