One Step From Hell, Addel

Ransom engulfed one nipple in his mouth and sucked gently. He strummed the nipple with his tongue, while sucking more of her pointed breast into his mouth. She moaned lightly, the first noise of passion she had made. He claimed her second breast in his right hand and massaged it gently as he nursed. Each strum of his tongue brought a hiss of desire from her lips. In fact, she was hissing like a steam train. He enjoyed this small show of power. She was completely under his control now.

Ransom moved over and captured her left breast in his lips while he ran his hands up and down her body. The nipple was already hard, making it hot and enjoyable in his lips. He strummed this nipple slightly, watching her body jerk under his manipulations. He looked up into her face and saw her looking down at him. Her eyes were very exciting. Her lips were full and red.

His mouth left her breast and he quickly kissed his way up her chest and neck. He massaged the nipple in his fingers absently, while his mouth captured and kissed her lips. She moaned into his mouth. Her hands sought out and found his throbbing penis. She began milking it like a cow’s teat. He knew he couldn’t last long that way. He broke the kiss and moved above her. Her hand slid off his penis.

Ransom slid between her open legs and felt the glorious heat enfold his cock as he slipped easily inside her steaming pussy. She cried out. He barely restrained a cry of his own. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back as he began his slow, even slide in and out of her womanhood. Her flesh was so soft against his hips. Her face and hair a vision of loveliness as he looked down at her in wonder.

“This is so damned good,” he whispered.
“Fabulous,” she agreed, pulling his head down into a passionate kiss. She slid forward to meet each gentle thrust of his hard cock. The moisture between her legs was incredible. The heat was heavenly. Her lubrication was abundant, making sex with her even better. He could hear the liquid sounds of his cock penetrating, then withdrawing from her warm sex. Ransom enjoyed fucking with his eyes closed, so he could concentrate on the intense pleasure he was feeling, but the extreme beauty of the woman beneath him forced him to open his eyes occasionally and look down at her in surprised wonder.

“My God this is good,” she gasped into his mouth. “fuck me harder.”
Ransom intensified his attack on her sweet flesh. He dropped his mouth for another kiss, his tongue probing her mouth, fencing with her tongue, as he stroked harder and faster, pounding his stiff rod into her wet pudding. He could feel the swollen pussy lips touching his abdomen each time he trust forward. Occasionally his long cock touched her cervix, causing her to gasp out in slight pain, and very intense pleasure.

The slap, slap, slap of wet flesh blended with her passionate sighs, the wind, and the sound of water running around the sandbar. The bright sunlight made their lovemaking surreal. Ransom had never fucked a women outdoors before. It was just one more thing to make this session more memorable.

“You are so hot and wet,” he gasped, forcing himself up on his hands again so he could concentrate on penetrating her delicious pussy. He had never had such a good fuck before. The feeling of her soft skin against his hips and abdomen, the feel of the soft fur on his legs, and the soft skin between his arms, all made his pleasure more intense. Suddenly he knew he was about to cum. The fire in his loins was intensifying quickly into a burning fire.

“I’m almost ready,” he warned her.
“Me too. cum inside me,” she begged in a low voice.
Ransom licked his lips and closed his eyes. Normally he would pull out to keep a woman from getting pregnant, but she wanted him to stay inside her. Sex with her just kept getting better and better.

He enjoyed the hundred sensations which made sex with a woman so delightful. His body stiffened as his orgasm began. With a strained look he opened his eyes and looked down into Addel’s face apologetically. But she was pursuing her own orgasm. She humped her sex against him, then ground her pussy against his cock until she cried out, followed by numerous little screams. She hunched her pussy against his pelvis, grinding it against his sensitive member relentlessly.

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