The Perfect Teacher

She scooted closer, looked at him with a shy smile, and took the head of his cock in her lips. He gave a silent scream of pleasure, while outwardly looking cold and detached. She sucked briefly, then began sliding her mouth up and down on the shaft, while pumping her fist on it’s base. Simon was in heaven. He had fantasized about this very thing so many times, while the students were busy with an assignment, and he had nothing to do but sit and survey the sea of young, beautiful legs and shorts skirts presented in all their youthful glory. Some displayed their wares unknowingly, and some, like Melody, liked to tease. Melody was the first one he saw every day, she was seated directly in front of his desk. So of course he fantasized about her the most.

He had sat looking under her skirt at the silky smooth expanse of warm thigh and dreamed of sticking his head under that skirt.

Now he looked down at Melody’s sweet, childish face, her fantastic, firm, grapefruit sized breasts, and her upturned knees with the short skirt sliding down to her crotch. Simon suddenly realized that he didn’t regret the slight delay in his trip. But would she earn that higher grade?
“Enough of that, we are wasting time,” he said, lifting her to her feet. A hurt, angry look crossed her face. She stood with a pout so effective that it made him glad that he was a man. He immediately wanted to kiss that pout off her face. But he would maintain his facade of invulnerability.

“Lay on the desk, face down,” he ordered in an impartial voice. She tuned, moved a few items out of the way, and laid face down with her arms spread. He knelt behind her sexy ass and lifted the skirt. There it was, the dark, erotic pussy of his dreams. And she had a perfectly rounded ass that just cried out to be kissed, and fucked.

She opened her legs, lifted them to get a better stance, then rested her toes on the floor. Her legs were now widespread, waiting. It was his ass, to do with as he wished.
“Wonderful,” he said, partially to himself, and partially to her, to assuage her feelings. It worked. She turned and looked back at him with a smile.

“Melody, you may possibly be the sexiest little female on this campus,” he gasped in real appreciation. His hard cock wanted to sink it’s length into her pussy. But first he wanted to fulfill his wildest desires. He leaned forward and sealed his mouth over the right cheek of her ass. He licked his right thumb and pressed it into the crack of her ass. With a little searching, he found and penetrated her small, puckered asshole.

She gasped and jerked at the sudden, brutal attack. She tried to turn and watch, but it hurt her neck. She moaned, leaning her face against the varnish of his wooden desk. She felt lewd and vulnerable, presenting her ass that way. It was a desperate ploy to win their wager and now Simon had taken full advantage of it.

Holding her ass cheek in his left hand, he began wiggling his thumb inside her ass, as he kissed and licked her soft, firm ass cheeks. He had her gasping now. His attack had been totally unexpected. He moved to her left ass cheek and bathed it liberally, while maintaining the rapid movement of his thumb inside her ass. She was gasping and pushing her ass back to meet his thumb. He extended his finger and began stimulating her pussy with the same hand. She moaned loudly, clutching the desk in her slender little hands. He bathed her ass cheeks a moment longer, then stood. He pulled his thumb out of her ass, grabbed his cock, and slid it between the moist lips of her pussy.

“Oh yes,” she gasped, pumping her pussy against his penis. It was very long, she noticed. Much longer than the boys she was used too. When he pushed his cock inside her pussy, it seemed to slide inside forever, before coming up against her cervix. Even that felt good, since he went slowly and surely. What she didn’t realize was that he was simply lubricating his cock for the real fuck. She gasped in disappointment when he pulled out of her pussy. She froze in fear when she felt his cock touch her asshole, then grabbed the desk in desperation when it began pushing it’s way inside. She squealed in a restrained voice as the head of his circumcised penis entered her ass suddenly. He froze in that position, with her asshole forming a ring around the head of his cock. She waited in horrified expectation, for the massive cock to continue it’s journey up her ass. He patiently waited until her asshole relaxed, then pushed again. This time it didn’t hurt too much. His thumb up her ass had partially prepared her.

Simon was in absolute heaven. He was fucking one of the sexiest asses he had ever seen. In all his dreams of Melody, he had fucked her in the ass. Now it was a reality. Her ass was so hot and soft, around his throbbing cock. He was so close to an orgasm that he would press forward, then wait for the tremors to stop. If he plunged in and out twice, he would have a massive orgasm. He had to wait.

