Bringing Home The Bacon

With brutal hands, Bobby spun Jane around and pushed her up against the refrigerator. With her back to the refrigerator, she could look down and watch Bobby enjoying her pussy. It was wonderful. He leaned way down and tipped his mouth up, then sealed his mouth over her pussy from the side, while his hand held her stomach, pushing her against the refrigerator. She gasped and withered beneath the brutal hand and mouth. He was completely out of control. His only thoughts were for his own pleasure. But Jane didn’t mind, his pleasure was giving her pleasure.
Bobby took her right leg and lifted it, allowing it to rest on top of his left shoulder. This raised her pussy slightly, giving him better access to her womanhood. He ate eagerly, cruelly, without regards for her feelings. He ate because he wanted to taste her cunt, and to watch her wither under his control, not to provide her delight. Her feelings were secondary.

“On the table,” he said in a gruff voice, pulling away from her pussy. She obediently left the refrigerator and approached the table. He pushed her across it with one mighty shove. She fell with her body across the table, her feet still on the floor to support her weight. She looked over her shoulder and watched him dropping his pants. His cock sprang out, not a monstrous cock, but adequate for her needs. He approached with his cock in his hand and pressed it against her large pussy. She gasped as the tip found the proper insertion point and shoved up into her cunt. She gasped at the abrasive friction she felt inside her. Eventually, he pressed in and out a little until he lubricated his member with her fluids.

“Oh yes, fuck me,” Jane gasped. Bobby pounded away at her ass. His hips slapped against her ass cheeks, making a loud slapping sound that echoed through the kitchen. The wooden table squeaked under her weight, and his impetuous. She felt his hard cock sliding well up inside her, either due to her position, or because his cock had grown. Either way, it was wonderful, even though Bobby was brutal and thoughtless. His cock felt wonderful inside her loins. The hairs of his legs tickled the inside of her thighs. His hard hips pressed into her soft little ass, bouncing off it with each stroke.

Taking dainty little puffs of breath, Jane clasped her hands in front of her, then grabbed the far end of the table to keep from being jolted so hard. The table was squeaking even louder. She was afraid that their love-making would collapse it. That would be hard to explain when Harvey got home.

The smell of her sex would be easy to hide, she would cook fish for supper.

“Oh yes, fuck me good,” she cried, feeling the friction of his attack intensifying the fire in her loins. She was burning from her ass to her chest. He pounded away relentlessly, impaling her sweet, helpless ass with his long rigid pole. It was well-coated with her juices. They glistened in the afternoon light, coming in through the kitchen window. His balls swung beneath them, pounding repeatedly against her stiff clit and stimulating it. His rough hands were holding her tiny waist, helping to propel his hard groin forward, into her helpless ass.

Bobby’s breath came in long, easy gasps, like the breath of a long distance runner. His body hardly broke a sweat. He was not at all winded. His eyes were closed as he bit his lower lip and sank his manhood repeatedly into the older woman’s sopping wet pussy. She was a good fuck, a very good fuck.

“Oh my God,” Jane gasped. “Oh Bobby, I’m coming,” she hissed.

“Let it happen. Don’t worry about me, just let it happen,” he said without opening his eyes.
“Oh f… oh,” she gasped, clinging to the edge of the table. “Oh Bobby…” she squealed as her pussy began exploding inside her. The fire between her legs spread throughout her body. Her pussy clenched his cock, which continued to slide in and out several times, before he stiffened and hissed behind her. She turned, looking over her shoulder, just as she felt his hot cum filling her pussy with molten heat. She moaned, enjoying this added thrill.

Her pussy was starting to relax again. Many false tremors continued to spasm inside her, but her real orgasm was over. She grew aware of the vise-like grip of his fingers on her hips. If he was not careful, they would leave marks. If they did, Harvey would leave marks on him.
“You’re hurting,” she gasped. His grip immediately relaxed. He humped lightly against her ass, until his orgasm finished. He pulled out reluctantly, and bent down to grab a roll of paper towels from the bag. He tore off one for himself, then handed one to Jane.

“Don’t worry about the carts,” he said as he pulled up his pants, “just bring them back when you have time. I have to get back to the store.”

“I’ll get your tip,” Jane said, pulling on her panties. She suddenly felt shy, turning away as she dressed. Bobby watched with great interest. He accepted the 40 dollar tip, then turned toward the door.
“Same time next week?” he asked happily.
“Absolutely,” she nodded with a quick smile. And so her weekly delivery boy left the house.

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