The Gamble

She cried out and wilted against his shoulder. He pressed slowly, relentlessly until his hard cock penetrated her willing cunt. It was very hot and pleasing inside. He held that position for a moment, enjoying the feeling of heat and moisture on his penis. It was very enjoyable, like entering a hot room in the middle of the winter. He felt her pussy muscles clenching his cock. She rocked gently against him. He found her mouth again in the darkness and kissed her passionately. Her hands were on his shoulders. One hand drifted away in the darkness. He thought nothing of it until he felt a tug on his gunbelt. He pulled out of her pussy and slammed his cock back in hard. She cried out, slightly unbalance, and grabbed his shoulders again. He snaked a hand down to his gun, took the thong off it’s hammer, and slid the gun down in the back of his pants. Then he began a slow, brutal attack on the woman’s loins.

Normally he would have been gentle and considerate, but Jillian was making him angry. He didn’t know what she was doing, but it was obvious that she was using her sex to distract him. He hated women who used sex as a tool.

“Oh, oh, oh yes, oh yes,” she chanted in his ear. He kissed her soft neck. He used one hand to mash her breast, through the material of her dress. He pounded away inside her pussy, not out of enjoyment, but to distract her and punish her. He wanted to hurt her. Unfortunately she seemed to like it. The harder he pounded her pelvis with his cock, the more she moaned and withered in his arms. The slap of wet flesh was loud and erotic. Her warm thighs rubbed against his hips. Her ankles were locked behind his ass, pulling him forward with increased force. She lost all semblance of lady-like behavior. She gurgled, panted, grunted and moaned. She laid her head on his shoulder and whispered foul words in his ear. He liked it.

“Fuck me,” she hissed, bouncing under his brutal attack. “Oh yes,” she shouted, throwing her head back. She overbalanced and screamed, grabbing him desperately. He was holding her, she could not go over the railing. The sudden fear seemed to combine with her passion. She shuddered and clung to his neck. Her breath was warm on his cheek. She swore viciously and clamped her legs tightly around his hips, while her pussy exploded. She jerked and bucked against him, swearing low and hard the whole time.

Dillion raised and lowered his body, relentlessly grinding his cock into her pussy to stimulate his own orgasm. It struck just moments after she finished her. She held him close and enjoyed his wild display of passion. She felt it was almost as good as a second orgasm. She liked to be enjoyed. She cooed and kissed his cheek as his cock spewed the last of his cum between her legs. She held him close until he moved again.

Dillion helped her down. She felt around on the floor until she found her pantaloons. She held them in her hand, rather than putting them on in the darkness.
“I need the toilet,” she whispered, disappearing inside.

Dillion built and lit a cigarette with shaking fingers. He shook out the match then froze when he saw lighted windows passing in the night. They were arriving at Reno.
The train’s whistle blew one long blast, followed by two short ones. A man burst from the rear car and stumbled toward Dillion.

“Watch it,” he said, raising his cigarette so the man would not get burned. He could not see who it was in the darkness, but he suspected. The train whistle was an alarm to wake the conductor.
“Sorry,” the conductor said. “I’m nervous.”
“You and me both. Are the soldiers ready?”
“Yes. And they are worried. Don’t go near their car or they will shoot you.”
“I won’t,” he promised. The train was beginning to slow.
“Oh lord,” the conductor said. “I’d better go inside. Good luck,” he called as he opened the door. Dillion stepped in behind him and gently closed the door. He slid into the toilet and waited in the darkness.

“All train robberies went the same. First the robbers would rob and pacify the passengers, then they would bust open the baggage car, get the loot and ride off into the darkness. But they were planning this robbery in Reno, an up and coming city. There would certainly be people around, even at midnight. Most likely the robbers would board the train in Reno and ride it out of town, where they would make their play.

Dillion locked the toilet door and turned up the lamp. He checked his gun carefully and put a cap on the sixth cylinder. He may need all six shots before the night was through. He checked his single shot derringer, slid it back into his shirt pocket and loosened his knife.

Why was he doing this? It wasn’t his money. His sense of fair play would not allow him to stand by while others robbed the train. He had to take a hand, hopefully before the conductor was killed. He seemed to be a likable old man. Speaking of old men, the mountain man seemed to be ready for anything. If he was still there. It was obvious that he didn’t have the price of a berth, but most people slept in the smoking car.

