Author: starbelliedboy

What follows is a brief description of some of the sexual experiences of a young girl in 1840s America called Nancy. She lived on a small farm just over a day’s ride from the nearest town, which was small in any case, just a church, a saloon, some stores and a few houses. She lived with her three older step-brothers and her Pa (who was really her step-father – her father died just before she was born and her mother just after she turned 10), and a few farmhands: four black men and a fat white man who bullied them. They were fairly poor, she hardly ever had new clothes, only her brothers’ old clothes and what was given by relatives, and she had to sleep in a room with her youngest step-brother, four years her senior.
Life was not pleasant for her, she had to work on the farm from a very young age, and their Pa, Mr. McKinley, was very hard on them, striking them frequently with his cane. He especially picked on Nancy, whom he blamed for the death of his wife, so she grew to hate him. It is rather ironic, therefore, that her first and many subsequent sexual experiences involved him.
The first came when she was just turned eighteen, as she was beginning to awaken sexually. It was summer so she was wearing an old yellow and white light dress of a cousin, which was quite a bit too small for her. If she’d grown up with any female companions would have known was indecent, stopping as it did some way above her dirty knees, and hugging her thin but womanly hips. She had tied her long brown hair back in two thick braids to keep it out of the way during work, and tucked any stray hairs behind her ears to stop them falling into her pretty brown-eyed, freckled face.
Pa was shouting at her. Nancy had done something fairly minor, but he called her into his room which always meant a whipping. As always she obeyed, wanting it over and done with. She followed him into the dark windowless room with one lamp burning, and he closed the door and locked it, which was unusual. His mouth stern as ever under his graying moustache, he pushed her roughly against a chest of drawers and forced her to bend over it with one massive rough hand while with the other he lifted her skirt.
Picking up the cane he brought it down with stinging force over her buttocks, making her cry out. However, though he didn’t know it, this was actually in pleasure. Over the years she had grown so used to a regular beating that it no longer had much effect on her, though she still pretended it did for fear that he would find some other punishment. Since entering puberty she had begun to find it even pleasurable, the stinging on her behind, and developed this, getting a strange satisfaction from enjoying what was meant as punishment from her hateful father.
This time began no different, ten loud cracks landing on her ass, but then they stopped, and the cane dropped to the floor. As this had happened before she was not too curious, and sure enough he began spanking her with his hand, and as she screamed in fake pain she felt a damp sensation in her crotch she’d been getting a lot recently. But soon the spanking stopped too, and all she could feel was his thick calloused fingers feeling and kneading her cheeks, stroking the backs of her thighs and even touching her vagina briefly making her gasp. Her soft young skin reminded him of his own young experiences with his first wife.
Something in her silence seemed to snap him out of the momentary tenderness and with a last slap, he pulled her off the chest by her dress which ripped sharply, and ordered her on to her knees. She watching with interest, though she was careful only to show fear and subservience, as he undid his belt, dropped his pants to his boots and presented her with a huge pair of wrinkly balls and his five inch long, one and a half inch thick, limp cock. Of course, living in a house of only men she’d seen their genitals before, but never up close, and despite its wrinkled, almost gray appearance, found it rather attractive.
“Now listen carefully you little whore,” he hissed nastily, grabbing Nancy’s braids in both hands to look down into her forced tear-stained face with his lined, stubbly old one. “What I want you to do is so simple even a moron of a child such as you should be able to understand: just lick and suck this until I tell you to stop. If you bite you will get such a hiding you’ll wish you were never born. And for once in your worthless life at least pretend to enjoy something.”
With that he pulled her face into his groin, and she set to work, licking the odd smelling, sweaty skin and then took it in her small mouth and sucked. This brought back memories for him, and soon to her surprise it began to swell and grow, becoming stiffer. The folds of skin at the end rolled back and tightened to reveal the smooth round end, until it was at least double in length and two inches in diameter. Gingerly, the petite brunette licked the end of the massive cock, her small red tongue exploring the unfamiliar texture of the head. It was not very clean, and despite her determination to enjoy her punishments it was genuine revulsion that flickered across her face as her tongue encountered a clump of smegma just under the ridge of the head.
Her step-father though was becoming irritated by the teasing of the little tongue, and gripping her head he forced her down on his big dick, her small mouth straining to admit the first two inches. At first spluttering in surprise, Nancy soon realised what was wanted and began sucking, and her head was released. Back and forth her head went, one hand on her father’s hairy leg to steady herself and the other firmly on his shaft. Now and again she would stop for breath and begin licking instead, but each time she was quickly pulled back by her hair into sucking again, her chin soon shiny as saliva ran out of her mouth to drip on her clothes.
