El Diablo De Morella

Three girls waiting naked in the chairs were chatting happily now. Henry had gone into the kitchen to make a snack. They had all been paid in advance, 100 dollars each. Maria had been promised more.
“Her,” Roberto said, pointing to the first girl in the chair.
“Anna? Anna is my friend, I can’t… I can’t.”

“You will,” Roberto said, straightening the reflector. He returned to his camera and looked through the view finder. There was suddenly nothing there to see. He looked up to find Maria dressing by the door.

“Henry, my whip!” Roberto shouted. “We will be doing the whipping scene next. Maria has volunteered.”
“Me?” Maria looked up in alarm.

“Unless I find you on the bed and naked, the next time I look through this view finder.” He gave a self-satisfied smile when Maria quickly stripped and jumped back on the bed.

“You,” Roberto crooked his finger at Anna and pointed at the bed. She jumped up and approached the bed. She was not aware of what she would be doing. Maria spoke rapidly in Spanish, Roberto could only follow a portion of her speech. The girl stopped and started to turn. Henry, anticipating this problem, handed the whip to Roberto. She was back on the bed in seconds.
Roberto got the girls into position, then checked the focus of the camera.

“No, hug her legs,” Roberto said enthusiastically. Seeing Anna laying on Maria’s flawless brown legs had given him a huge hardon. Anna sank to the bed with her slender arms wrapped around Maria’s legs. Roberto stepped to his camera and made sure they were centered in the picture.
“Fucking great,” he said enthusiastically. “Now kiss her knees, open her legs and kiss your way up the inside of each leg,” he whispered. Anna’s smile darkened briefly. She looked at Maria, who nodded. With a flicker of a smile, she pushed Maria’s right leg aside and rolled in between them. She kissed Maria’s knee. Maria shuddered. Her leg shook slightly. Roberto saw the quick intake of breath, and the excited look. Yes, Maria was enjoying it and anticipating her friend’s first touch, despite her vocal objections. She was horny. She wanted to feel her friends lips on her pussy, and Roberto wanted to see it.

Anna was kissing Maria’s knees like it was a long- lost friend. She kissed and licked the knee, while she ran her hands up and down the soft skin of Maria’s leg. She seemed to be obsessed.
“Kiss her inner thigh’s,” Roberto reminded her gently. Maria stiffened and hunched up slightly at his words. Without thought, Anna moved up quickly and licked Maria’s inner thigh with vigorous strokes of her small tongue. She looked like a kitten, eagerly cleaning her sister.

“Kiss it, massage it, make love to it,” Roberto spoke without thinking.
With her eyes still closed, Anna moaned, kissing Maria’s inner thigh, working her way up toward Maria’s delicious center.
“Oh yes,” Roberto gasped as she reached the crease between Maria’s slender legs, and her absolutely perfect pelvis.

“Madre,” Maria gasped, lifting up off the bed with a slightly frightened look. She kinked her right leg beside Anna’s head. Without hesitation, Anna’s moist red lips suddenly touched Maria’s baby soft pussy. She kissed it gently, then sucked her flesh into her mouth.

“Ah, ah!” Maria screamed. She reached down and pulled her friend’s face into her steamy wet mound. Moaning and lapping like a dog, Anna began to work on Maria’s young pussy with wild abandon. Roberto realized that Anna had either done this before, or she had anticipated doing it to Maria many times. Either way Anna was thoroughly enjoying herself.

Roberto was distracted by the sound of giggles. He focused his attention on the two girls waiting in the chairs. They were pointing and whispering, giggling as they watched their two classmates making love on the bed.

“You!” he shouted at the girls. They froze and looked at him in fear.
“On the bed,” he ordered. They looked frightened, but obeyed reluctantly. “Make love to each other, and if you stop I will whip you both,” he growled.

The girls were nice enough, typical school girls. One had reddish bleached-blonde, and the other had natural long, black hair. Both were cute. At the moment they laid rigidly on the bed, looking at him in fear.

“Henry, get me that whip,” Roberto said in Spanish. The girls simply watched as Henry approached and put the replica cat-of-nine-tails in his hand. He slapped it against his leg a few time while giving them a threatening look. They simply waited.

“Roll over,” he ordered the two girls. They immediately complied. He licked his lips, staring at the two perfectly shaped asses before him. They would have made a great feast, but at the moment he must satisfy the camera. He glanced at Maria and Anna, oblivious to his actions. Their attentions were only centered upon themselves. And his camera was catching every detail. He would make a fortune.

Maria was moaning, throwing her head from side to side, while Anna feasted on her sweet pudding with non-stop enthusiasm. It was clear that Anna was in love with Maria. At the moment, Roberto was as well. He reluctantly centered his attention on the other two girls. He knew his camera would catch the action from the edge of the lens. It was showtime.

He leaned forward, dropped to one knee between the girls, and kissed the baby soft ass of the bleached blonde. She gasped and stiffened. He smiled at her response. Girls were girls all over the world, no matter where he went. Money was a big turn-on, nakedness was a big turn-on, and attention was an ever bigger turn-on. In some cases pain was the biggest turn-on of all.
He raised the whip and brought it down across her perfect little ass. She screamed and tried to roll over. He sank down with his knee, placing his weight on her slender legs and brought the whip down again. She screamed and struggled violently beneath him. He laughed, watching her beautiful ass wiggle enticingly. As she began to settle down, he raised the whip and brought it down again. She screamed, but struggled less. He ran a hand over her velvety soft ass and she hissed in pain. He released her and turned to the second girl.

“Sooth her,” he said gently. The girl reached out and touched the welts gingerly. The blonde hisses and pulled away.