Dillion turned off the lamp and unlocked the door. He opened the door silently and peeked out. Yup, the old man was still there. He would be a help in a fight, especially with that pistol in his lap and the henry at his elbow.

The train had almost stopped. He locked the door and waited. He heard the sound of voices, as people filed into the car. The door handle was tried lightly, then the person went away. Dillion pulled his gun and waited. All voices and footsteps retreated. He unlocked the door again and looked through the crack. The platform outside was dimly lit. He waited patiently until the train started forward. He knew it would be exactly 1:00 o’clock. As the train left the station, and the lights, Dillion leapt from the toilet to the back door. He opened it noiselessly and crept out. From the darkness outside the window he could see three men sitting half way down the dining car. The old man appeared to be asleep, but Dillion noticed that his hand was in his lap. Dillion wished that he could see the right row of seats. They were blocked by the toilet. One man was talking to somebody out of sight. That meant there were at least four robbers. Suddenly he saw a hand, with flowing white lace around the wrist. Jillian!

The train was now speeding into the desert. Dillion knew there would be men waiting in the desert with horses. He also knew that one man would be with the engineer. As he watched the three men stood as if on signal. They pulled their guns and advanced toward the mountain man.
Dillion threw the door open, gun in hand. The men turned as one, startled. Their guns started to come to bear on him when a pistol exploded. One man flew forward and crumpled over a seat. Dillion fired as fast as he could. A pale of smoke filled the dining car. The mountain man had drawn his second pistol. He was firing with cool efficiency. He suddenly jerked under the impact of a bullet. Being seated it was easy for him to recover and continue shooting.

Dillion suddenly notice the gun in Jillian’s hand. She had shot the mountain man, not the others.
“Jillian!” he shouted. She swung around with the pistol pointing at his head. He threw himself back as she fired. He fired as well. Nothing happened. In the heat of the fight he had forgotten how many shot’s he’d fired. Jillian pulled back the hammer with cool efficiency and aimed at Dillion’s head. The roar of the henry rifle was deafening in the room. Jillian was thrown off her feet. She landed several tables away. She wilted and slid out of sight.

“Your rifle,” Dillion yelled, holding up a hand. The Henry was thrown and slapped into his hand. He ran for the front of the car. The engineer would be forced to stop the train now. Dillion had to stop that. If the thieves swarmed over the train, they had no chance.

Dillion ran through the smoking car. There were several men and women, including the conductor inside. Children were sleeping in their mother’s laps, unaware of what was taking place.
Dillion arrived at the far platform. He was faced with the coal car. It took only a moment to climb the ladder on the front of the car. He couldn’t see anything in the darkness. Suddenly the door to the fire box opened and the engineer began throwing coal inside. The robber was standing a yard away with a drawn gun. The roar of the engine, and the wind, made it impossible to be heard. Dillion raised the rifle and took aim at the bandit. It didn’t seem sporting to shoot him in cold blood. A warning shot might be the last shot he ever got. He would be blasted off the top of the train before he could jack another shell into the chamber.

The engineer stopped shoveling. He adjusted a small metal wheel above the fire box. The shovel was held carelessly in his left hand, just inches from the bandit.

Dillion took careful aim at the shovel and fired. The shovel flew out of the engineer’s hand and slapped the bandit in the stomach. He flew back against the fire box and screamed in agony. The gun had flown out of his hand and slid across the floor. The engineer calmly grabbed the man by the belt and heaved him off into the night. He turned and waved, even though he couldn’t see Dillion, then resumed feeding the fire box. Dillion rode the top of the train for half an hour, to make sure everything was in order before he climbed down and went back inside.

The conductor was bent over Jillian’s dead body. Dillion handed the rifle to the mountain man and knelt beside her. She was still beautiful, even in death.

“What a horrible waste,” the conductor said sadly.
“More than you can ever imagine,” Dillion agreed. “She spent her time with me because she thought I was the U.S. Marshall, riding herd on the gold. I’m not, but I’m happy for the mistake. She was one hell of a lady.”
“Then where is the marshal?” the conductor asked in consternation. “He was supposed to protect us.”

“Right there,” Dillion pointed at the mountain man before he could speak.
“How did you know?” the mountain man asked.
“That horrible disguise,” Dillion said, laughing.
“I thought it was good,” the man said defensively.
“You were wrong,” Dillion laughed. “Wrong,” he said again as he went back to his berth.

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