McKinley had rarely had sex since the death of his second wife, only the occasional prostitute, and was too strict a Christian to masturbate. So it was no surprise that after three minutes of being given a blowjob by his eighteen year old step-daughter’s hot mouth, he should feel the pressure in his balls as an orgasm built up. Seizing her two plaits in his hands he began fucking Nancy’s mouth, pulling her head towards him as he thrust forwards. Nancy just kept her mouth open and tried to relax her throat as her step-father rammed four inches of his fifty-seven year old penis in and out with a loud squelching noise.
As his orgasm broke he held her head in an iron grip, filling her mouth with jism so it dribbled out the side, and squirting it down her throat making her choke so badly on the strange salty-sweet liquid he had to release her. Coughing a mouthful of semen out in a lumpy, stringy, translucent white cascade over her chin, she was half blinded as he ejaculated again, this time aiming at her face with his hand so his cum streaked over her freckles into her eye. Another six shots plastered her face and skin, making her shriek in order to please him while he tried to humiliate her. Then with a sound that he thought was fake but was in fact genuine delight, Nancy caught the last three on her tongue.
Then, having recovered from the choking and to her step-father’s sadistic delight, Nancy began to wipe as much cum from her face and into her mouth as possible. Pretending to be disgusted, although she actually quite liked this new and interesting taste, she swished it around in her mouth before swallowing it, lumps and all.
Her father leant panting against the chest of drawers, his head bowed, as she got up to leave.
“Here,” he said gruffly, pulling a filthy rag from his pocket, “wipe yourself off before you go out.”
She did so, though the semen on her dress was still clearly visible in one large and sticky smeared patch and lots of small splatters, which attracted a lot of dust and muck as she worked that day.
Though she was very close to her step-brothers, who were always very sympathetic towards her for the way their father treated her, she didn’t mention anything to them all day. It was only that evening, when the lamp in the room she shared with her twenty-two year old brother George had been blown out that she began answering his questions. In a whisper she told him what happened, and how it didn’t seem as bad as being beaten.
“He made you do WHAT?” George whispered incredulously.
“It’s easier if I show you,” Nancy replied. “Come over here.”
Quietly, George got out of bed, pulled the curtains open, flooding the room with moonlight, and sat on the bed next to his little step-sister, dressed in her mother’s old white nightgown. He was tall, broad shouldered from working in the fields, with short blond hair, and handsome, though not outstandingly so due to having his father’s large nose, and still bore a certain amount of acne. As it was hot, he was only wearing his underwear, and before he could stop her, his step-sister had undone it and got his cock out.
“What are you doing Nance?” he whispered as his step-sister held his limp organ in her little hands.
“Showing you what Pa made me do to him.” And with that she lowered her head over his groin, her hair falling over her freckled face, and took her brother’s dick in her mouth, keeping eye contact with him as she did so. As well as not being erect, it was quite a bit smaller than Mr. McKinley’s, so she had no trouble fitting him inside. She also loved her step-brother, and so was trying to please him and could fully enjoy giving him his first blowjob.
Soon he was hard in her mouth and gasping as his little step-sister sunk down on her knees between his legs, giving him sensations unlike anything he’d done by himself with his hands. Although he didn’t want to harm Nancy at all, he couldn’t stop her, and when he came he could not stop himself from thrusting slightly. Nancy caught most of the semen, licking up a bit that had dribbled down his shaft and wiping her face with her hand, being careful not to soil her clothes. Then she got back on the bed and looked at her step-brother.
“So, was it nice?” she asked.
“Nice?” he replied in a hoarse whisper. “That was incredible! Let me pay you back.” And he lifted her nightgown, pushing her back on to her pillow and started kissing her hairy, virgin vagina. At first she just lay back, pleased as his affectionate lips touching her skin haphazardly, the moustache on his top lip tickling her, but due to his inexperience and hazy knowledge of the female anatomy doing nothing special for her.
Suddenly she shuddered and gave a loud gasp. He had kissed her clitoris.
“Did that hurt?” he whispered, stopping and looking worried. “Should I stop?”
“Stop? No, keep doing what you did just there!” He resumed his kissing and she felt shivers of excitement course through her. Her pussy began leaking juice when he started licking, tentatively at first, but then faster, Nancy having to hold her hands over her mouth to stifle her moans. In the end though, it wasn’t enough to conceal her cries as she orgasmed, and anyway, she shook so much that the bed banged loudly against the wall.
It was the most wonderful feeling she’d ever had, but it had barely faded when they both heard the familiar sound of Pa’s footsteps striding towards their room. George kissed her goodnight, jumped up, pulled clothes up and closed the curtains at the same time then leapt into bed. Nancy had just got back into bed when the door flew open.


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