“Not like that, use your mouth,” he commanded. She began to whimper, but sank down and licked the blonde’s ass. The blonde quieted immediately. She turned to see her friend licking her ass, and a slight smile came to her surprised eyes.

“Kiss her, make her feel good,” Roberto said in Spanish. The girl, with eyes still closed, sank down until she was laying beside the girl. She kissed and licked the firm little ass cheeks, running her hands up and down the girl’s legs. The blonde gasped and sank her face into the bed, moaning softly as her friend worshiped her tiny ass.

“Excellent,” Roberto gasped. Kiss her asshole. Lick it,” he commanded. As the girl began to rise, he violently pushed her face back down. The girl tried to resist, so he raise the whip an brought it down on the black haired girl’s ass. She screamed into the blonde’s asshole. The blonde half turned to watch, not in fear, but excitement. Roberto realized that pain was one of her turn-ons.
“Roll over on your side in the fetal position,” Roberto encouraged the blonde. She immediately complied. He forced the second girl down behind her.

eat her ass or I will whip you to death,” he said between clenched teeth. She saw the seriousness in his face and reluctantly fell behind the blonde. With her lips puckered she shoved them into the crack of the first girl’s ass and began to nuzzle and lick the dark puckered ring. The blonde gasped loudly and smiled. She reached behind her back and touched the reluctantly girl’s face, rubbing it gently as the girl worked up and down in the crack of her velvety smooth cheeks.
“Oh God yes,” the blonde whispered. She was shuddering, hunching her ass against the second girl’s face. Roberto realized that she was about to cum. He stepped back to make sure the camera had a great shot of the two. It was only minutes before the blonde screamed, mashing her ass backward against the poor girl’s face. It was more than Roberto could stand. When the blonde was finished, she pulled the second girl away and had her take the blonde’s place.

The blonde practically threw herself between the girl’s open legs. Kneeling at the side of the bed, Roberto placed his own lips on the girl’s delicious pussy and began feasting on her young flesh.
“Oh, oh,” the blonde gasped into the second girl’s pussy. She threw her head from side to side, eagerly sucking and licking the dark haired girl’s virginal pussy. The girl hunched her pussy against the blonde’s face in wild abandon.

Roberto stood, dropped his pants and took his throbbing cock into his hands. He rubbed it up and down briefly, then thrust it forward into the blonde’s virginal pussy. He took her maidenhead with one brutal thrust. With one initial scream she stiffened, but after only a moment she was pressing her pussy back onto his cock. She was now a woman.

“My God, you are so fucking tight,” he gasped as he pumped in and out of her bleeding pussy. She clamped her tight, virginal pussy around his cock as it slide deep inside her. She could feel it touching something inside. It hurt and felt wonderful, both at the same time.

Maria began babbling and screaming, with her legs tightly wrapped around Anna’s head. With screams and brutal thrusts she came violently on Anna’s sweet red lips. She twisted and screamed as she had the first really big orgasm of her entire life. She looked down in desperate anticipation as Anna continued to eat, bringing on her second large orgasm.

While pumping slowly in and out of the blonde’s pussy, with both hands on her hips, Roberto watched the fantastic action going on within arms reach beside him. The beautiful little slut would make him a million dollars with such an erotic show.

Maria finished her second orgasm, reached down and grabbed Anna’s face, pulled her up and kissed her passionately. The broke the kiss and Maria practically threw Anna down on the bed and fell between her open legs. Without hesitation, Maria went down on Anna violently, sucking, pulling, and licking like a girl gone wild. Roberto watched Maria’s enticing ass wiggling just a few feet from him. As he pumped away in the blonde’s pussy, he reached out and slid two fingers inside of Maria’s wiggling mound. She stiffened, but continued eating without looking back.

Roberto felt a fire building in his loins. He intensified his attack on the helpless blonde’s ass. Pumping away five more times brought him his orgasm. He stiffened and ground his teeth, as the blonde ground her ass against his cock until she brought on her own orgasm. They screamed and withered together. In a few more seconds, the object of the blonde’s attention grasped her head and began coming on the beautiful blonde’s face.

Minutes passed as the girl came, with the blonde still eagerly feasting in her cunt. Roberto stepped back to watch the action. He was still fingering Maria’s pussy. His attention went to the whip. He picked it up off the bed, pulled his fingers out of her moist pussy, and rubbed her juices on the braided leather handle of the whip. He placed the knobbed handle against her pussy and rotated it while pushing firmly. She hissed and cried out as the handle reluctantly slide inside her tight pussy. He pushed it in and out of her pussy several times before it moved easily. She resumed her feast, eagerly sucking on Anna’s pussy.

“Henry, come here,” Roberto ordered. Henry flew forward, looking at the young girls eagerly.
“You want me to fuck somebody?” he asked.
“If you want. But right now I want you to hold this whip so I can check my camera,” he said, putting Henry’s hand on the whip. Henry took the whip, crossed himself quickly, then began stirring the girl’s wet pussy flesh with the handle.

“Slow down, slide it in and out, don’t churn it,” Roberto ordered. Eagerly licking his lips, Henry nodded nervously. His eyes went from one girl to the next. He put his fingers inside of the blonde’s pussy, then held them to his nose and tasted them. He shuddered visibly. Roberto smiled and looked down at his camera. It was almost out of film. He had expected as much, he had a sixth sense about such things. He had been in the business for a long time. He unwrapped another tape and got it ready. He watched as Anna screamed, arching her back and humping her pussy against Maria’s face. She had an earth- shattering orgasm in Maria’s eager, warm mouth. She settled back to the bed and reluctantly pushed Maria’s head away. Maria stayed in position as Henry pushed the whip in and out of her pussy.

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