One Step From Hell, Addel

“Oh my God,” he gasped. His cock had stopped spurting his thick cum into her cunt. Now he was too sensitive for movement, but she persisted, twisting and withering beneath him. He ground his teeth until she finally fell silent. Only her panting could be heard above the wind, the waves, and the occasional pop of burning wood in their fire.

“That was heavenly,” she said as he rolled off her.
“It was the best I’ve ever had,” he agreed. He lay beside her looking up at the clouds passing overhead, smelling the wonderful aroma of wood smoke. The smell of coffee attracted his attention. He sprang up and filled cups for the two of them. She moaned in appreciation as she took a sip, then made a face.
“I like it strong,” he apologized.
“So are you a trapper, or a miner?” she asked pleasantly.

“I’m a trapper. I found those nuggets laying in the bottom of a creek. In the spring I’m going back with a few friends and I’ll do some panning. I’ll file on my claim in Saint Louis.”
“So where’s your claim?” she asked offhandedly. He chuckled and wagged a finger at her. Her smile was pure brilliance.

“Well, you are a good looking gallute,” she mused, “you’ve got the biggest cock I’ve ever seen, and you appear to be smart. So if you need a wife, I’m here to sacrifice myself,” she smiled offhandedly.

“Oh, that’s flattering,” he scoffed. He finished his coffee and sat looking at her questioningly. She took the cup from him and sat it on the sand beside hers. She then pushed him back and straddled his legs near the ankles, leaning forward and facing his deflated cock. He watched the way her breasts sank down on his thighs and spread. Every little part of her was beautiful. He would certainly consider her as a prospective mate. She was gorgeous. Her auburn hair spread our around her face, giving her the aspect of a lion. Her brown eyes sparkled in the sunlight.
Addel took his wilted cock into her hand, shook it a few times, then lowered her mouth and engulfed it. The intense heat of her mouth was heavenly, after the chill of the afternoon breeze. The sun was now beneath the clouds and the smell of rain was in the air. But these facts escaped Ransom. He concentrated on the warm mouth sucking his cock to rigid firmness. Addel’s warm lips bobbed up and down on his stiff cock, then she smacked her lips and looked at him. She moved forward, spread her own legs and eased down over his cock.

“Oh yes,” he moaned as her pussy slid all the way down his fleshy pole and resting against his pelvis. He looked from her sweet pussy, to her massive breasts, and her perfect face. Her half smile as angelic, despite the fact that she was bobbing up and down on his cock. It felt like his cock was driving a foot up into her body. Suddenly she changed tactics and began sliding forward and back on his penis. He could feel his manhood churning the wet, messy flesh of her cunt. It was all he could do to keep from crying out. He held her soft hips in his hands, restraining her from moving too much. He was afraid that she would lose control and slide so far that she’d damage his cock. He felt it move several times in the wrong way.

“Easy,” he whispered. His strong hands went to her bobbing breasts. He squeezed each breast while thumbing the nipples into hardness. She cried and closed her eyes. Her thrusts had become more gentle. The liquid sounds of her pussy sliding against his flesh, mixed with her rhythmic sighs of pleasure. Her breath was coming faster, both from her exertions and her feelings of pleasure.

Once again Ransom felt the beginnings of an orgasm. The fire built slowly and gently. He could tell she was close as well. She did not look as beautiful with her face all screwed up in pleasure, but she was certainly sexy as hell. It was only seconds now.

“AT A WAY, ONE STEP!” A voice called out from only a few yards away, followed by multiple laughter. Ransom felt his cock filling her pussy with cum, despite the startling circumstances. Even as his cock pumped cum into her cunt, he twisted his head to see two men in canoe’s back paddling at the very end of the sandbar.

“Heave off or I’ll shoot you,” Ransom yelled.
“We’re a going,” one man said, allowing his canoe to slide down the gentle current. “And we appreciate the show. It’s always a pleasure to see One Step naked.”
“One step?” he asked, looking at Addel. “Are you One Step From Hell Addel? Your THAT Addel?”
“I don’t like that name,” she said, twisting and closing her legs as she sat beside him.
“My God, you are her, aren’t you?”
“I’m Addel Bickford,” she nodded shamefully.
“The daughter of U.S. Marshal Bickford, who has shot 5 men for dallying with you,” Ransom growled. “He’ll hunt me to hell and back,” Ransom said, springing to his feet and searching the greenness of the nearby bank.

“Relax, he’s in Cincinnati.”
“Well I don’t plan on being here when he get’s back,” Ransom said, plunging into the river to wash the sweat off his body.
“He wouldn’t bother you if I were your wife,” she said slyly. He paused, thinking about that. He slowly turned and looked at her. The idea appealed to him. But where he was going was no place for a woman. Even Addel, who had been up the river and back, was not strong enough to take the solitude of the Dakota territory. Or was she?

As Ransom had said, there were all sorts of dangers on the river. Maybe he could get rid of one of them, through marriage. One Step From Hell Addel was a legend around Saint Louis. He would see how it felt to marry a legend.
“Have you got a canoe?” He asked, gathering up his clothes.

She squealed in delight and ran for the distant shore, still butt assed naked. Ransom had to admit, even from a distance she was sexy as hell. It would be a very interesting summer.

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