Mountain Man

Gabriel ran out and dove into the river with a yell of shock. The river came from the snow-covered mountains, not 20 miles away. It was cold, very cold. He swam on his back, watching the girl. She stood and gave Gabriel his first good look at her slender body. It was flawless. He couldn’t begin to guess her age, but she was marriageable. Her breasts were perfect little brown cones with large nipples and large dark areolas which he found very sexy. Her black patch of pubic hair was very enticing. She laughed and dove into the river as well. She came up spitting water and squealing in alarm. With a laugh, she swam closer to Gabriel. He washed his hair with the yellow bar of soap, then soaped his armpits and crotch. Belatedly, he offered the soap to the girl. She cleaned herself in moments, handing the bar of soap back to Gabriel. He tossed it up on the yellow, sandy beach and approached the girl.

“What is your name?” he asked quietly as he absently tread water.
“Amanadematonka,” she laughed, circling him slowly so he had to keep turning to keep her in sight. “The light of morning.”
“Amana,” he nodded. “Why me?” he asked suddenly.
“My child will be white,” she said with complete frankness.
“Half white,” he amended. She nodded silently. He swam toward shore and sat in the shallows. She swam up and sat beside him.
“Have you come to be MY woman, or just to become A woman?” he asked.
“We will see.”
“Oh so, it’s a test, is it?”

“She giggled, making her seem suddenly a century younger than he. He pulled her close, amazed at the intense heat of her body. Her breast were awesomely firm in his hands. Perfect little cone of flesh the size of a tea cup. Her nipples were already large and pointed from the cold. He sat her in his lap, with her legs around him, and pulled her mouth close to a kiss. Indians did not kiss, but he had found that many of the women had been delighted at the prospect. It seemed that only Indian men objected to the practice. Amana was one of those who enjoyed it immensely. She withered in his arms. Her hot slender arms encircled his neck and played with the hair on the back of his head. He was suddenly aware that his cock, which had shrunk in the cold water, as growing beneath the sweet young girl’s ass. It was throbbing and aching. He was well aware of the fact that his cock was just an inch from it’s intended target. He shifted her slightly until his cock touched the entrance to her pussy. Her eyes sprang open in surprise and looked into his, as the pressure of his cock against her pussy mounted.

But no, it was not the right time. If he broke her maidenhead, it could not be in the water, which would wash the lubricant away. She would have to be well-lubricated during her first time. He would not allow her to feel undue pain or discomfort. He looked around and spotted the pile of driftwood. Beneath a shallow cave of trees there was one tree which was polished and would make an excellent seat. He lifted her in his arms and carried her to the tree. He kicked a stick into the pile first, to ensure there were no snakes hiding inside, then sat on the smooth tree. He again placed her on his lap and began kissing her, while his hands roamed her small, perfect breasts. She was very responsive to his hands on her breasts, and his fingers tweaking her nipples. She gasped into his mouth, panting breathlessly at the intense hunger such manipulation gave her. Her chest and stomach felt the fire of his touch. The kiss was lighting fires in her pussy, fire which only his stiff manhood could extinguish.

They kissed for several minutes. This time it was Amana who took the initiative. She centered her pussy onto the end of his cock and pressed gently. It was obvious that she had expected this slight pressure to break her maidenhead, but Gabriel knew it often took more. He raised her up slightly and dropped her. He slid up inside her in one easy thrust. She squealed, with her eyes open wide in alarm. He sat still with her completely impaled on his manhood. He knew that the pain would lessen into a dull throb shortly, then the itch would cause her to crave his thrusts. It was only a matter of watching her face, being aware of her movements.

As expected, she slowly began to slide forward and back on his cock. He thrilled at the tight womanhood enclosing his large cock. Holding her with a quiet desperation, he endured her gentle manipulations, her quiet strokes up and down on his rigid cock. Her pussy was so tight it felt like it was cutting off the circulation. But it was an exquisite pain. The heat from her pussy was intense. The lubricant, partially from her blood, was abundant. She was sliding easily up and down on his cock now. Her breath was coming faster.

He panted against her shoulder, his face in her wet hair, his chest feeling her firm breasts and pointed nipples. This was heaven after several years of nothing to appease his hunger but masturbation. He was lucky, he knew some men who had never had anything but masturbation to assuage their lust. Masturbation was a poor substitute to a hot, sweet, young woman such as Amana.

Amana was now bouncing rhythmically on Gabriel’s lap. Gabriel had chosen that position because while sitting, his long cock was not apt to hurt her. Since this was her first time, a full 7 inches could do irreparable damage. Above all he wanted Amana to enjoy sex with him. And it appeared, from the complete joy on Amana’s face, that she was.

The wet sound of her pussy sliding on his cock, and the slap of bare thighs against more bare skin, was exciting all by itself. The mere sight of Amana was breathtaking. She was a beauty in any culture. Her breasts attracted his hands as if by magic. He held one in his hand as she bounced in his lap. By the look of intense rapture, Gabriel knew she could not be too far from an orgasm.

Gabriel leaned Amana back enough for him to capture one firm breast in his mouth. He found the entire breast could fit into his mouth. He sucked for a few seconds, then slid it out far enough to capture her stiffened nipple. He nursed like a baby. It was hard keeping the bouncing nipple in his mouth, but she had changed to a rocking motion which made it easier.

Suddenly Amana gasped and rocked even harder. In seconds she stiffened and held on for dear life while her pussy exploded into a thousand spasming muscles. She screamed and held him close, trying to still his movements on her sensitive pussy. But he needed an orgasm too. By lifting her body and slamming it down on his cock, he brought on his own orgasm. He held her in a death grip as his cock shot hot cum up into her quivering pussy. He felt her pussy clenching on his cock. He felt her milking his cock for it’s hot sperm. He shuddered and moaned, waiting for the orgasm to end. He kissed her passionately, breathing hard through his nose, mashing her breasts in his hands. Finally his cock stopped spurting cum and began to relax. She clenched her pussy and ass cheeks, causing him to gasp in surprise. She giggled and held him close for a moment. Reluctantly, she pulled off his deflating cock, turned and ran into the river.

Gabriel knew it would take him a bit longer to recover. He sat enjoying the feeling of the hot sun on his body, the sound of the weeping willows in the wind, and the smell of wild strawberries, which must have been ripe on the vine nearby. He inhaled deeply and tried to burn the moment into his mind.

He watched Amana flailing in the water, then waving in delight. He waved back. She came laughing, running across the beach with her clothes in her hand.

“That was as good as I always dreamed it would be,” Amana said, grabbing his arm in a firm grip and shaking it.
“It was wonderful,” he sighed.
“Now I must introduce you to my friends,” she said coyly as she pulled on her skirt.
“Friends? How many friends?”
“Seven. I promised them you would service us all. If you are up to it,” she teased.
“So you don’t want to be my woman?”
“We will see, when you are through with my seven friends.”
“Oh hell,” Gabriel said in mock despair.

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