Sergeant Bull : Part 5

“It’s okay,” Bull whispered. He capped the back of Odgers’ head with his free hand and forced it down. The young private didn’t resist much, and soon had taken the dripping head of Bull’s cock between his stubbled lips.

“Fuck,” Bull moaned.

The mouth between his legs sucked harder, with the same curiosity and hunger he himself had once shown to Ike Samuelson. The rough fumble of a hand tugged on Bull’s heavy nuts. Odgers was his.

“That’s it, soldier,” Bull growled. “Check out that big fuckin’ cock and bull-nuts.”

He swept a hand into Odgers’ T-shirt and rubbed the taut muscles of his back and shoulders. It felt so good to touch flesh again, pink and warm, he didn’t care if it was the skin of a fellow soldier, another man. In fact, he admitted, this was preferable to any cunt he’d eaten or plugged in his thirty-plus years.

Bull knocked the stroke rag off his lap and pushed up to meet Odgers’ next downward suck. “Yeah, suck that Ranger cock, private,” he grunted. Odgers did as he’d been ordered to and pulled on Bull’s nuts again. To his shock and surprise, that was all it took. Biting down hard to muffle his groans, he mumbled a throaty, “What the fuck-?” and fired off six steady shots of come into the private’s virgin mouth.

Caught unaware, Odgers sputtered and gagged. Bull pushed in until the young soldier swallowed him fully. That done, Odgers eased slowly off his field sergeant’s cock. A nervous, guilty look covered his reddened face. Bull shook his head and sucked in a deep breath. The only stink to reach his nostrils belonged to the two of them – sweat, come, nuts and the funky odor of feet fresh from combat boots. The repulsive heaviness of burning oil, for now, seemed a million miles away, not just over the next rise. For that, Bull would be forever in the young private’s debt. Forever.

“You didn’t come yet,” Bull growled. He noticed Odgers was trying – but failing – to shove his spear back into his tight whites. Licking his come-stained lips, the young private whispered, “That’s okay, sir.”

Bull reached over and groped a feel of the young soldier’s meat. “I’d never ask one of my men to do something I wouldn’t do myself. Come on,” he sighed in an exhausted, relieved voice. “I think I got another load in me, anyway.”

He sprawled out on the sleeping bag. The reawakened bone jutting out of his sand-colored camo-pants testified he was ready. Slowly, uncertainty written on his youthful face, Odgers approached. Bull groped the young private’s slender six-incher by the wet cherry of its leaking head and guided him into position. Odgers spread both solid, hairy legs over Bull’s face, planted a foot on either side of his neck, then rode the taught distance down to the eight inch monster laying flopped over the stomach of his field sergeant’s uniform.

The other soldier’s closeness washed the heady, sour stink of man-sweat into Bull’s face. He lapped at Odgers’ nuts. The smell of his fat, full bag again reminded him of Sarge Samuelson and those long-ago days. The hunger for the other soldier’s body grew so intense, he pulled aside Odgers’ briefs and dabbed his tongue into the moist, peach-fuzz-lined crack of his ass, tasting the oily hole. A few licks after that Bull returned to the prize and gulped the young private’s straining knob into his mouth.

Odgers moaned around Bull’s much-larger pole. He could tell the other soldier had gotten little experience by the way he carefully, slowly sucked around the head, how he gagged when more than an inch or two of shaft plunged down his throat. It didn’t matter, though; only the feel of two men in this hellhole so far from home did.

Bull closed his eyes and sucked, savoring each drop of precome the young private dumped on his tongue. He’d gotten so into their forbidden sex, he didn’t hear the tent flap open, just a loud, breathless “What the fuck-!” from Holt.

Bull glanced quickly up between Odgers hairy, spread legs to see the other man’s shocked expression. It was the same feral, hungry look Holt had worn while blowing his spunk into the face of the enemy. However symbolic that act had been, now they were dealing with one of their own.

Odgers spit out Bull’s cock and attempted to scramble off, but the sergeant’s arms across his lower back pinned the young private to the spot.

“I said at ease, soldier.”

The half-crazed, angry scowl on Holt’s handsome face intensified. Bull scoped the other man’s body from head to gut and realized the lump between Holt’s legs had swollen recognizably. In the breathless, tense seconds that followed, Holt unholstered his assault rifle, set it down, and eased a hand toward his zipper.

“That’s it, Holt,” Bull said. “Fuckin’ join us. Get some of what we men need to be men.”

“I don’t fuckin’ believe this,” Holt growled. He fumbled in the hair-filled front of his boxers and freed the curved, thick seven-incher and two hairy, low-hanging nuts Bull had seen in action a month earlier. “Fuck, I could have had some hole all this time!”

“Then take it now,” Bull urged. His words stirred the gamy smell of soldier nuts and hole right above his face.

Odgers flashed a nervous look over his shoulders in Holt’s direction. “I don’t know about this-”

But Holt had already decided. He moved into position to plant his flag. Bull yanked Odgers’ whites aside to accommodate the other man’s cock and bared the choice, pink hole at the heart of all that peach fuzz. As the other man pressed the head of his pole against Odgers’ sensitive pucker, Bull took another taste, this time adding more spit for lube. Holt’s cock was already dripping ball-snot like a leaky faucet.

“Yeah-!” Holt grunted, pushing in. Odgers seized in Bull’s arms, howling out a round of muffled expletives. “Fuckin’ tight!”

With Holt plugging the young soldier’s can and the cock in his mouth pushed almost beyond the limit of holding back, Bull guided his own dong back up into Odgers’ pained face. The musty, sweaty funk of Holt’s low hangers as they banged against the private’s sac reached Bull’s nostrils. This was right. This was good. It was the first correct thing that had happened to Bravo Company since reaching Baghdad over a month before.

Glancing up, Bull focused on the double set of nuts hanging sweaty and full above his mouth. He groped both pairs firmly. Holt moaned out something unintelligible and shoved in fully again. A trickle of warm, wet precome oozed down Odgers’ balls. The next slop of juice cascaded out of the young private’s virgin hole and down his bag, right into Bull’s face.

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