White Feather

“Come. Come to my bed,” Pink Grouse whispered. She extended a dainty hand and led Jenny to her bed. It was a huge pile of wonderful smelling pine bows, topped with piles of luxurious furs. It was so soft that Jenny luxuriated in the bed before she looked up and saw Pink Grouse dropping her deer skin dress. Jenny quickly untied her own fastening and slid her dress down her arms and off her body. Pink Grouse slid gracefully into the bed and pressed her warm body against Jenny’s.
“You feel so warm,” Jenny said softly. She liked the feeling of Pink Grouse sitting next to her almost as much as she liked the feeling of the soft furs against her bare legs and soft ass.

“Lay,” Pink Grouse said, pushing Jenny back with a careful hand. Jenny laid back and luxuriated in the pile of heavenly soft furs. Pink Grouse began sliding her hands over Jenny’s body, starting at the neck and working her way down her chest, abdomen, thighs, and finally her feet. Jenny closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Pink Grouse’s soft hands on her body. It felt so wonderful.

Pink Grouse continued this treatment for several minutes, then had Jenny roll over on her stomach. Jenny giggled when she felt the soft furs against her tits. Her nipples were rock hard, and were digging into the sleeping furs. Pink Grouse’s tiny hands worked at the back of Jenny’s neck, took their time massaging her back, then ran down the smooth cheeks of Jenny’s ass.
Jenny hissed as the hands worked on her ass cheeks, massaging gently, then sliding up and down her legs. In a moment Pink Grouse bent down and kissed both cheeks of Jenny’s ass, followed by a liberal bath with her tongue.

Jenny was now on fire. Pink Grouse took down a smoothly carved elk antler which had been made into a smooth candle-like shape with a handle. She put the antler into her mouth to lubricate it, then gently pressed it against the entrance to Jenny’s pussy. Jenny’s eyes widened in horror.
“No,” she screamed, forgetting that the entire camp could hear her. Jenny rolled over on her back and pulled her legs up to protect her pussy.

“What?” Pink Grouse jerked her hand away. She sat holding the dildo, looking at Jenny in concern.
“Don’t use that,” Jenny said, breathing hard. Pink Grouse could see the terror in her eyes and guessed the reason for it. She should have known better. Men had a fascination for a woman’s ass, they probably raped her from behind.

“Sorry, Jenny White Feather, I didn’t mean to frighten you. I’ll get rid of it,” Pink Grouse said, tossing the dildo to the far side of the enclosure. “There, is that better?”
“Yes, sorry,” Jenny said, composed again.

Pink Grouse looked down at the naked beauty on her bed, and felt like crying. Why would grown men waste such a woman as Jenny? She was so beautiful that Pink Grouse could not believe her ears when Broken White Feather offered her daughter to her just a few hours before. Jenny had been as white as a dead fish when she arrived years before. Now she was tanned and healthy looking but still much lighter than the average Indian. Pink Grouse liked how Jenny’s skin seemed to glow in the half darkness.

With a moan of passion Pink Grouse knelt before Jenny and leaned down to suckle from her breast. It would take some time to get Jenny back to the point where she had been before, and the breasts were a good place to start. Jenny looked down at the face near hers and suddenly remembered the kiss. Indians didn’t kiss like white people did. Jenny had never actually kissed a man, but she had seen it done many times.

When Pink Grouse moved from one breast to the other, Jenny leaned her face down and kissed Pink Grouse softly just above her temple. Pink Grouse gave Jenny a startled, innocent look that made Jenny’s heart skip. Jenny suddenly held Pink Grouse’s head in her hands and drew her mouth closer. Pink Grouse had heard of kissing but never expected to experience it for herself. As Jenny’s lips touched hers she moaned and closed her eyes, luxuriating in the feeling of Jenny’s soft lips working against hers. She tired to change positions slightly, to enhance the kiss. When she turned her head just right, their mouths seemed to match perfectly. They spent many long minutes kissing, then broke the kiss, realizing that the flames in their bodies were as strong as they had been before the unfortunate incident.

“I want to taste your breasts,” Jenny said softly, while she looked into Pink Grouse’s soft, brown eyes. Pink Grouse nodded silently and slid back to lay on the furs. Jenny immediately bent down and placed one arm on the other side of Pink Grouse, then lowered her lips to the girl’s left breast.
She found the nipple and sucked eagerly. Pink Grouse was twisting her other nipple in her slender fingers. Jenny watched as she sucked, then slid over to capture the right nipple in her lips. Pink Grouse slid both hands under Jenny and tweaked her nipples. Although very firm, Jenny’s tits were now hanging down, making them look much bigger than they normally would. Unable to contain herself, Pink Grouse swiveled around so she could suck on Jenny’s nipples, milking each breast in her hands as she did, while Jenny continued to alternate on her breasts.

