The Security Guard

Amos arrived early the next morning. He read a brief note from Ellen, saying an officer had picked up the tape. He balled up the note and tossed it into the trash. He noticed that Ellen had left her cellphone on the counter near the bank of vcr’s. He flipped it open and looked at it, then tossed it back on the shelf. It must be nice to be rich, he thought to himself. His girlfriend was a substitute school teacher. Between the two of them they barely made enough to survive. Ellen’s husband was a medical transcriptionist. She could afford all the phones she wanted.

His first unofficial act of the day was to change all security cameras to face the changing room. When he found three which wouldn’t show them, he repositioned them to view other interesting sights, such as one which showed an excellent view of Candy’s checkout counter, and her large, bouncy breasts, and two which could catch women as they waited in the checkout lanes, to view their cleavage. That left four cameras for the changing rooms. He focused each on the nearest changing room mirror, then took down a pile of old tapes and slapped them into the eraser/rewinder one at a time. Everything was ready. He fed his stereo another cd and sat back to watch. It was early, there wouldn’t be much action until around noon, and it would really pick up after school and work. Until then he could chill.

His first interesting bitch of the day was a middle-aged white woman in a red blouse. Her face looked pinched and too severe to be strikingly beautiful, but she was fine just the same. Her body was fucking perfect, absolutely perfect. She had a pair of black pants with a wide black belt. He perked up when he saw her hold a sexy blue teddy, then pick out a black sports bra and matching panties. He started the recorder long before she reached the dressing room. He willed her toward the first three changing room in a line of 5. The last two were out of range from the cameras. Through his will or her own, she chose number three.

Amos licked his lips and sat closer, as the door slammed shut behind her shapely ass. She turned, locked the door and actually looked up at the cameras. He froze, afraid that she would stop, but she didn’t. She began unbuttoning her red blouse, while watching her own reflection in the mirror. Her blouse came off in a dramatic flourish of red cloth. She was wearing a black bra beneath it. It was a nice bra, lined with black lace across the top. Amos’ own girlfriend had one just like it. He liked it because it showed a lot of tit when she bent forward.

He watched breathlessly as she reached behind her for the bra clasp. She was a little old for Amos, but she was so hot that it really didn’t matter. Her bra jumped off her chest, as the clasp came undone. She let it slide down her arms, giving Amos his first view of her fabulous breast.
“Oh, baby you are so fucking sweet,” he gasped, holding his cock through the material of his jeans. He adjusted the focus on the camera until it was just right, then sat back breathlessly waiting for the panties to come off. She grabbed the belt buckle, jerked it open, then unsnapped her pants. She forced them down with a brief struggle, then stood facing the mirror in her black panties. Amos knew this would look perfect on tape. He would make a fortune, with a few more women like her. Her breast were firm, they jiggled at each slight move of her body. As she bent forward to slide down her black panties, they hung out in front of her, just begging to be held. Then she stood and he had a perfect view of her naked beauty.

“Oh mama,” he moaned, kneading his cock in his pants. It was aching, begging for a hot, wet pussy to fuck. But once more there was none around. He needed to make arrangements, if he was to continue his new hobby. She had a perfect body, slender arms and legs, an ample chest, and full beautiful hips that begged to be held, as a hard cock was rammed up her ass. She had a small black pelt of hair above her pussy. As she stepped forward to retrieve the new panties, he saw the darker area around her pussy. The pussy itself had almost no pussy lips, it was small, almost girl-like. The ass was round and perfect.

Amos licked his lips and leaned closer. He was shaking now. His mouth was dry. He focused on her pussy until she pulled the new panties up and covered it. His attention moved to her tits. They jiggled so nicely when she moved. It was a shame to cover them in the black sports bra. She stood tall and turned this way and that, admiring her figure in the mirror. It was worth admiring. In fact it was perfect. Her husband was a lucky dude, Amos thought as he ogled her slender body. He watched breathlessly while she removed the new underwear and tried on the blue teddy. It was magnificent.

By the time that she changed back into her original clothes, and went up to the check-out counter, there was a wet spot on the front of Amos’ jeans. His balls were aching with pent-up, restrained passion. He wanted to get Gloria into the booth, but how? He was sure he could fuck her, if he could ever get her alone. She seemed cordial, innocent, and interested.

Amos used one of the spare cameras to search for Gloria. It was Friday, she sometimes took Friday off to take care of her invalid mother. To his disappointment, he discovered that she was nowhere in the store. Was there anyone else? No, the women were either hostile, vague, or nervous around him. He had no chance with them, at least not in one day. Maybe if he worked on one for a while…

Amos noticed movement toward the changing room. He slid over to look at the screen. It was a huge cow of a woman. She must go 300 or 400 pounds. He watched out of idle curiosity, but was actually relieved when she left the booth. No more of that shit, he decided. Over the next two hours fifteen people used the booths. The women never changed out of their underwear, and the men didn’t interest him.

“Come on,” he whispered, looking at the clock. It was 2:00 o’clock, three hours before quitting time. He wanted some action. Maybe he could take his tape home and screw Ruth, while watching it.

His wishes were suddenly fulfilled when two sweet young schoolgirls headed for booth number two, with an armload of clothing. Giggling and talking in an intimate fashion that only young women could get away with, they stripped one item of clothing at a time, then stood naked, admiring each other in the mirror as they talked of school, boys, or shopping.

Amos sat with his eyes glued to the screen. He couldn’t believe his luck. There they stood, stark naked in all their splendid, youthful glory, chatting away, while he sat ogling their heavenly nakedness at his ease.

“You sweet little bitches,” he growled, while digging his huge, throbbing cock out of his pants. “You sweet little fucking bitches,” he said, while stroking his enormous cock in his right hand. They went through three changes of underwear, while he watched breathlessly, stroking his penis in his hand.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN HERE!!!” The blast of Ellen’s voice made him suddenly aware of her presence, directly behind him. His cock began to wilt in fear. He would be canned, and kicked out in disgrace. He wouldn’t be able to work as a dog groomer, much less a security guard. There she was, standing beside him, looking down in scorn and disgust at the cock in his hand.
“Ah… personal inspection,” he mumbled.
“Say what?”
“My cock itched so I scratched it.”
“You lying fuck. You were watching those girls and jerking off.”
“So what? What the fuck do you want?” he asked in annoyance, shoving his cock back into his pants.
“You’re even recording them,” she screeched, slapping the off button on the vcr. He looked back at the screen and saw the blonde of the two slipping on a pair of panties. He felt his cock hardening, even under such extreme circumstances.

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