The Security Guard

Amos was pleasantly surprised when his huge cock slid all the way into Ellen’s pussy. Not many women could take his cock, he admired the women who could. Ellen simply shifted her feet, widening her stance, as he began pounding away, his hips bouncing off her fat ass, setting them to jiggling in a somehow sexy manner which drove Amos crazy. He grabbed huge handfuls of fat ass cheeks and held on, while he plunged his cock up into her wet steaming hot pussy. It was the best fuck he’d ever had. He had been told that a fat woman was hotter and tighter that a normal woman. Now he knew it was true. Her pussy was extremely tight, grabbing his cock and holding it, as he pulled out. It was buttery soft and hot as hell, as was her ass against his hips.
Her figure was not exactly pleasant to look at. As she rested her stomach on the desk it spread at the sides making her look like a huge white frog. Her breast were more appealing, spreading out on either side of her body, the dark red nipples bouncing under his brutal attack. For some reason he thought of two bald men nodding, and the thought almost made him laugh out loud, which could have been disastrous. Few women liked to hear a man laugh while they were having sex, or when she stripped, for that matter.

Her pussy was really juicy now. He could feel her juices coating his cock, balls, and hips. A glistening layer of juice even covered her ass. He massaged the lubricant into her fat ass with both hands, while he pelted away at her pussy. It was wonderful, feeling a pussy engulf the full length of his shaft. His balls were smashing into her pussy, stimulating her clit with each slapping contact.

Ellen turned her head to the side and lay moaning. She jerked with each ramming attack of his penis. Her attention suddenly went to her huge breast. She pulled it to her lips and sucked, while bouncing on the desk.

“That is so fucking sexy,” Amos moaned. The smell of pussy was strong in the room and that too added to the sexiness of the situation. There were no sounds to distract them. He could hear nothing but the sound of them making love. Ellen’s harsh breathing joined his in the quiet room to create a confusion of echoes.

Although the air in the room was cool on their bodies, Ellen’s ass was hot and soft to the touch. Amos leaned forward, resting his chest against her soft back, while maintaining his ramming attack on her vagina.

It wouldn’t be long now, Amos thought. The fire was building in his loins again. Even after his fantastic blowjob, he would cum big. There was a slight sheen of sweat on his body. Ellen seemed calm and cool. Of course her body was lying on the cold surface of the desk, and Amos was doing all the work.

“I’m fucking coming,” he moaned suddenly. Ellen’s head came up off the desk. She had postponed her orgasm by thinking of other things, but maybe she had waited too long. In desperation she tried to reach behind her and stimulate her clit, but she couldn’t do it from the angle she was in. She lifted her right leg and pulled it up on the desk. Now she could reach her clit. She found her clit with three fingers and rotated them over it. The wet, mushy flesh of her pussy jiggled and rotated around her rapidly spinning fingers. Eager to cum when Amos did, she stirred her mushy pudding in desperation. She didn’t want to be left hanging, after all the wonderful experiences of the afternoon. That would spoil everything.

“Almost,” Amos panted behind her. “Almost there,” he repeated, slapping his cock against her wet pussy. He could feel her busy fingers working against his balls. He knew what she was doing, but it was too late to hold off. His orgasm had begun.

“Oh, fuck!” he screamed, stiffening with his cock held tightly against her pussy. His hips mashed her huge ass cheeks out of shape. Her fingers flew in her pussy, trying to bring forth her orgasm. She rubbed and rotated her ass against his hips, feeling his long piece of meat churning the butter inside her loins. She was so close, so damned close.

Ellen felt a movement at the entrance to her ass. She knew it wasn’t his cock, because she could feel it wilting inside her. Suddenly she felt a well-lubricate thumb being thrust into her ass hole. It was all she needed to achieve her orgasm.

Squealing and screaming, she hunched her pussy against him, while he patiently stood and waited for her to finish her orgasm. Even his semi-soft cock was larger than most men. She hunched her ass against him, feeling his cock wag and rotate inside her pussy. It was wonderful, blissful. She squealed, and grunted as her pussy spasmed, it clenched his softening cock in a firm grip and milked it. Some time later she lay panting on the desk, totally fulfilled. She moaned as he pulled his cock out and fell backwards into the chair. The sudden loss of his cock made her feel empty.

“I guess the old saying is true,” she gasped, pulling a package of wipies out of her purse. She handed on to Amos, while she cleaned her own ass and pussy.
“About black men being big?” he asked as he reached for his clothes.
“No, about any port in a storm. I knew you were taping girls, I’m the one who turned your tape off yesterday. You forgot it.”
“Fuck,” he said, remembering that she was right.

“Don’t worry, the cop didn’t notice. I left my phone here so I could come back and catch you. I’m just glad that it was my pussy you used, when you needed one. Are you planning on taping some more tomorrow?”
“Sure,” Amos said. “Unless you have some objection.”
“No, none at all. I will show up an hour early, in case you need a pussy again.”
“I will,” Amos laughed, grabbing her now clothed pussy, “I certainly will.”

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