The Gamble

Jillian gasped for breath. She rode gently on Dillion’s cock. Her naked body was sweaty in the close, confined heat of the sleeping car. She glistened in the dim light coming in from above the curtain. Dillion ran his hands over her shoulders. She sighed, giving him a leering sexy look. She suddenly dropped her mouth to his and licked his upper and lower lips, then caught his upper lip in her teeth and pulled it lightly.

The smell of sweat and sex were strong in the small sleeping berth. Her gasps of pleasure were embarrassingly loud. Dillion knew that other’s sleeping around them must be listening. He didn’t mind if they didn’t.

“Oh yes,” Jillian cried in a restrained manner. She increased her tempo, sliding quickly back and forth on his prone body. His cock churned her pussy flesh like a paddle churns butter. She felt blissful rapture between her legs. Dillion grasped her wonderful breasts and squeezed them lightly. They were her greatest asset. He placed the ends of his thumbs over her stiffened nipples and twirled them. She hissed and arched her back, banging her head on the underside of the upper bunk.

Dillion was afraid that she would get slivers from the rough boards of the upper berth. She didn’t seem to notice. As they made love one long bundle of hair fell out of place, resting on her right shoulder. It made her somehow more sexy. She still wore her black stockings. She had removed everything else. Dillion had to admit, they were very seductive on her shapely legs. He loved a good pair of legs in a pair of stockings.

Jillian breathed in gasps. He could smell her scented breath on his face. She began crying softly. He felt the muscles of his loins, begin to tighten. They were both getting close to an orgasm. He held off until he saw the signs of her release, then relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of her pussy clenching his manly staff. Her intense heat and wetness felt heavenly on his manhood. She was very agile, very passionate about her lovemaking. Dillion realized that she was a very good fuck. He would like to fuck her repeatedly during the trip. It would pass the time pleasantly.
“Oh yes,” she said, riding at blinding speed. He felt the intense heat building from the friction of her pussy. He came only moments before she did. She stiffened and restrained a scream. Her face turned red. Her eyes rolled up into her head. She gave him a stricken look and shuddered horribly, before she finally relaxed, jerking only slightly. In a minute she became beautiful once more. She smiled gently and laid on his chest. Her hair tickled his nose. Her wet sticky flesh clung to his. The heat of the little berth was stifling.

“Let’s get out of here,” he said, shaking her lightly. She nodded and rolled off to lay beside him.
“That was wonderful,” she said as she tried to dress in the small space.

“It was,” he agreed. He was slightly surprised. He had held out little hope of a successful liaison, considering their initial meeting. She was very good. In fact her complete lack of inhibition was very rare in a woman. Suddenly a vision of the old whore on the pier filled his head.
She’s a pro, he thought in surprise. Perhaps not a whore, but one who had sex routinely, and used sex as a tool. So what was she, a government agent? A professional thief?

They paused on the platform between the cars, reveling in the cool evening air. It felt good after the stuffiness of the sleeper.

“It’s been a wonderful night,” she gasped, standing close to him. He liked the feeling of her body against his own, but he didn’t trust her. His hand went to the butt of his pistol. Sure enough, her hand touched his, then jerked away. Had she been reaching for his gun?

He decided that he was getting paranoid. The thought of a million dollars in gold had him as skittish as a young colt. Why should he care, it wasn’t his money.

“Let’s go in,” he said quietly. The conductor was gone. The mountain man sat rocking gently to the gentle sway of the car, his face nearly resting in a cup of coffee. His eyes flew open as they entered the car. They closed again after he saw who they were.

“Coffee and a sandwich?” he asked, going to the pile of roast beef sandwiches on the silver tray.
“I’m not really hungry,” she said, waving her hand. “Just coffee please.”

Once again he noted her contradictions. She was a study in female orneriness, or she was hiding something. He passed by the mountain man and noticed one pistol lying in his lap. The man had his eyes closed, so he didn’t see him notice. Dillion began to think this was turning out to be a very peculiar day.

The conductor came in from the far end of the car. He smiled at Dillion and hurried up to join them. The smell of wood smoke and oil came from his worn, blue suit. As Dillion looked down, he saw a pistol sticking out of the black leather belt.

“We will be stopping in Reno shortly to take on fuel and water,” he said happily.
Dillion took out his watch. “We’re making good time. We should be there about midnight.”
“Just about,” the conductor nodded. “The engineer is pouring on steam. His… cargo,” the conductor gave him a significant look, “is bothering him. He wants to get shut of it.”
“I don’t blame him,” Dillion said, thinking rapidly. All things seemed to point to midnight. Was the train being held up in Reno, and if so, was Jillian part of the plan? It didn’t make sense. Why single him out if she was? He was just a gambler.

“I need to use the toilet,” he said, standing suddenly. Jillian was caught off guard. She had no logical reason for following him, although it was clear that she wanted too. Dillion pissed in the toilet. Seeing the rails passing below he altered his aim to piss on the rail, shook his penis a few times and rebuttoned his pants. He went to the door and listened for footsteps. In a few minutes he heard them. He cracked open the door to see the conductor, just about to open the back door and leave.

“Conductor,” he hissed.
“It may be a silly daydream, but I believe the train will be robbed in Reno. I also believe that lady has something to do with it. Warn the soldiers,” he said.
“Are you sure?”
“Uh… alright. Then I’m turning in until we reach Reno. No sense in getting killed while I’m half asleep,” he said, starting to turn away. He stopped and looked past Dillion into the car, before turning to Dillion. “Are you him?”

“I don’t think so,” Dillion said in confusion.
“Oh,” he was disappointed. He turned, disappearing into the night.
Dillion reclosed the door and washed his hands. He shook them just as a tap sounded on the door.
“What?” he called.
“Dillion, are you there?”

“Yes,” he said in annoyance. Why was she keeping track of him? He stepped out and guided her outside to the platform. The desert was absolutely barren. No light showed anywhere. Occasionally a spark flew by the, carried on the warm air of the Engine’s smoke. The stars blinked brightly. They were missing to the north, signifying that a mountain range or bank of clouds were blocking them. Dillion could smell the moisture of a river, either the same one or a different one. Trains liked rivers, they tended to cut away mountains for their use. Since trains could not climb a steep gradient, and rivers rarely did, the two were usually seen together.

“It’s a wonderful night,” Jillian said quietly. She moved forward and pressed her body against his in the darkness. He melted against her and pulled her warm body tightly against his. She felt good. He put his arms around her and held her, swaying gently to the rocking motion of the train. The smell of wood smoke, damp river air, and the desert created a wonderful perfume, far superior to the one she had been wearing. He smiled at the thought and lowered his face to her hair. The prick of a hair pin made him jerk away.

“Sorry,” she said, patting her hair in the darkness. He lowered his mouth and kissed her passionately. She moaned and responded instantly. Before he knew it, Dillion was hiking her dress up around her waist. Her bare legs grew chilly in the night air, but felt sinfully warm in his hands.
Jillian started to object, but he lifted her by the waist and sat her on the emergency brake wheel. She giggled lightly, holding onto him for support. He found and pulled her pantaloons down and off. He fumbled at the buttons of his pants and took out his cock. He leaned closer and shoved his cock between the silky smooth lips of her pussy.

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