Watching My Hot Wife 1
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Watching My Hot Wife

Author: Dan

Lyn and I had been married for a good seven years now and she is one hell of a woman. She is a young twenty-nine years of age about thirteen years younger than I hot babe. We have a very loving relationship and with her being wonderfully sexy with huge breasts and a great personality all the guys around town couldn't take their eyes off her. It pleased me knowing she was so attractive exciting and it was a privilege to be her partner…

With her being the attraction around town it was only recently that found out how far the guys would go in order to see her or even to get into her pants… She was such a cutie…

Our backyard has a concealed courtyard and it's almost the perfect sun baking paradise. With high fences on two sides and a high hedge on the other it meant that Lyn could sunbathe naked in complete privacy without the worry of having the neighbors peeking in on her…

One day through the heat of summer, I was really late for work and after some agreement Lyn decided she'd leave before me and we'd catch up later leaving me to change my flexi time work back later in the week. This left me time to shower and change and do a few things before I had to race out the door. When I opened the curtains I noticed our neighbour Bert up on a ladder peering into our yard. I was a little bit surprised but when I saw him trimming the uneven tops off the hedge, I didn't think very much about it.

I left him trimming while I showered but when I came out I took another peek to see how well he was doing and found he wasn't up on the ladder any more but he was inside our backyard. I wondered what he was doing so I watched him and found he was trimming the hedge inside our enclosure. I wasn't too concerned however I did find it very odd that he was taking the initiative and helping out…

After having a quick breakfast, I decided to check out his handy work on my way out. I walked around the courtyard and was impressed, but then I noticed that there were a couple of spaces in the hedge. You couldn't really notice them if you looked straight at them but if you were searching for them or new they were there it was a very sneaky way to look at what was going on inside what we thought was our private courtyard.

It sort of excited me to know that Bert from next door was spying on my wife while she sunbathed in the back yard. I made a note to discuss it with him a bit later when I arrived home later that afternoon.

When I finally arrived at work I was still amazed that Bert would have it in him and thought he was somewhat cheeky but thought there was no harm in what he was doing but decided that I really should address this sooner rather than later so organized to leave a little bit early making a note to add this onto my already longer than usual flexi time, and being as I was partly boss I could work out the extra time by taking my work home with me as well.

I left work just after 2pm and headed home knowing Bert would be doing his regular afternoon gardening and I decided it was time to confront him. When I spoke with him, he tried to tell me that he knew nothing about it, he just liked to garden, or so he said… but when I suggested that I have a word with his lovely wife who would be shocked to hear that her man sits down the back ogling over Lyn the hot young babe from next door…

He soon agreed and when I asked him to explain what he loved best when it came to watching Lyn, he told me that he loved it when her boyfriends came to visit and she performed so well with her hot cock sucking and fucking sessions. Bert knew that he had just hit a raw nerve knowing full well that I had no idea what went on… the smirk on his face said it all and I had to refrain from saying a few choice words and causing a commotion.

Bert told me that Lyn performs every Tuesday at around 3pm when the sun was only just heating up the courtyard and she loved doing all the interesting things that he enjoyed watching even though she didn't know that he was watching her every move.

I almost didn't believe him, but then I heard him say… "Here she comes!"

Finding a position at one of the slits I got comfortable so I could see what she was up to. I noticed that Lyn was home from work early and she came out into the courtyard totally naked, which I shouldn't have been shocked but when she started massaging oil into her lovely body and parts that really wouldn't need to the sun shining on them, I thought it was a little unusual… however I was very horny at the same time. Bert had his hand wrapped around his shaft and was jacking off inches from me.

I moved from my little peep slit and found another one further down the hedge… What I saw was enough to sway me towards knowing my wife was more than hot and horny; she was a right little nymphomaniac. She sat back in her relaxing lounge chair when a guy walked in through the side gate. Bert was the first to comment fairly quietly… "Its about to start."

It was like a fantasy… Lyn looked up at the guy and welcomed him, she didn't even cover up her nakedness instead she smiled as he leant over and kissed her firmly, his lips pressed firmly against hers… he pulled away and mentioned that he had brought a friend…. I was about to move around and stop her, but with Bert wanking his piece of meat watching her beautiful body I found that I couldn't move. I was mesmerized.

"Hey, Mark… who's your friend?" she asked…

"Now you know you should call me first before bringing someone else with you," she smiled sweetly at him…

"Cut the crap Lyn," he said… "You know you love it when there's three of us"

As he said that he bent over and touched her, his hand toying with the inside of her thigh, his fingers brushing up against her pussy. She moaned underneath his touch… and as she moaned so did Bert… I knew she couldn't hear him, but I could and I was getting horny just watching my lovely wife making out with this guy… and could be making out with the other guy with him as well…

Bert was flogging his log faster and faster and I could understand… this was hot and it was getting hotter… I took one look at Bert and then back through the slit in the hedge, Lyn was sucking Mark and his mate had his head between her legs licking her hot pussy. Her juices are sweet so I knew he was getting a tasteful…

Lyn was really enjoying herself and within seconds she was up on her knees on the lounge kneeling over Mark she sank her mouth down over his cock taking his thickness deep down her throat. Mark's mate slipped in behind her and rubbed his cock up and down her ass cheeks… she was pushing back against him and when he slid his thickness between her pussy lips I couldn't help myself.

My member was straining to be released from my work pants, I palmed it and began stroking, pumping it in time with this guy fucking Lyn and her sucking on Mark's knob…

The scene was wonderful… Here I was spying on my lovely wife and I had no problems with her fucking another guy or a couple of guys and it was awesome. Bert was moaning louder and louder with them… I couldn't hold of much longer and with the three hot sexpots fucking in my courtyard and with me pumping harder and harder, we all came together.

Lyn looked up at Mark and smiled sweetly as she licked her lips. Mark's mate pulled his prick from her twat with a plop and Lyn grabbed a cloth so he could clean himself up. They dressed and left leaving Lyn to lie back on the sun lounge and enjoy the afternoon sun. Bert and I zipped up our trousers and never said a word, but Bert knew I wasn't about to have a go at him again, instead he knew that I would be paying him a visit next Tuesday afternoon.

I'd become a voyeur and I loved watching Lyn whenever I could…

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