“Rub your clit,” he whispered above her back. “It will make you feel better, no pain, and you can have an orgasm too.”

She reached under her body and fingered her clit. She shuddered at the first contact, as ready for an orgasm as he was. Slowly, she began rotating her fingers against her clit. In a moment he felt her pushing her ass against his cock, willing him to continue his ass fuck.

He had sufficiently relaxed to continue his fuck. Slowly, he slid in and out of her hot ass. He could think of nothing which felt as good as his cock in her ass. Her nethery soft ass cheeks were pressing against his hips. The intense heat and softness inside her ass was like nothing he had ever felt before. After several brief plunges, he found his hips coming up firmly against the flexible cheeks of her ass. He increased his tempo. She was giving out little kitten cries each time his cock thrust it’s way inside her. He could feel her fingers touching his balls occasionally, as she stimulated her mound.

Simon reached beneath Melody and cupped one firm breast in his hand. She shuddered at the touch, pushing her breast forward against his hand.

“Oh, I’m going to cum so fucking big,” she gasped. She was bouncing on his desk now, slapping her ass against his hips with each stroke. She liked the intense heat his cock was creating in her ass, and loins. It was a very peculiar heat, a heat that extended clear up to her breasts, and down to her toes.

“That feels so fucking good,” she gasped. She turned to watch his hard body pumping against her ass. He again marveled at her beauty, and her likeness to that famous singer. Since he could never get close to Britney, this was the next best thing. He found it ironic that he used to sit in his desk and fantasize about Melody, and now that he was actually fucking her, he was fantasizing about another woman. Of course most of the humor was lost on him, since he was about to have the biggest orgasm of his life.

He held Melody’s ass with a grip like a vise. Closing his eyes and panting, he intensified his attack, feeling the first tremors of an orgasm tickling his loins. It took only a moment for him to explode. Crying softly, he held his hard cock still, as it pumped it’s thick cum into her ass. She quickly began stirring her mound with her fingers to bring herself to an orgasm as well. She didn’t know that being fucked in the ass partially deadened her pussy and delayed her orgasm. She now had to over-stimulate her pussy to get herself off. It didn’t take much. In no time at all she began panting, while grinding her ass against his sensitive cock. He swore, gritting his teeth while she humped her ass against his wilting cock, stimulating herself to a massive orgasm.

Squealing and bucking, she closed her eyes and pressed her cheek against the cold wood of the desk, while her pussy tore her to pieces. Totally out of her control, it bucked and spasmed, feeling his wilting cock jerking inside her ass as she clenched it with her strong spinster muscles.
Simon grabbed her soft hips and tried to hold them in a firm grip, but her wild gyrations continued. Slowly, after an eternity of over-stimulation, Simon felt her beginning to relax. He looked down at her perfect ass and reluctantly began pulling out.

She gave a little cry when his cock pulled out of her ass, then wilted on his desk, breathing hard with her eyes closed, trying to regain control of her body.

Simon took two packages of handi-wipes out of his desk drawer and handed one to Melody. He cleaned his hands and cock, then tossed it in the trash, before looking for his pants.
“That was fucking wonderful,” Melody gasped, slowly sitting up.

“It was good,” he admitted, “but I’ve lost a lot of time. Traffic will kill me if I don’t leave soon.”
He saw the amazed, disappointed look on her face at his cool, calloused words. He stopped and smiled at her, then lowered his face to give her a kiss.

“Just kidding,” he said with a smile. “It really was wonderful. But I feel you only half won the wager, so I want to see you and your friend at 8:00 o’clock, Sunday night. I will, coincidentally, raise your grade two marks. Satisfied?”
“Oh yes. Thank you, Mister Adams.”

“No problem. And any time you feel the need to improve your grade, stop by again,” he said, grabbing his briefcase. He kissed her again and ran for the door. Melody laid across the desk with a dreamy smile on her face, until she realized that she was nearly naked and the door was unlocked. She quickly redressed. Crystal was a sexy redhead who had been giving her the eye in the shower. Most girls looked at Melody’s tits in envy, but the look Crystal had given her was different. She had to make sure Crystal kept her calendar clear for Sunday night. She couldn’t wait.

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