Each girl grew hotter and hotter. Jenny suddenly realized that she needed more, but she didn’t know what to do next. This was really her first time. She continued to suck on Pink Grouse’s nipples while her eyes traveled to the little patch of black pubic hair below her. Jenny decided that if Pink Grouse grew so hot by having her nipples sucked, it would make sense that she would grow even hotter if her pussy was sucked.

Jenny didn’t know if she could do it, or if doing so would make her sick, but she was so horny that she would have done anything to relieve the fire in her loins. Licking Pink Grouse between her legs seemed like the best thing to do. Before she could lose her nerve and change her mind, Jenny broke contact with the nipple and lunged forward to face the pussy. It was adorable, small and shapely. Jenny spread Pink Grouse’s legs. Pink Grouse said something, but Jenny wasn’t listening. She resolutely lowered her mouth and placed it over Pink Grouse’s pussy.

Pink Grouse gasped and tried to push Jenny off, but Jenny wrapped her arms around the girl’s slender legs and forced them open even more, while her relentless mouth sucked and tongued the Indian girl’s pussy. It was fantastic, in fact it was delicious in it’s own way. Jenny knew she had to try this again often.

Pink Grouse was still not convinced. Only animals licked a woman’s pussy, not other women. But Jenny was very strong, and her position gave her an advantage. It took several minutes for Pink Grouse to realize that she was no longer fighting, in fact she was looking at the white woman’s pussy above her face, and wondering if she had the nerve to do what Jenny was doing to her. While Jenny’s lips created a raging fire between Pink Grouse’s legs, the Indian girl watched the movement of the pussy above her, wanting to dive into the pink flesh, but still uncertain. Finally, with a cry of frustration, Pink Grouse reached up and pulled Jenny’s pussy down to her lips. She shoved her tongue up inside of Jenny and licked, then tasted it experimentally. After some deliberation she decided that she liked it.

“That feels wonderful,” Jenny cried into Pink Grouse’s pussy.
Pink Grouse placed one arm over each meaty leg and wrapped her arms firmly around them, holding the rocking pussy in place. She found herself eagerly exploring the depths of Jenny’s mound, while Jenny’s actions mirrored her own between her sweet brown legs. It was wonderful, a whole new experience and much better than two girls placing a hand in the other’s lap. A girl would have to keep track of her time of month, but other than that it was a wonderful way to make love.

Pink Grouse felt so hot, and so depraved, that she began coming immediately. Jenny sensed her tension and licked her clit eagerly, trying to help Pink Grouse come big. It wasn’t long before both girls were moaning and licking faster, until an orgasm exploded between each girl’s legs. They rode it out together, stopping at just the right time and holding each other until their bodies returned to normal. Jenny lifted up and swiveled around so she could lay looking at Pink Grouse.

“You look so beautiful,” Pink Grouse sighed as she wiped her juice off Jenny’s face with a rabbit skin.
“So do you. That was wonderful. Did I do it right?”
“I don’t know, nobody has ever done it like that before in this village. But I know I will do it often from now on,” Pink Grouse said with a smile.

“So does that mean you will be my mate?” Jenny asked slyly.
“Your partner, not your mate,” Pink Grouse said and kissed Jenny quickly. Tell your mother you are very welcome in my tepee.”

Feathered Eagle and Jenny White Feather were married by the middle of the summer. It was no big surprise, most of the village knew the reason for such an arrangement. News traveled quickly in a small village of 100 people. What surprised everyone, except Broken White Feather, was when Feathered Eagle also married Pink Grouse in the early fall. This placed Feathered Eagle in a status far above most men in the village, including the seven that Jenny hated. It was just one of many ways she would find to hurt them in the years to come. Eventually they would be killed by warring tribes, one by one.

But hurting her rapists was not the reason for the second marriage, Jenny insisted that her lover be in her tepee to share the work, among other things. The arrangement worked out for everyone.

Jenny’s real parents made it to San Francisco. They lived long and happy lives until they died in the fire resulting from the great earthquake on 18 April 1906. They never new that their daughter survived.

Jenny was not as lucky. Although she enjoyed many long years of bliss, she and Pink Grouse died tragically on the “Trail Of Tears”. Jenny had no regrets.

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